Rogers rolling out suretap NFC payment service next week

Rogers Wireless
By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2012 10:51 am EDT

According to a sales bulletin issued to stores, Rogers will be rolling out a new NFC mobile payment service dubbed suretap on October 15th. The partnership with CIBC was announced back in May and will be available in just a few days. Suretap will allow eligible customers with an NFC enabled device (Bold 9900 or Curve 9360) to pay for "small ticket items" with their CIBC credit card at participating stores. To pay, users will simply load up the app and tap the merchant's POS system. The service is free to use but will require an NFC SIM card (available from Rogers) as well as the CIBC Mobile Payment App which will be available at launch. 

I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of this one as I'd love to see the same here in the US. Having the ability to go cardless and pay for items with just your BlackBerry is awesome.

Do you plan on using suretap? Hit the comments and let us know!  

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Rogers rolling out suretap NFC payment service next week


I called 3 rogers stores and customer service this morning trying to get my hands on one of the nfc sim cards by the time the app launches on Monday.. not a single person had any idea what I was talking about, never mind when they would be in stock or what if anything they would cost..

same here. and im right at ground zero here in WATERLOO. conestoga mall guy had no idea so I called fairview and he didnt know either. I'm going to the cambridge centre later so ill check there

i work for rogers, as of this past monday we havent been given any news on this, if i havent heard of this, i can safely assume nobody at the call centers has, unless we were sent info on this since monday, i will look further into it on saturday when im back at work.

my question is, why do we need an NFC sim card in the first place, the 9900 has NFC already, it should be something simple like touching NFC enabled credit card to phone, it copies the info to our phone, then the phone contacts credit card company and we must verify our pin, and then we are good to go start tapping things and paying lol, but i guess this just sounds easier than it is to set up

Same price as a normal SIM card. About 4 bucks, but Rogers should replace for free. It's a great first step for a carrier and financial institution to partner up for mobile payments.

Not quite what I am looking for, but for casual users, it should work like a charm.

Too bad it's only CIBC. The smallest of the big 4 banks. Well done!!

I would have hoped this was simply tagged to our Rogers account or our bank of choice.

I will drop Telus and sign up for a CIBC credit card to support this initiative. NFC payments should have been here a long time ago.

Any word of BB10 support?

You are the King of come-backs.

You shall sit next to Kevin in the boardroom of RIM.
When is it going to be Apple's time to be bashed?

Get your Apple basher comments ready !!!

Meh big deal that it's with CIBC as it ties to a credit card. I'm sure almost everyone has a cc with other banks other than their own bank. I would love to use this but my old phone isn't compatible. I hope they can expand to other handsets quickly. If its comes to a newer Torch I may have to upgrade.

I'm looking forward to Bell and other carriers (along with all the banks) having this option. I think this is a good beginning to something that can be beneficial - IF its carried out with care and not rushed into service only to be plagued with issues.

The antenna does the NFC communication with the store's device, the SIM is involved for the secure cellular link back to carrier's NOC. We can only guess, there may be some encryption or enhancements required which are not compatible with older SIMs. Speculating a little it is plausible that a range of new SIM numbers was defined as having exclusive access to NFC simply to reduce the risk of fraud from the mass of previous issues.

I LOVEEEEE IT lol had to explain why this is not a bad thing to so many people at work..... "o what happens if your phone is stolen?" o its a BlackBerry 100% secure no way to get in unless you know my password i dont mind can your android or iphone do that? lol answer is always no

BlackBerry By Choice

..true, but I wouldn't do any kind of banking etc. on an Android..never mind NFC transfers...I don't even like it when my wife does it (on line banking) on her iPone...

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Make NFC enabled payments all the time with my Android device. It's not 2009 anymore. Security is one of my lesser worries (in this case)

Pssst, that's why some require a microSIM with the SE (Secure Element)embedded. Yeah, I know BBs have it included in the device, but if the company/entity who is offering this service is also using a secure microSIM, then there must be a good reason for it.

CIBC will get their cut with or without the SIM. Don't kid yourself...LoL

why cause the iph5 doesn't have NFC? hehe jk.. for real why though? i think it's GREAT.. i love paying for GAS and food by just TAPPING at the pump or tapping the keypad instead of inserting and entering my pin with my NFC enable credit card..

...actually it's the way of a smaller wallet, and carrying around less items...look at it this way, all you would need is a debit card (for back up to older POS systems), and say your drivers license. These two cards could be cleverly integrated into a phone case. Another way to look at it is as I am for my wallet replacement... I pay a lot more attention to my 9860 than I do my wallet....and the reason is this. If I happen to lose my wallet, I make some calls from my cell...and things are canceled...not a huge deal (this is not to say I'm casually leaving my wallet places)...but on the other hand I lose my phone...and I have to dish out a pile of cash to replace it, and I have to rush to a PC and log into BlackBerry Protect to either locate, lockout, ask to have it returned...or wipe it for all those reasons that sucker is practically glued to my hand. Also, not only will I be able to program NFC credit cards, but my security access all in all (when I get my BB10 phone) I won't have the need to carry around a wallet and a phone...and who knows, maybe they will devise NFC licenses soon too...

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Im not exactly what you are talking about. Nothing is proprietary here. Nfc is an international standard. Mad that the iphone doesnt have it??? Feeling left out???????

CIBC sucks. I'll wait for whatever TD has to offer, hopefully in the near future.

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interesting start but... such a limited audience:

1. Must be a Rogers device owner
2. Has to be a 9900/9360
3. Have to have a CIBC Visa
4. "small ticket purchases"

All that adds up to a pretty small demographic who can/will use this service...

... and with chip/pin access on credit cards these days, how much time will you really be saving with NFC? 3-5 seconds? Even less if you have an RFID (PayPass, others)-enabled CC.

I guess the idea of NFC services is you always have your phone on you, but may not have your wallet/purse with your credit cards... a valid use case but, again, a smallish one at that.

And this is the problem with NFC: everyone is so fixated on getting their slice of the pie that it's holding back the technology as whole.

This happened with DVD and it's contemporaries: it took years for the format to get off the ground because the various implementations were incompatible and/or actively consumer-hostile.

If NFC for payments (or anything) is going to take off, the banks, card issuers and carriers are going to have to suppress their natural "skim the cream" tendencies and get with it before a disruptive player (eg, Apple or Google) cuts them out.

...yes but you are looking at from the perspective of the here and now...this will only evolve...

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.xxxx

Great News. Just the start of this technology. Already use NFC at work and at home (gateway). Convenient. Nice to see RIM at the front end of this trend. Also a nice way to differentiate your device from Apple and less so Androids.

I'd like to get much more information regarding the fees involved on using this. And call me cynical, but there is no such thing as "free" when it comes to the Banks in Canada; and the last time I checked, the word "free" isn't even in the Rogers Wireless dictionary. There's always charges - hidden or otherwise. So I need to see the fine print as to how this is going to be implemented.

Also, what is a "small ticket purchase" - what is the maximum dollar figure?

Are the purchases made via NFC, and not paid off at the end of the month, billed at the same interest level as your regular credit card payments or will they be treated as something different and billed at higher rates as what is common for some credit cards to do when customers do a cash advance from them?

i believe small ticket purchases would be < $50. just an assumption on my part based on the maximum allowable purchase before needing to insert the chip/sign my paypass enabled MC.

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I am interested in Interac Flash more than credit card access. Aside from the pop machine everything I pay for is Interac (debit card service for those of you not in Canada) or online banking.

If this is uses the same technology as what's in your credit and debit card I recommend you stay away from it. There was a report recently that came out, a top security firm was able to purchase a $100 NFC reader off Ebay and put it in to a small zip able case, all the person had to do was brush up against you and he would get all your info from the NFC chip in your card card.

With the permission of of the people he brushed up against he took his hotel room card and programmed it with the cards info and bought himself a coffee and donut without any issue.

NFC technology is not 110% secure yet so use it at your own risk.

i have been playing with NFC tags and my 9900 for 6 months and can confirm that your phone needs to be unlocked for the NFC transaction to occur.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

the credit cards and debit cards are using RFID, not NFC. The RFID basically is a dumb data transfer which (in Canada, at least) is not encrypted. All it does is the same thing as the magnetic strip on your card... it gives the card number and expiry. Because the RFID (PayPass, etc) transactions are $50 or less, you don't need to enter your PIN.

NFC is much more elaborate and in this case I would be shocked if the data was not encrypted such that only the CIBC app on the device and the CIBC headend transaction could encrypt/decrypt the information (i.e. not even the store would be able to decrypt the information).

That is what makes it more secure... but also limits it to a specific bank as the headend needs to understand the app.

it was also on tv new special, but i have read this same article online as well. i believe i posted a link to the article way back some time in may i think

I may be signing up for a CIBC credit card because of this. I have rogers and a 9900. How do you know when you walk in a store if they have nfc? Is it the same POS terminal as the tap and go credit cards?

does CIBC do visa only? or do they have mastercard as well? the reason i ask is because tim hortons does not accept visa lol, thats the only reason i have my mastercard