Rogers New BlackBerry Data Pricing

Rogers Data Pricing
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2008 03:54 pm EDT

** Update: New Plans OFFICIALLY RELEASED. **

Listen up Rogers BlackBerry subscribers as you are in for a treat. Tomorrow Rogers will finally introduce their new data plans, which include both Flex and non-Flex options. The slides after the jump will walk you through the positioning and details.

The highlights? If you're a BIS customer and go non-flex you can get 300MB of data for $30. The flexible data option starts at $50 for 500MB (if you go over it bumps you up to the next plan - $65/1GB). Pretty reasonable considering right now $60 will get you a whopping 25MB of data. Sucks to be a BES user though - the new improvements are consumer only. Looks like Rogers will still have both hands in the pockets of corporations.

As a Rogers BlackBerry customer I was pretty excited to hear about these new data plans... until I read the rumors on the net today that the iPhone will launch with an unlimited Consumer Data Plan for $30 and unlimited Enterprise Data Plan for $45. WTF Rogers?! That would be discrimination! Choosing Apples over BlackBerrys. But if these slides tell the tale then it seems the revised data plans (check out slide 3) will cover the iPhone 3G as well. 

Rogers Revised Data Plans

Rogers Data Pricing

Rogers Data Pricing

Rogers Data Pricing

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Rogers New BlackBerry Data Pricing


Still no unlimited data plans, still being gouged on pricing..currently i'm on the $100 for 1GB plan and i'll be dropping it to the $60-$65 plan to save a few bucks but still....lame, Ted and his cronies should go back to the drawing board, if the iPhone drops with a $30 unlimited plan, you wanna believe i'll be speaking to customer relations dept..

if the iPhone 3G does in fact launch with an unlimited consumer data plan for $30 and enterprise for $45 and BlackBerry subscribers don't get that, then honestly... it's time for a serious revolt.

I'm thinking we protest and picket with signs and everything.

Sounds like a plan to me, I could have bought a house by now if I didn't have a BlackBerry addicition that's bound to Robbers lol!!

I'm quite confused. I'm on a $60 Blackberry plan right now. I have BES for my work email and then have access to my other email accounts through BIS i suppose. PLus all the data charged programs like Viigo and Jivetalk. Will data be charged seperately for the 2..or is all data under BES and therefore i'm stuck under $25MB cap for the new plans?

Still happy with my $45 unlimited plan to everything from Telus. None of this 'select email domain' crap.

Because of this new plan I will actually just buy an iphone. Unlimited Data is the clincher for me, 300 mb? are you kidding me. This is sort of depressing.

300MB would be good for a regular user, emails,IM,BBM even with as heavy a user as I am, the most I have ever used is 120MB...but with the newer features, it'll never keep up that's for sure.

Those plans SUCK.

I don't care if I don't get "enhanced data offers"... I get unlimited for $15/mo.

Screw Rogers. :)

I am very disappointed. If the iphone got the 30$ illimited data i will be so wrong!!!!! either both got it or noboddy!!!!

why are we canadians still putting up with this kind of garbage from telecommunications companies, most notably rogers? there are new entrants to the wireless spectrum but what impact can they truly have over the market if monopolies like rogers can just buy them out or because of their established dominance, not even feel the heat. the fact that bell, im told, is doing an unlimited data plan now isn't going to be enough pressure to make rogers do the same, we all hope that it will but come on, lets be honest. look how long it took rogers to bring out these new "pricing plans". this is all very very frustrating to say the least. how are we as consumers suddenly the ones that need the phone companies? should the wireless companies be mindful of us as consumers and be mindful of the exclusionary practices that some of them refuse to drop? things will not change on their own...sites like these are integral to the development, although slow, of these wireless rates but we have to do something significant in order for our voices to be heard and for notable change to take place.

Ok so much for posting long URL's.

You can find it at under this hierachy:

Home| For Business| Products and Services| Wireless| E-mail Plans| Blackberry Email Plans

K...why doesn't Rogers give us unlimited data. Is it REALLY that hard??????? American's have had unlimited for $20 for years. Telus has it. I've got the $15 email plan and I use Opra Mini. I'd REALLY like to use the BB browser but I don't want my bill to be $140 a month like it used to be.
These new I guess.

ok so i called to get on the $30/300mb plan, rep added it for me, now i have no internet access, they reset account and everything, still nothing, wants to put me back on my old plan, i'll wait for now as i don't really need data today. Anyone else have this problem or should i just call back and talk to someone who knows what they are doing? rep said its not the first time this has happened on the new plans... oh and to top that off, now on the webclient page...............i get a Your account has been suspended. Please contact the system administrator.

If you are with ROGERS and you switched over to any of the new plans today, And you are having issues sending and recieving messages. You will have to call ROGERS tech support and they will have to do a profile change on their end, and you will have to do a simple battery pull and the issue will be solved. That's what I had to do. I switched to the $30 300mb package.
So is June 25th a firm date for the BOLD???
Let's all hope it is....I want the BOLD!!!

I have unlimited everything for $19.99... I feel special now. At least that is what my mom told me. =)

envoys just got off the line with a Rogers Service rep. Early today I too had up to the 300MB plan and immediately lost my internet access and email. The first call to Service got my BIS account un-suspended, however no access. Just had another minute to call and the SR said that it's a network problem and more than likely won't be repaired until midnight . . . you can get you account off of suspension but will not have access until later on.

those prices are ridiculous. $100 for 6GB!!!!
I pay $75 for unlimited local & worldwide roaming data. And that's without a contract. Its cheaper for me to come roam on your network than for you guys that live there... woww...
I was in vancouver last week actually. Went to rogers to by a red curve but they are crazy, $550 1 week before the bold comes out.

Are they for real? WTF is going on in Canada that people are willing to pay $30 for 300MB of Data? Do people really have that much disposable income? I would never and I mean NEVER sign pay $30 for 300mb of data!

Sweeeeet!! I called yesterday but the rep didn't see the new pricing changes, so I called again today and it is now in! Since I am not employed and so addicted to my BB, I'm thrilled to save $40 off my BB bill. I went from $90 a month down to $50 a month. I am advising my friends to call for data plan changes as well to save their money. Thanks to CB soooo much, and Kevin - you rawk!! CB is the best site ever!!

that sucks rog custs. really sucks. i use about a gig and over a month on my blackberry. i have unlimited on vzw network. i can't complain now that i see this pricing. holey cow they are making a mint on you guys in canada. i was pissed about t-mobile offering 2 blackberry plans , 1 with unlimited blackberry data and no push email for 19.99 and 9.99 more for 10 push email addys. and vzw only having the unlimited bb data for 29.99 . it would be nice for me to cut out my push email and save the 10 bucks bc it can be checked on the browser lol. wtf? but yea if they choose apple iphone unlted data that is bullshit. those guys should have to pay just like bb users on rogers or make both unltd. that would be almost saying buy the iphone and get unlted or buy a blackberry and pay more. what shit.

If the iphone has un-limited so should the BB, Thats so un-fair for BB users such as myself. If we have to pay so should iphone users. BULLSHIT!!

ok well I called again this morning, rep tried to tell me nothing will fix it, they are working ont he problem and to wait a few days. I told him that is unacceptable, had him do the profile change and voila, all is working fine again!

Has anyone's BB not functioning right after they changed their plan to the 300mb. Some of my apps aren't working. Facebook,Gmail and a few others are dead. I can recieve messages and send. What the hell is this??
Is a master reset the thing to do??