Rogers Launches BlackBerry Pearl 3G, Stores Still Awaiting Shipments

Rogers Launches BlackBerry Pearl 3G, Stores Still Awaiting Shipments
By Bla1ze on 26 May 2010 06:00 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Pearl 3G has finally been "officially" released by Rogers. Despite having been up on the Best Buy website for little over a week now, Rogers has sent off the information to employees and retailers letting them know they can start filling channels with the device. So basically, yes it's on the way but as of yet stores do not have the device to hand out to those waiting. Pricing rolls in as expected $49.99 on a 3-year contract with voice and data or $449.99 sans contract. It'll likely take a few days before stores get the devices but it's great to finally hear something definitive come from somewhere. Anyone gonna be grabbing one?

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The maximum contract I have seen in the UK is 24 months - I always haggle down to 18 months. Is 3 years a standard thing in America?

Not seen this confirmed anywhere over here yet, any ideas?


Roger is Canadian company. Yes you can get 24 months contracts.. but you usually would get only a small discount like 50$ off the 'original advertised device price' so it would probably be around 400$ still. So basically it wouldnt be beneficial to have a 24 months contract.


Rogers is a Canadian based mobile phone company. The U.S plans are only 2 years


Death to Canadian carriers !!!


I love it but it definitely can't replace my bold 9700 :)


I just want it to come to at&t already. If they make me wait to long I won't be able to get it cuz I'll be waiting for the 9800


Plz come in black, plz come in black, plz come in black...


Is the price in Canadian Dollars or US dollars?


Kevin, will you be grabbing one? I will. I mentioned to you over BBM I want it in a different colour -- still got my fingers crossed, but won't be surprised if it's just gradient red. At least for the first few months. I guess I'm sort of hoping they release another colour within 30 days so I can return it.


...For calling you Americans.

So, on a contract for over a year you guys still have to pay for the handset as well?

the brother

that is correct. how much is this model in the UK?


Nothing confirmed yet but that would fit standard Vodafone UK model. Also was mentioned here:

Example of costs for existing:
Bold 9700 with BIS, unlimited data plan (well 500mb officially), unlimited texts, insurance and 600 minutes to any network any time = £35 per month and no initial handset cost.