Rogers Now Pushing Mobile Back Up Services To BlackBerry Devices

By Bla1ze on 12 May 2010 10:42 am EDT
Rogers Now Pushing Mobile Back Up Services To BlackBerry Devices

Just last night, I happened to notice yet another VPL (Virtual Pre Load) had been pushed to my device by Rogers. Upon launching the application, I come to find out that they were now letting customers know about the Mobile Backup services they were offering from Asurion.

I began looking around the CrackBerry forums to see if anyone else had noticed and this and came across this thread. Oddly enough, Rogers has had this service for a while now but never really put it into effect marketing wise. The service isn't free with Rogers, it's actually a subscription based service that costs $5/month for contact, picture and video back ups.

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Rogers Now Pushing Mobile Back Up Services To BlackBerry Devices

13 Comments they don't charge us over the odds already.

Mobile backup at $5 / month? How about free with the included sync cable and Desktop on my netbook? Meanwhile, all my contacts, calendar events, memos and tasks are already backed up (at every sync) online via my Yahoo Mail.

I cannot remember the last time my Ex or even my G/F has backed up their phone. I think it would be a deal when I think of who they will call when the Shit hits the fan;)

I actually had this feature already included as part of my $12 value pack subscription. It's installed on my BB and I've used it once. I don't really need it since I usually back up my data via the BB desktop manager every now and then. However, I could see this being useful if I couldn't access my computer.

I have it included in my value pack as well. So why have we been paying for it for so long and only now do we get to use it? And we still can only backup contacts! If we want to backup music, pics or videos, its still $5 a month! TOTAL RIPOFF.

First they pushed twitter to my phone. I dont even tweet. Then they push My account and zoompass. Now they have pushed Telenav GPS Navigator and Mobilebackup. Its getting very old. I don't use any of the stuff they send me and its all the type of stuff where when you push the menu button there is no delete option on your phone. You have to use desktop manager and there will still be a ghost of it once its deleted. These advertising tactics for these apps and services are very INVASIVE. If I want it I will download it. Stop trying to tell me what I need rogers. I really dont think they should have the right to clog my phone up with stuff that I did not download myself.

it cleans up the look but i know it is still there which bothers me. Also still taking up memory.

Also I dont think they should have the right to push apps to my phone. Yeah I probably signed something saying I allow them to but that shouldnt be allowed in their contracts. its a trashy and invasive way of advertising for those respective apps and developers of them.

I know it might be easier backing info up this way, but why would I pay $5 a month when I can plug my BB into my computer and it accomplishes the same thing. Takes maybe 2 seconds to grab the cord and plug it in.

I know im beginning to hate rogers with a passion , I installed the mobile backup , then when I checked the website it states there that there is a$5.00 per month charge ? why cant rogers say this before , have you tried to delete mobile backup from yoru blackberrt ? it just sits there when you click delete , isnt rogers bending us over the table for evry penny when we already have the highest cell phone rates in the world here in Canada ,
As soon as my contract is up with rogers they can kiss sopmething of mine ,