Rogers Officially Releases OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Bla1ze on 26 Nov 2009 11:26 pm EST
Rogers Officially Releases OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700

Just in case you were not wanting to install the previously leaked version, here is the officially released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. I can say it's a solid OS, as I have been running it for a while now. Download, install and enjoy folks!

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Rogers Officially Releases OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700


i feel like the tour was the wrong device to update in ages. Contemplating a switch to the bold

I feel it was the best until the Bold arrived but it was a CDMA device, so no one cared. It's like the black sheep of the family. Love my Tour but I finally got a RIM case for it because I couldn't find any when I got the phone. Where is some Tour love from Telus? OS 5.0 better be around the corner.

Picking up a new Bold for the wife with the Telus credit instead. Maybe 5.0 will be on it or shortly.

I'm on telus too...rim is to blame because they havent released 5.0 at all for the tour, regardless of the carrier

I feel the same way.. with the Tour2 on the horizon wifi n trackball.. I feel almost as left in the cold as I did the first time around with Storm1 :(

This release will run on a T-Mobile 9700, but you will not be able to get full transmit/receive 3G speeds due to this being for Rogers 3G bands. T-Mobile uses special bands that basically are on another frequency. This is also the reason you cannot use 3G data on an iPhone 3G or 3GS. EDGE yes, 3G, no.

The .344 OS battery life is so awsome, I am almost scared to upgrade. I may wait and see what people say before making the jump.

Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 17-June-2010) :

I have to say, as of late I have been incredibly disappointed in Rogers... they need to get their poops together.... from the lack of releasing certain phones (cough cough storm2 cough cough) to lack of updates.

Not pretty in my eyes thats for sure..

so is this an official OS or is it a leak? i went to the forums and they show this as a leak but no OS? wth is going on? am i really missing something or what? please ppl update on this :s

Oh you Mac people, gets me every time.. Yes it will work on you Mac Desktop Manager just like any other leak/official release..

Now that I know I can download it onto my MAC, I can't wait to get hope to do that...which is gonna make today a looooooong day...

Is the SMS bug fixed in this build? I was running .344 but went back to the AT&T shipped build since SMS names wouldn't display, only the numbers.

Just read the findings thread and it seems like the issue is still there. I don't see how RIM hasn't fixed this, let alone a carrier like Rogers releasing it.

I can confirm that. If you have dashes or spaces in your phone numbers, your texts will only show the phone number of the sender instead of the name.

Just loaded OS from Rogers on my 9700 and SMS names are indeed displaying. All of my numbers are in the format of XXX-XXX-XXXX...

The Rodgers 3G network uses different bands than T-Mobile. If you are rocking a T-Mo 9700 and want the latest and greatest OS, make sure the bands listed at 1, 4, and 8. This Rodgers release is for bands 1, 2, 5, and 6. It will work fine if all you want is EDGE speed, but T-Mo 9700 users probably want the full 3G experience- which means sticking with the stock 330 release until a beta pops up.

My SMS seems to be working fine after the upgrade, also gives you the SMS/MMS icon. The AT&T version that came with my phone had the emails and SMS all under the messages icon.

Installed this on my T-Mobile branded 9700.

Afterwards, I noticed that the trackpad became somewhat unresponsive. Even worse, UMA to 3G or 3G to UMA handovers fail.

I'd stick with the stock OS especially if you value UMA on your T-Mobile USA Bold 9700.

i downloaded the software update on my pc but when i go to the desktop manager afterwards it tells me i have no updates availiable. im still on can anyone help plz

The battery life on .351 is much worse. By the end of the day I'm left with 20%
With the original Rogers OS , i had 50%.
That plus the SMS issue is a deal breaker for me. Downgrading now :(

Hey guys i sold a blackberry bold 9700 from att to a customer is Canada that has Rogers wireless and he told me that he can't get the phone to work properly if he download this firmware can the phone work on rogers perfectly or not...

hey guys i upgraded my bold 9700 to 0s 6 and in the final process of loading,in the loader page they said i have to activate my device wirelessly i don't know what that means i need your help please.