Rogers lowers pricing on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to $199

Rogers lowers pricing on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to $199
By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2011 03:40 pm EDT

If you're a Rogers customer who was a little miffed at their pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 then the latest Rogers info may make you feel better. Just a mere two-days after their initial release of the device they have gone ahead and dropped the 3-year contract pricing by $50.

The original price was set for $249 but now you can stroll on into a Rogers location and pick one up for $199. No word on whether or not Rogers will credit early adopters their $50 but no harm in trying by giving customer care a call.

Guess Rogers was listening when people said that the device was priced too high. Still though, Rogers remains the highest priced out of all Canadian carriers selling the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

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Rogers lowers pricing on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to $199


Seems like this is always a thing with new release BBs. I think this gets them a bad rep and I wish they would just do more research and release it with a solid price that sells instead of changing it so quickly.

I'm buying the 9900 at Bell tonight for $169.99 with the setup fee waved.

Played with it at Best Buy and its spectacular.

Did you get it yet?
Is it a good phone?
I have the Tourch 9700 .... will I notice a big difference?


Picked the phone up tonight, upgrading from a Tour.

The difference between the 2 phones is unbelievable.

The 9900 is fast and smooth.

The combination/simultaneous use of touch screen, keyboard and track pad gives a level of performance that I find unmatched by a mere touchscreen.

Hope this helps

Yay. Now let's hope its competitive with all carriers. I don't think its a bad rep so much as it is people won't pay for this as they would an iphone or high end android stuff. It works as a phone but people don't care. They want PSPs and 3ds systems now and so they won't pay for something that doesn't do that when they could get something that can for the same or less

I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but gaming as most people know it, especially handheld, is changing immensely; people no longer want something that just does gaming like the PSP and 3DS, they want everything on one single device; their phone, media player, gaming device all in their pocket on one single unit. Nintendo's shareholders are actually pressuring Nintendo to start developing for iOS because that's where the world is heading (not iOS per se, but mobile gaming).

I don't think you literally meant PSP and 3DS, but if you did, it wasn't necessarily the best example haha.

I just called and they wouldnt gimme nuthin. Should I call retentions? I did get it through a hardware upgrade and not a new activation.

I don't know what it is with Rogers and mobile pricing. Remember the fiasco with their original iPhone plans? They had one of the most expensive plans in the world at the time. Now that Bell and Telus have made the switch away from CDMA, I just don't see the benefit in sticking with Rogers.

Good. This is the right price for this phone. Rogers is a superior carrier (in my opinion), so a bit of a premium compared to the other companies is worth it. I'm glad I was waiting till next week!

just curious, what location did you get it and how early did you have to line up? seems most places i call are sold out

Rogers was the first company to launch it and saw the opportunity to gouge their clients for the early adopters. As soon as the competition announced their pricing (along with clients complaining), they reduced it... welcome to the free market competition...(well sort of anyway)

I think $199 is still expensive since Telus $149 and Bell $169 are selling it at a lower price. I am tempted to replace my Torch 9800 with this one since my contract is up in January.

Do you think Rogers would price match the $149 from Telus?

They did for me... but it took a couple of tries to get a good rep. (i was also activating a new line at the time though.)

I first bought the phone on HUP for 299.99 minus the 50 mail in rebate but after seeing this post I called in and received an extra 100 off. Worth making the call.

Bell has it for Less 149$ and if you w8 till Next week it will be 129$ and im shore by the end of that week they will have it at 99$.
Future Shop had a good deal yesterday buy BBPB and BB you will get 100$ off ;) +10% if you have Future Shop Card.
Also if you go to Best Buy you get a 50$ rebate you pay 169$.

Isn't it weird that none of the carriers (except Telus) is advertising the launch of these new BB phones? On Roger's website the first page advertizes Android and iPhone and there is no mention of blackberry. Even when you go through their phone selection, the Bold 9900 appears way down below the Android selection and the Bold came out Yesterday ...

They are not even giving these phones a chance...

Hey blaze, i work for rogers, i dont really chat much or leave messages on here but i do get some inside information what would be the easiest way to leak it for you guys to post on here. I could have said the price would drop yesterday also a heads up we just got our shipment of white 9810's havent heard much about crackberry commenting on the different colours yet.

cheers guys keep it up! ps love the new 9900!!

Have you tried to buy one? I had to go to 8 Rogers stores today before I found one that wasn't sold out of the 9900s

Kevin is buying them all.
Are you serious? 8 stores were all sold out?
I'm going to check around tomorrow.

The best place is COSTCO, they give between 50 to 125 cash cards. so the phone costs practically nothing!!! Can't wait till Monday to get the 9900.

it is now on sale at best buy for 150!!!
Now i guess we have to return at rogers plus store and re-buy at best buy??
or what do we do