Rogers iPhone 3G Data Plan Promo - Hope for the Bold?

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jul 2008 11:47 am EDT

Rogers Last Chance...

** UPDATE: OMG... Rogers is ACTUALLY going to offer this deal for the BlackBerry Bold too! Praise the Smartphone Gods! Via Electronista...

Company spokeswoman Elizabeth Hamilton also notes that the 6GB plan isn't limited to the iPhone 3G and will apply to any 3G-capable smartphone sold by Rogers or Fido during the timespan, including the BlackBerry Bold. The official also doesn't expect the discount to last past the August 31st cut-off date. Such news points to the $30 deal primarily overcoming concerns over a dampened iPhone 3G launch rather than a long-term solution.

Wow Rogers. Wow. No, it's not unlimited data...but 6GB is pretty darn good. You've made me a happy man today. I'm in tears. ** original post after the jump...

From the Rogers Press Release , entitled Calling all iPhone 3G fans!...

Effective July 11, and as a limited time promotional offer for customers who activate by August 31 on a three year contract, a data-only offering of 6GB of data for $30 per month is being made available that can be added to any in-market voice plan. For example, with 6GB of data, iPhone 3G users can visit 35,952 web pages, or send and receive 157,286 emails, or watch 6,292 minutes of YouTube videos each and every month.

Wow. And to think as a BlackBerry BIS customer I have been handing over to Robers Rogers $60/mo. for a whopping 25MB of data for the past couple of years. And now, even after Rogers' newly announced BlackBerry data rates, I get a piddly 300MB for $30/mo. Let's see. $30 for 300MB or $30 for 6GB. I almost want to go buy an iPhone 3G this Friday just to spite the normally-criminally-priced Rogers (I'll be sure to come in at 5.99GB of data each month!)... it's a definite victory for the iPhone fans in Canada. Guaranteed Rogers will be selling a lot of iPhone 3Gs before the end of August.

Honestly, I don't know whether to be livid or take this is as a sign of hope. Call me an optimist, but maybe, just maybe, when the BlackBerry Bold launches on Rogers in a couple of weeks it will be offered with the same type of promo. I sure hope so, but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high. But as sign of good faith in Rogers that they will offer this kind of deal for the BlackBerry Bold, I have left the Kevin Smash graphic off of this post and have gone for the more conservative "Choose Your Fate" approach. Angel or Demon Mr. Rogers? The choice is yours...

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Rogers iPhone 3G Data Plan Promo - Hope for the Bold?




argh! i am so pissed and fedup of being stuck on 25MB for $60 a MONTH!! WHAT A RIP OFF!

Now lets see, $30 gets you 6 GB for BIS...oh and $60 gets you 25MB for BES PLANS!! wtf!

I think we will see a nice surprise on Friday morning.. iPhone and Bold releases. RIM has been making Rogers branded Bolds for weeks now.

Will this be available to existing customers?, I'm using the $30 - 300mb plan right now, and feeling a bit ripped off with this news lol, will they allow me to change to the 6gb?

i'm a long time blackberry user and i'm kind of tired of people flaming apple and their iphone. guess what? that single product is the reason why rogers is finally lowering their plans (even if it's only a promotion). if apple didn't refuse to sell the iphone in their canadian stores and if they didn't divert their product overseas then we'd all still be whining about data rates....

so THANK YOU may have just found yourself another customer.

p.s. i don't see blackberry users signing petitions...

How many of those iPhone petittion signers were actually BlackBerry users signing it just to make use of the petittion knowing that if they did it for the iPhone it would run down BlackBerry plans as well?

*raises hand*

So it should be an all around thanks.

The $30/6gb version is only for data renewal, no monthly versions will be available, hence, promotion. But the $30/300mb is for monthly as well.

not sure the reason behind this but for some odd reason, fido seems to be quicker in getting iphone news updated on their websites. strange, the plan options were updated on fido site first and now the promo $30/6g is confirmed on fido's website as i write this but roger's isn't... go figure...

no wonder fido is rated best in customer service...

I just don't understand the tie in with the 3G phones, regardless of speed there should be flat rates across the board no matter what phone you own.

Sure 3G has the capability of using alot more data, but so do I if I was surfing on my 8310 all day every day for a month!!!!

I think it's time to start a Rogers Petition for Blackberry BES and BIS for 2G don't you.

And I think CRACKBERRY is the PERFECT place to start it!


I know for sure we can get WAY MORE than the 50,000 signatures that the iPhone got.


Sign me up! Ridiculous to charge $30 for 300megs and $30 for 6Gb just because it is 3G. Make it the same price for all or reduce the price of the 300 meg plan

That there will be some sort of miracle tomorrow and Rogers will finally launch the BOLD because I want that so freakin' bad!! I MUST HAVE THE BOLD!!!