Rogers offering Visual Voicemail Plus to BlackBerry users starting in February

Rogers Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 11 Jan 2012 01:34 am EST

If you have a BlackBerry or Android device on Rogers, and felt left out of the convenience that is visual voice mail, you can now join the ranks of iPhone users that have had it for quite some time now on the same carrier. Yes, that's right. Rogers is going to be offering the service to its customers with BlackBerry smartphones -- except, only the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Torch 9800 will be supported at launch. It is rumored that more devices will be added after the launch, but seeing how long it took for Rogers to release visual voice mail for BlackBerry in the first place, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.

The service will be accessible through an app called Visual Voicemail Plus, and features an extra function that the iPhone version does not: the ability to save your messages indefinitely. The service is said to cost the same as non-visual enhanced voicemail and is set to launch in February.

Source: Technapedia via Android Central

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Rogers offering Visual Voicemail Plus to BlackBerry users starting in February


Do people still receive voicemail? LOL - Heck, for that matter, do people still make telephone calls these days? Seems like the only thing I ever receive is text messages or email.

Awesome. Release it with support for devices released more than a year and a half ago, but don't support the current devices yet. Although that image says any phone with MMS capabilities will be able to support their one way service, so maybe the other BlackBerrys will work that way.

They're only a few years behind Bell in bringing this service to their customers too.

Why not make it available for the first bb ever?
Classic rogers coming out with "new" tecnology for old phones... I'm sick and tired of waiting for stuff to be compatible with os7.. I upgraded from a 9800 and I'm still waiting for some of the apps I had to work on os7.. Its rediculous... By the time they work bb will have released a new breed of phones.

About bloody time that happened. Should have come out a lot sooner (e.g. 2007). Not to mention, Bell already had this feature for a while.