Rogers MyAccount app for BlackBerry 10 updated

By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2013 10:44 pm EDT

Yeah, I know. Most people would prefer carriers didn't load their apps onto their devices but if you're on Rogers and like me, you may find the MyAccount app for BlackBerry 10 handy to have around. Lately, there has been some comments about the accuracy of the data being relayed in the app and if you find yourself among those noticing such things, a new update to the MyAccount app is now available for download that may fix it.

The change log simply states bug fixes so in whether you use the app or not, might be good to grab it just in case. Additionally, the Rogers AnyPlace TV app was updated as well, so grab that as well if you wish. You'll find both available in the updates section of BlackBerry World on your device. 

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Rogers MyAccount app for BlackBerry 10 updated


Out of curiosity, does Rogers embed things like CarrierIQ in their account app like T-Mobile does? Do people actually want potential keyloggers on their phones?!

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CarrierIQ was only ever found to be on Rogers Android devices and even then it was only ever one aside from the iPhone which has subsequently been removed. They've since requested that no OEM's load the software on any device and it was never purposefully requested by Rogers to be put there in the first place.

Off topic... What does CB have to say about the U.S. class action lawsuit against Apple (if anything at all) and its iTunes billing issues?

Updated the app and I still can't see my used data. It has never displayed data used since I got the phone in February. Rogers told me it was an issue with the phone and to call BlackBerry support. I've just wanna see my data without some wonky third party app.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I've never been able track my data usage thru Rogers since I opened the account, not thru their website or thru their app. Called them, said tech will be on it and never heard from them again...and issue is still there.

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I have the same problem. My data usage has never been displayed either. I don't believe Rogers, it's not BlackBerry's fault, is BlackBerry our carrier? No. Don't believe them.

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Exactly, that's what I thought. The app is clearly not reading the data api's from the phone. Nothing to do with the phone. I've tried some free apps from the store and they work fine if you set your reset counter/limit properly. The app is a lil laggy and doesn't work when on Wifi for some reason as well.

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The MyAccount app does not use the phone APIs, it connects directly to Rogers servers. You need to be on a cellular connection, it cannot read data over WiFi.

Still full of bugs... still doesn't show my used data, and it's slow and I hate it! fix this Rogers, come on!! This app was great on the legacy OS...

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You're on your own there I'm pretty sure. Mine works lickity Split. No bugs, shows data used very accurately, and it's blazing fast. Could be your connection or a bad install.

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Nope not on their own at all. What used to be a handy app had been utterly useless since getting the z. Many people have said it's due to Rogers data and long distance promos that most people aren't able to see specific data.

However nobody at Rogers has confirmed this for me yet.

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Hmm, i got a special promo plan on the day I picked mine up. It was the last day of the plan and was my best option. I have wondered if maybe I my plan had something to do with it. It shows I have up to 1gb data in the app but always displays 0kb for used data.

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My girlfriend was also experiencing issues regarding her data usage not being displayed. She phoned multiple times with no resolution.

I called for her and got a rep they figured it out within seconds.

Apparently when she got the phone they signed her up (without her knowledge) for unlimited social networking, and thus unlimited BBM. Since the data usage app cannot distinguish between unlimited data and data that will count towards her usage it just decided to display no usage. I asked for that feature to be taken off and then her data was being tracked.


I have had this app since Feb. I'm in winnipeg and it has been displaying my data usage fine this whole time. I checked it last month end and it was really close to my invoice total. Give or take a few kb.

BB10, Z10

Weird. I've changed plans numerous times since getting my Z (at least twice, maybe 3) and this app always correctly showed data.

Turn your wifi off and see if it works?

Do most people not get notifications whenever there's an app update? I do, I updated the Rogers app yesterday. These obvious filler post are annoying.

For a while now, the my Rogers app hasn't been showing my data or messaging count. The data counter worked when I first got my Q10.

I'm not sure it's the app. Even when you log into the myrogers online account, data and messaging aren't displayed.

I logged a ticket number last week and so far no luck. I'll check up on it tomorrow.

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Has always worked on my Z10. Just have to be on the cell network (not WIFI).

I'm still on 10.0 by the way (to avoid any possibility of getting the "10.1 UI lag" that some users have reported).

Hope they can resolve the data reporting issue for others who aren't seeing their data usage.

FYI: it's 1am July 24 and the update is nor visible to me yet on BlackBerry world. Perhaps the update was only meant for 10.1?

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Still thinks I haven't used any data. I know for sure I'm about a third of the way through to my cap. Keeping track of my data is all I use it for. If it can't do that then it's off my phone.

9700 > 9900 > Z10

Bla1ze ask Rogers:

WTF - Where's the Visual Voicemail Plus app??!!?

Seriously - they're slackers.

Annoying that it still doesn't work when connected to wifi - the BBOS version did. Anyone know if using this app while roaming would count towards your roaming data use?

I won and unlocked Q5 phone from crackberry :) so I downloaded my rogers app and when I install it does not load the icon into my phone. I always have to go into blackberry world to open app and see its features.

any help is greatly appreciated!