Rogers iPhone vs. BlackBerry Rate Comparison

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2008 03:22 am EDT


It must be Canada day. This will be the third post in a row for our Canadian readers. Two big things here...

  • our buds at BBCool put together a couple of sweet charts comparing the least and most expensive data/voice plans for the the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry, based on the most recently announced BlackBerry data plans and iPhone 3G value packs. Check it out after the jump. Don't ya just love the image above (originally from Slate Magazine)? But the BB doesn't actually need a knife - we know he can knock the iPhone out in GSP rush-like style.
    • Keep in mind the iPhone 3G is hitting Rogers on July 11th and the BlackBerry Bold should be released to customers on the 25th
  • it seems the recently released iPhone 3G pricing has scared a lot of people. The petition site (formerly seems to now be blocked from visitors (it gained over 20,000 signatures very quickly) and Rogers has gone into full blown PR panic mode. A few hours ago I received an email sent on behalf of Rogers clarifying the iPhone pricing story (also read that after the jump). Basically the iPhone plans we have seen will not be the only options available to new iPhone customers; rather, they are value plans for those who intend to reallly use the device. There will be cheaper alternative options available (keep this in mind when you check out the comparison chart).

Check it all out after the jump. And if you're one of the many non-smartphone users out there making the BlackBerry or iPhone decision, might I also suggest checking out the Smartphone Round Robin conducted by the SPE community editors back in November. Reading through the articles you'll get a good idea of what a long-time BlackBerry user like myself thinks of the iPhone (first impressions; final impressions), and what hardcore iPhone, Treo and Windows Mobile users think of the BlackBerry platform. The goods and bads of each device all surface in here, so sit back and take a read!

iPhone Value Plans vs. Typical BlackBerry Plans

Price 1
Price 3
Rogers iPhone Pricing Clarification
Emailed in on behalf of Rogers...

The iPhone 3G bundles released June 27 are not the only price plans available to customers, they are the high value plans that allow Rogers customers to use the device to its fullest and offer considerable savings over separate voice and data plans that exist in market today.

That said, Rogers customers have more choices available to them and can use their existing voice and smartphone data plans if they wish. For example, they can select from the new data pricing (ranging from $30 for 300MB to $100 for 6GB or $50 Flex Rate plan) and add a voice plan, or they can choose a combined voice and data plan to best suit their individual needs.

Customers are not required to take the value packs, and can order most other features a la carte, such as $7 for Caller ID.

Existing customers can keep their existing voice service plan and pick a separate data plan (not in the iPhone 3G bundle) to meet their needs. They will need to check their upgrade eligibility, but any customer with a monthly service fee that is over $30 can upgrade to an iPhone 3G at $199 (for the 8GB model). Other options outside the iPhone bundle may be available depending on the customer’s individual information.

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Rogers iPhone vs. BlackBerry Rate Comparison


The Nun chucks are good just as long as you don't bang yourself in the head with them. I prefer the knife

You mean to tell me that for $60.00 you only get 150 daytime minutes... That sucks! I mean with AT&T for $59.99 one can get 900 (ROLLOVER) daytime minutes, UNLIMITED night and weekend, UNLIMITED M2M (Mobile to Mobile) UNLIMITED Caller ID, UNLIMITED voicemail, UNLIMITED Call Forwarding.

Granted you get the data and everything, but the plan is based on the hopes you will not use the phone that much in a months time... 150 Minutes.... THAT SUCKS!

If I want a data package it will cost me about $29.99 for UNLIMITED Blackberry (BIS) $45.00 for UNLIMITED Blackberry (BES).

For an extra $20.00 one can add UNLIMITED TXT Messaging

Even so, $60.00 + $30.00 = $90.00 if chosen TXT + $20.00= $110.00 (not including the god awful taxes, fees, other crap we pay for their ruthless degrading service they call customer support).


Bought my new BB yesterday. Unlimited email/data. Sorry Rogers, i waited, and when I saw your plans, you lost a customer.

Had no idea that's where the image came from - thought it came from BBCool hence where I added the credit. Will update the post to reflect proper image credit.

i'm lovin' the graphic.

iphone: aaaaargh, i can't take it. damn you and your
tactile, friendly, qwerty-keyboard.

curve: i'm about to give you a tactile beatdown with a
slash of pain to that pretty little screen...BRING

The data plans for the iphones need to be a bit higher, anyone know how much data the average iphone user uses? I think everyone who gets the iphones best bet is the $50 flex rate....

Love the comparison to GSP Rush Style!

Nothing is more dynamic and on the fly as mixed martial arts.

Crackberry just got cooler!