Rogers News: BlackBerry Bold for $299 on 3yr Contract

Rogers BlackBerry Bold Pricing
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jul 2008 01:35 am EDT

Our buds over at BlackBerry Cool published some intel last week that put the Bold's pricing on Rogers at a shockingly low $199. New info now suggests that it will likely cost you $299 big ones on a 3yr contract to become an owner of RIM's latest BlackBerry smartphone.

$199 would be sweet, but the $299 number sounds more likely and still sounds good to me. Actually, I think it sounds really good. At $299 the damage on the wallet is the same as the just-released 16gig iPhone 3G. I hope this pricing holds true. I don't want to give Robers Rogers any ideas, but having used the Bold I'd honestly be willing to pay a lot more than that just to get my hands on one (that works) again!

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Rogers News: BlackBerry Bold for $299 on 3yr Contract


Shhh Kevin, they'll hear all of a sudden it'll be like $1,000 and unless your name is John Mayer or Kate Hudson you'll be SOL lmao!!

But seriously...$299...with a lil arguing with the retention team, that can be beat down to $199....My curve was $299 when I got it from Rogers as well..and I beat them down to $100.

Sounds pretty good actually...
I was betting $399, on 3yr w/ data term -$50 MIB = $349.99...?
But $299 on 3yrs is pretty good considering current BB pricing at Rogers...

I gurantee all of you Bell in Canada will have this way before next year, I say in the next 2 months. (I have reasons for thinking this)

I honestly couldn't care less what this phone will cost because I am buying it the second it comes out. Does someone want to tell me exactly when it will be released by Rogers? I was first told July 9, then July 25, then Beginning of August...What is going on here!

For the BOLD???? Is the 25th or is it later???
I'm sure that there's a ROGERS employee on this site that can tell us, He or she can stay anonymous, I just want to know when it comes out.....
I'm getting it the day it releases so all I want to know is when!!!

After reading BG's review it seems ashame that BB has to sell this poor material quality phone at $299 when there's only 1GB of onboard storage, a easily scratched plastic not glass screen, and a plastic instead of chrome bezel. iPhone give you 16GB, real glass hard to scratch screen, and real metal bezel. Rimm step your game up!!

I would really like to know if Rogers is going to give the blackberry users a great deal like they did for the Iphone users???