Exclusive Details: Rogers New Personal E-Mail on Blackberry Plan Only Available for the BlackBerry Pearl!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Nov 2007 05:17 pm EST

Rogers Wireless

Last week we got wind that Rogers was introducing a $15/month Unlimited BlackBerry Email and Instant Messaging Plan. Today we got a hold of all the sales notes/details behind the new plan (after the jump)... and there was one shocker that had me surprised - it's only available from Rogers if you have a BlackBerry Pearl on your account!!! This is going to tick off a lot of people, including CrackBerry Tom (our site's programmer) who wanted to hook the plan up with his BlackBerry 8700R. 

Introducing the Personal E-mail on BlackBerry® Plan
Unlimited BlackBerry E-mail* and Instant Messaging* for only $15 per month!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Personal E-mail on BlackBerry available only on the BlackBerry Pearl™ . With Personal E-mail on BlackBerry both new and existing BlackBerry Pearl customers can benefit from unlimited BlackBerry E-mail and BlackBerry Messenger for only $15 per month.

Important Notes:

  • All terms are subject to an E-mail Plan Early Cancellation Fee of $5 per month remaining on the term up to a $100 maximum ($25 minimum).
  • Remember: All terms on Voice Plans and E-Mail Plans must align and co-terminate – the length of the term must be the same for both plans. 
  • A Voice Plan is required to receive the $15 Personal E-mail on BlackBerry Plan. 
  • The $15 Personal E-mail on BlackBerry Plan is not eligible on E-mail only activations or Hardware Upgrades (HUP)
  • The new $15 Personal E-mail on BlackBerry Plan on a 3-year term IS eligible for the $99 promotional price on the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl when combined with a Voice Plan on a 3-year term.
  • For more details on the $99 BlackBerry Pearl, please see the November 1st bulletin titled “$99 BlackBerry 8100 Pearl ”.
  • Personal E-mail on BlackBerry is available via both acquisition and HUP for both new and existing customers.
  • Unlimited BlackBerry e-mail and instant messaging is only available when using your BlackBerry Pearl on the Rogers Wireless Network. Activation with BlackBerry Internet Service is required. Additional roaming charges will apply when your use Personal E-mail on BlackBerry on a partner network. For details, please go to rogers.com/roaming.
Target Audience
Personal Email on BlackBerry is ideal for the consumer who just wants access to e-mail and instant messaging on their BlackBerry Pearl.

Personal E-Mail on Blackberry Provides You with the Following:

  • Support for up to 10 personal e-mail accounts (Rogers Yahoo!, Yahoo Mail!, Google gmail, MSN , Hotmail, AOL , or POP 3/IMAP account through your Internet Service Provider)
  • Unlimited number of e-mails sent / received / forwarded. 
  • Real time delivery of email messages for Rogers Yahoo! (@rogers.com), Yahoo! Mail, or Google gmail accounts. Please note: Real-time push e-mail delivery is available with Rogers Yahoo!, Yahoo! Mail, and Google gmail accounts integrated with BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service). All other personal e-mail is delivered every 2 – 15 minutes depending on the service provider and the frequency of use. 
  • Attachment Viewing (Pictures, Sound Files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF)
  • BlackBerry Messenger (unlimited instant messaging with other BlackBerry contacts)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the differences between Personal E-mail on BlackBerry and other existing BlackBerry E-mail Plans?
Personal E-mail on BlackBerry provides subscribers with access to personal e-mail (BlackBerry Internet Service only), attachment viewing, and BlackBerry Messenger. Customers who subscribe to Personal E-mail on BlackBerry will not be able to browse the Internet, tether, download games, ring tunes, or content, or use applications such as Telenav or Rogers MusicStore. If customers wish to use their BlackBerry for anything other than personal e-mail and instant messaging with other BlackBerry contacts, then they should subscribe to a BlackBerry E-mail Plan that allows browsing or BlackBerry Voice & E-mail Package.

Q. Can customers access the Mobile Internet or Rogers Zone via the Rogers WAP Browser or Do More icon?
No. Although the Rogers WAP Browser and Do More icons are displayed on the BlackBerry Pearl home screen, if a customer clicks on the Rogers WAP Browser, they will be presented with the following error message “You are not currently in an area that can handle data communication. As a result, the Browser cannot retrieve any Web Pages. Please try again when you are in a different location, or contact your service provider if the problem persists."

Q. Why is unlimited email only offered on Personal E-mail on BlackBerry?
A. Personal E-mail on BlackBerry does not support browsing, tethering, and third party applications which consume far more data than e-mail and instant messaging alone. For this reason, customers who want to use their BlackBerry Pearl for more than just personal e-mail and instant messaging must subscribe to a BlackBerry E-mail Plan that allows browsing or a BlackBerry Voice & E-mail Package.

Q. Can I purchase a Mobile Internet Plan if I want to browse the Internet?

A. Personal E-mail on BlackBerry blocks access to the Internet for browsing or tethering, therefore you cannot add a Mobile Internet Plan. If customers want to access the Internet they should subscribe to a BlackBerry E-mail Plan that allows browsing.

Q. Will applications such as Telenav, Rogers MusicStore, Ask Me Now, work with Personal E-mail on BlackBerry?
No. Third party applications offered on the Do More WAP site from Rogers , or any other third party applications will not work with Personal E-mail on BlackBerry.

Q. Can I add a Windows Mobile Plan if I want to use my BlackBerry as a wireless modem?
A. Personal E-mail on BlackBerry blocks access to the Internet for browsing and tethering, therefore you cannot add a Windows Mobile Plan.

Q. If I download an application to my PC, and install it using my BlackBerry Desktop Manager onto my BlackBerry, can I still use the application?
No. Third party applications will not operate with Personal E-mail on BlackBerry.

Q. If someone e-mails me a URL or web link in an e-mail message, will I be able to access that website?
A. No. Personal E-mail on BlackBerry does not support any browsing.

Q. Can I wirelessly access my corporate e-mail, contacts, and calendar with Personal E-mail on BlackBerry?

Personal E-mail on BlackBerry will not integrate with a corporate e-mail server that is using BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). You will need a BlackBerry plan that supports BES.

Q. How many e-mail messages can I send or receive with Personal E-mail on BlackBerry?

There is no limit in the amount of e-mail messages that you can send or receive with Personal E-mail on BlackBerry.

Q. What happens if I use Personal E-mail on BlackBerry while roaming?
You will incur data roaming charges for all e-mail, attachments, and instant messages that you send or receive. The rate will be calculated on the total kilobytes used on the partner network while roaming. For more details on roaming, go to rogers.com/roaming

Q. Are MSD coded accounts (including SMB, Corporate and Government) eligible for Personal E-mail on BlackBerry?
Any MSD coded customers who are not on BES and only require BIS E-mail service are eligible for Personal E-mail on BlackBerry. Please note: corporate discounts will not be applied against the $15 Monthly Service Fee.

Q. Is the $99 Pearl offer with Personal Email on BlackBerry eligible for a BPR discount?
No. Neither the $15 / month Unlimited E-mail Plan nor the $25 / month 4 MB E-mail / browsing plan are eligible for BPR discounts.

Q. Why is Personal E-mail on BlackBerry restricted to the BlackBerry Pearl ?
Personal E-mail on BlackBerry is targeted primarily to consumers, and the BlackBerry Pearl is also a device targeted primarily to consumers who are looking for a great phone that functions as an email device.

Q. Can Corporate customers on BES take advantage of Personal E-mail on BlackBerry?
A. No. Personal E-mail on BlackBerry can only be used with e-mail accounts integrated with BlS and not BES.

Q. Is text messaging included in Personal E-mail on BlackBerry?

A. No. Text messages are Pay-Per-Use, or you can purchase the $10 / month Text Message Plan that includes 2500 sent text messages.

Q. Will BlackBerry Maps work on Personal Email on BlackBerry?
A. No. Although the BlackBerry Maps icon will still be displayed on the BlackBerry Pearl home screen, if a customer clicks on the BlackBerry Maps icon, they will be presented with a message that says “Map Data is not available.” Customers who wish to use BlackBerry Maps can upgrade to the $25+ BlackBerry E-mail Plan (4 MB) or a 4 MB BlackBerry Voice & E-mail Package. 

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all this info smells of an email that they sent out to employees, I have done MY own research on this plan, I was able to obtain it for my Curve with a little gentle persuasion on the part of the customer relations team (Guess Tom, is a poor negotiator lol)....I was also able to get Opera Mini to function as a browser on the services as well, it had to be reduced down to a lower version (3.1), but it was able to function, although I do heed a warning on trying this I have NOT got the most recent billing at this point so I am NOT able to guarntee I was not charged for it, but the point is it worked.

Dieter Bohn

Bell's offering unlimited internet/email for the WinMo Touch (and presumably other non-BIS/BES devices, but I could be wrong) for $7/month.


Yowza - that's about as good as Sprint's plans in the US!


Incredible deal from Bell. While on their site I also noticed they offer a Blackberry Data plan for 1GB at $100 as compared to Rogers 200MB for $100. I can only hope deals like this are just the beginning of a slew of changes amongst Canadian carriers' data rates.

Ryan Blundell

I thought the same thing and I called in as well Bla1ze, though it did take a little morre than gentle persuasion. Aside from that, can they really stop someone from getting the plan just because of the type of device you have? I think not.

If it's to target consumers, why do I see more and more consumers with Curves instead of Pearls?

I've heard complaints from sales reps already because of this; customers fuming that they just purchased a Curve or wanted to. Problem is nothing can be done at store level, either the rep or the customer will have to call in. This leads to longer wait times because of an issue that should never have happened. Give it time and Rogers will see the light (I hope).


Telus fired back at Rogers with its own Email 15 Plan offering unlimited BIS email & Blackberry messenger. Only available on the Pearl 8130, HTC Touch & HTC S720


I have been in contact with DIG (Rogers Dealer Line) and Data Support and although the $15 unlimited Plan is primarily being advertised for the Pearl, Rogers Wireless has actually been flinging this plan around for some time now to primarily corprate and retention customers.

In all my time as a Dealer I have realized that there are three main ways to get on a retention plan with Rogers.

1. Do your reaserch and call in. basic yes but if you can actually tell a rep that this company is offering this or that it sets off red flags within the customer service department it shows that the client is actively looking and knows what they want. they are fairly quick at throwing credits your way at this point. (I was able to get a customer a 50% reduction in their MSF for 3 years once and they only had a $20 mega time plan!)

2. Plain and simple, nag nag nag! thats right you bug them enough they will do anything to keep you from blocking up time to customer service. (my favorite was a customer that would use our 'red' phone which has a maximum hold time of 20 seconds to call customer service every day and stay on there for 30 minute blocks just to see what he could get, funny thing is it worked! they ended up giving him almost $500 in credits and a free phone with no contract extention!)

3. Spend alot of money. The more revenue you generate over the years really counts. The rules are that if the MSF (before SAF and e911 fees) reaches several pre-determend levels they will treat each customer differently, $20-$40 is Tier 1, they get mainly nothing and have to wait the longest to get good discounts on Hardware Upgrades. $41-$60 is Tier 2, they get better stuff, decent credits and can call in and get free stuff every once and awhile. Hardware Upgrades are good after about 18-24 Months. $61-$80 they get alot compared to the $20ish level, Tier 3 customers get great discount credits (if they call in that is), Hardware upgrades after 12 months and if they are persistant can get any in-market Promo Plan/Package without a contract extension.

main point is, customer service is in for a long christmas due to this $15 unlimited email plan. it is going to be bad all across the board! current and new customers are going to be jamming lines for awhile.

Also a quick side not. although this is a Blackberry site I wanted to let you all know that this $15 unlimited plan is the 'rumored' trial of the Iphone packages that they are working on. they basically need to know how much traffic their network can handle. and they want to know if canada can support an unlimited data package. which is a great thing as we have been paying a stupid amount for data for TOO long.