Rogers lists BlackBerry OS 10.2 tentative release date for late October

By Adam Zeis on 2 Oct 2013 01:51 pm EDT

If things stay on track for BlackBerry OS 10.2 we may be seeing an update very soon. As posted in the Rogers Community Forums, the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 all show a tentative OS 10.2 update for "late October".

We can't say for sure if this will be the case, though from what we've seen and hear over the last few weeks it does seem to fit. The BlackBerry Z30 is making it's way to more regions and is already running OS 10.2, so an update for other BlackBerry 10 devices shouldn't be too far off.

BlackBerry OS 10.2 brings some much awaited features that we've seen in the numerous leaks as of late, but many are holding out to get their hands on an official version.



Any word on Z20 release date for canada?

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I happened to check out the Blackberry experience van in Toronto this past weekend. I was told they expect z30 to be available in November.

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Theres an experience van in toronto??? How cone ive never seen it?? Lolol how many experience vans do they have?


LOL... yes, it was outside the Toronto Oktoberfest (sorry no speakers for sale). I asked about the Z30 and they actually had two Z30 handsets there. The Z30 feels very nice in the hand. Now I am tempted to get it.


If it's a white van with shag carpeting count me out.

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"Pssst...hey, you wannna buy some speakers?" - LOL (might be an inside Scarborough/Toronto joke)


Sounds like the guy who hangs out in front of GBC on King st. White van and speakers for sale out of the back.


G*d dammit! I got duped by the 'overstock' speaker scam (sold out a van) the night I moved my gf to her new place in Toronto (Madison Ave around Bloor and Spadina) 7 or 8 years ago... Kept the speakers around (never hooked them up) for almost 5 years as punishment and reminder to never trust anyone without doing my own due diligence. : /


My cousin actually bought speakers out of the back of a van in Trenton, ON like 15 years ago. They still work. Uses them for parties on the patio.


No man! I'm from kitchener, always have those guys rolling around! Super sketchy.



Lol awesome, roughly 7 years back a guy I know did the same thing and we're close to Windsor ontario

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nick canada

I got caught same scam but with a home theatre system, guy had fake bills for future shop and catalogs with the stereos in there at 2500 a piece lol it works though for the 200 I gave him

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Lol..white van

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I'm guessing last day of october..

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What happened to "mid-October"? -__-

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So, early November then?


what happened to middle of the summer?


Yep, after the deal is done on Nov. 4th.

They don't want the re-priced Z10 with the the awesome 10.2 selling like hot cakes to derail the go-private plan.


They will never learn. It'll be delayed due to Christmas or a busy season. Jan 2014 is likely. Dunno why they continue to pick dates.

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What year?

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Sweeeet, I'm with Koodo so hopefully it comes around the same time, in the meanwhile the latest leak will do just fine

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Fish Crackers

Dude! Sweet!

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I thought I heard it will be released Oct 21/22 in Canada?

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.


I really need those bar files to update from

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Links are all over the forums here.


CrackBerry shouldn't even report on stuff like this. You're just setting people up for disappointment.


The leaks run so well I don't even know why anyone would wait for an official OS.


Which leak are u running and which device are u using? And which bugs (if any) have u encountered on that leak?

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Cause I don't want to reinstall apps every time I install a new OS.

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Maybe when you run this site people will listen to you.


Is there a job opening? Lol


So far I haven't seen evidence of them hiring negative people. So... no


yes thanks for nothing crackberry. what's next? "Z80 is rumored to be released in 5 years, sources report"


With how BlackBerry have been executing in the past months I won't get my hopes up on release dates for anything.. ihave to see it to believe it..

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This is a rogers thing. BlackBerry has already given them the OS.
It's ready.
Carriers are testing now.


I just put the on my Rogers Q10 and it shows software release10.2.0.415. If I understand the leak process correctly, a leak only shows a software release if the carrier has this version in their system. In other words, Rogers is at least testing and the rumor it is the release candidate may be true.


It is the gold release. Not a rumour.


Same for me, on Telus.


Good. Lucky for some.

O2UK is planning on releasing an updated 10.1 (insert roll eyes)

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Sweet :) now we just need a z30 date

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R Field was supposed to be mid October...more delays...

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Anyone wondering why the HTC One is listed?

R Field

It's listing all upcoming updates for devices they carry.

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In my experience, Rogers' track record for delivering is pretty good. So, I'm optimistic.

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Because it was software releases for all phones. That rogers sell

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Awesome!!! :-)

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Late October. Fuck me! SaskTel should get it around Christmas, January then

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Well less then a month to go, and I know the ETA is targeting Oct 24th-25th time frame, might be pushed to the 28th


Just a question, I have BBM Channels, will this effect downloading 10.2 in any way once it is released?

Sacco Z10


How about in middle east?

"Keep Moving" Z10


Sweeet... considering my Q10 from AT&T is still running on the official 10.1 OS (no MR to be found). I'm sure I'll finally get 10.2 when 10.4 leaks are starting to come out.

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Dave Hong

Seriously, AT&T is the pits. :(

Daniel Montanaro

Looking forward to some 10.2 goodness.

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My prediction, nothing positive out of Blackberry that can sway the stock price to go high for Prem Watsa until after Nov 2/13.


Yup. But I think 10.2 will hit before the deal is inked. BBM and large Org contract announcements will not happen until after. These have the potential to drive up stock. 10.2, not so much. Fairfax will be the recipient of a flurry of bes10 post testing contracts. And once one major player commits to the platform (Morgan Stanley) others will follow. I wouldn't be surprised if blackberry is delaying deals until after, then Fairfax can come in and take credit, along with BlackBerry, for restoring consumer confidence. Just watch.

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Nothing would surprise me at this point


Can anyone tell me if the 10.2 will make a significant impact on my battery life? My z10 which I had since February is a monster eater of battery life. I am a power user and it's done by 2pm without charging. Yes I do have a spare battery pack but it is still annoying

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Sure helped me, especially now with .1767. I went from about 4 hours on 10.1 to now nearly 24 hours!


Will the official launch with any updated features over current leaks? There were rumours of panorama camera and full screen settings pull down bar

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If latest leak is any indication - Panorama NO, Pull Down Bar - YES.

darrell greenwood1

Come on 10.2!!!!!

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It's ironic that some features like toast notifications are coming out when the basic customizable notification features from BBOS devices are still in limbo and we don't know when they are coming to BB10...maybe in 10.9?


Iam just tired of waiting on the official relaese . Last time they said, mid october, and now late october ! And fom wat I heard, it want even fix the bugs like reboots, and battery drain annyway.

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I have only had one reboot since getting my Z10 in Feb and as for battery, latest leak has great battery life for me!


So does this mean U.S will probably get the update in November and Verizon in December?


Waiting waiting and waiting

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so america will get it in january 2014 lol


I'm with Rogers. Nice!!!

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Late October. Late is BlackBerryneese

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For "last day of the month"

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As usual BlackBerry is always late with everything they do, but at least 10:2 is on its way.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

Tomas Carrillo

New BlackBerry World version together with this :3

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So cool! That means that AT&T will release it no later than February. :P


I have a leak 10.2 its a little bit faster than 10.1 with new features, and 10 times faster than 10.0

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So October 31, 23:59 if it's on time


After that perhaps they will make a 10.2 twitter account to give us status updates


waiting for official 10.2 ,the real gold


I just installed a leaked version for my q10! It's pretty awesome upgrade. Bb10 works much nicer with this update and the features on the lock screen makes this os more beautiful.

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Leafer80 that's how you sideload.

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November October is too ambitious for them

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Telus telus telus when

Only a fool thinks they know me.


I'm really looking forward to the updated Android runtime. I WAS looking forward to USB host mode...


Delays? C'

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Seriously folks, who the crap wants/needs towait for Rogers to get off their rear ends to 'release' this OS 10.2 update ? Does it really take elevty nine weeks to test the stuff ? Hoefully another leak witll show up, we can all dl to our heart's content and Rogers (all the carriers) can stick it where the sun dont shine. havent y'all had enough of this nonsense yet ? Just sayin' (and yes, like many of you, I do hate Rogers).


Woohoo - end of October doesn't sound too bad :)
Last time Optus (Australia) wasn't too far behind


I like CB articles that have the words "now available" in their titles. Emphases on "now".


And down here in SOUTH AFRICA we'll get it in 2014! LoL

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Great, this means for those of us on verizon will have it around late spring.

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Guy I was next to on the airplane today between Winnipeg and Regina had an update notice as we were getting off the plane that he had 10.2.10 (I think) available for download. I didn't ask his carrier. Was pumped though to be sitting next to a guy who had a Z10 and then one of the two guys I was meeting with later in the day had a Z10 too. Who says they don't sell?

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Where is this BlackBerry experience van???????

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Too slow, omg

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Where is this BlackBerry experience van????

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Dont understand why people dont install the 10.2 leaks. No harm will come. Just spend the time doing it.

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How about Sprint? Is there any info on this, thanks.

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Oh we go again

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So with blackberry updates we have to rely on the carriers to support the update? So rogers bell and telus all might release the updates on different days than Wind? Why cant they just do it the way apple does and let up update via the Blackberry Link software on the same day for everybody.

Tyrone Whiston

That's good because I'm on the Rogers network and it would be nice to have the official OS 10.2.

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Peter Vukosavljev

I am using 10.2. On my alpha dev c. Awesome update. My z10 will stay on 10.1 for now.

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What's new? BlackBerry is always late as . disappointing...

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Ferdinand Rn

What about telus????

Yeah, when is tge release date of z30 in Canada ???? I haven't seen one yet

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Paolog Italy

Heins said just few minutes ago: "he wasn't satisfied with the level of the experience, and made the difficult decision to stop the company's efforts on Z10 and shift its resources back to its core smartphone os6" :-)


Ik heb nog geen update van OS 10.2
Ik woon in België.?

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What about 10.2 for Wind Mobile. Screw Rogers. :)

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BlackBerry can't do it like Apple because they were tied to the hip with telecom providers with services revenue. So the telecom "partners " called the shots. What they don't get is this - they want more BlackBerry sales but are the biggest hindrance.

Why is it that more than 50% of iOS devices have conveyed to 7 in "mere days"?! Because Apple owns it's experience and ecosystem and provisions from their iCloud infrastructure. Bottom line.

This is hurting BlackBerry and we should have 10.2 long ago. I use iOS and just shake my head at how obvious all this. Apple played a smart game against telecom and learned a lot with Motorola when they released the crappy "iTunes pbone" if anyone remembers. It was purely an experiment to learn about phone tech and see how it would be like to work with others. That product failed badly.

Android is in a big cluster f because of device OEM and telecom with Android cycles.

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Good. Then AT&T should be releasing the update about 10 months later...

Keith H. Posted using CB10.


It says " late October" it don't say what year.


Why HTC one?

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I can't wait heheh
Hoping there will be BlackBerry swapping again hehehe swapping z10 to z30 hehe

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Don't disappoint me, Rogers.

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It appears that Rogers will not be carrying the Z30; even if that is true, I certainly hope they continue to support the OS for existing BB10 customers.

nono naziv

Her path must exist for the attraction. Later at 10.2

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If the blackberry z30 is running on 10.2 then why can't z10 q10 and q5 get it already?

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Vlad Cernea

Is the Rogers release date same as the Fido one?

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