Rogers 'Makes Good' for BlackBerry Users by Screwing iPhone Users Too

No Need CrackBerry Hulk Smash
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jun 2008 12:05 pm EDT

It seems the gold folks at Rogers recognized the upheaval and Hulk-like SMASHING that surely would have arisen by Canadian CrackBerrys had the iPhone launched with an unlimited data option, and have taken the safe (and more profitable) route... Screw iPhone users just like BlackBerry users. iPhone pricing is suggested to be as follows:

Price / Voice + (evening+weekend) / Data / SMS Out / SMS In / Visual Voicemail

$60 / 150 minutes + unlimited 400 MB 75 Unlimited Unlimited

$75 / 300 minutes + unlimited 750 MB 100 Unlimited Unlimited

$100 / 600 minutes + unlimited 1 GB 200 Unlimited Unlimited

$115 / 800 minutes + unlimited 2 GB 300 Unlimited Unlimited

Just to be semi-fair.. the new data rates recently launched by Rogers for BlackBerry users are a lot better than the old ones (for BIS customers anyways... BES users are still getting royally screwed), and I'm sure Rogers decided on its Canadian iPhone plans long before the 19th when I posted the If the iPhone Gets Unlimited Data on Rogers Then BlackBerry Smartphones Should Too, Or KEVIN SMASH threat article. But common... it's 2008 here. Just SIMPLIFY things and give all of all of us smartphone users unlimited data for a reasonable price already.

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Rogers 'Makes Good' for BlackBerry Users by Screwing iPhone Users Too


It's all your fault! You dragged us down with you, CrackHulk!

At least misery is loving a lot of company.

Curse you, Rogers...

That is awesome. Leave it to Rogers marketing to make the most hyped phone out there, unattractive. And for being the only carrier to thumb their noses at consumers, but thats what a GSM monopoly will get you - arrogance!

Even without the unlimited data plan, 300MB for $30 is pretty damn good compared to what we used to pay. In all honesty, I use my Blackberry a lot and can't see myself using anywhere close to 300MB. It's as good as an unlimited plan to me.

you're thinking BlackBerry on Edge. Just wait till you start rocking the Bold on 3G. Or the iPhone.

Even on Rogers, during the week I had the iPhone for the Smartphone Round Robin, I managed to go through 95 megs of data (had like a $600 bill). With the iPhone's web browser you visit a lot of full out sites, and therefore suck back a lot of data quick.

It's a lot better...but they should just simply and go unlimited. my two cents anyway.

Thankful I switched to Telus for unlimited as well. Wait until these people start browsing their full websites in Safari, use GPS and other data service apps, their data will surely pass these limits and reflect on their bills.

Kevin, I honestly think that your ranting post doesn't help the current situation seeing how you caused pain for other users. You shouldn't be happy that they are still not having unlimited data plans, you should be protesting along with the iPhone users to convince Rogers of changing their data plan. Rogers is obviously monopolizing the market due to its contract with AT&T.


The Title of the post might not help, but if you read the whole post you'll see that's exactly what I want to happen, help everyone. I want to see reasonable unlimited data plans for ALL smartphones. That's exactly my point. There's a sarcastic tone in the writing... they're screwing iPhone users TOO, which means we're all getting screwed, which means it needs to change for all of us

I have signed all of the online petitions against rogers..