Rogers introduces new loyalty reward program

By Simon Sage on 3 Jul 2013 10:23 am EDT

Rogers has just announced their First Rewards program for Canadian subscribers, which aims to award points for using Rogers services, which can in turn be traded in for stuff like long-distance calling packs, upgraded internet packages, TV content, and plenty of other stuff. At the starting Silver tier, customers get one point for every dollar they spend at Rogers, which can be bumped up to 1.5 points at the Gold tier, and 2 points at the Platinum tier.

I can only imagine that keeping customers loyal is a challenge for any carrier, and incentivizing folks to stick around is a solid way to do it. Of course, the first line of defense against churn should always be to provide good service and customer support, but for customers that are already satisfied on those fronts, piling up reward points through various promotions is bound to keep folks involved with Rogers. It's also nice that if you're going to sign up for a three-year agreement, you're going to get a little something extra by the end of it. 

The program will be rolling out to select regions across Canada later on this summer. Rogers customers, what kind of rewards would you like to see from a program like this? Defectors, besides the white BlackBerry Q10 with an extra band of LTE crammed in, what kind of rewards would it take for you to come back to Rogers?

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Rogers introduces new loyalty reward program


My first RIM 950 was with Rogers, ah the good old days. I don't want to switch to them because their phones don't seem to allow e-mail-to-SMS.

(Or at least, the last time I checked, it required some sort of opt-in first that was off by default, which is a total departure from most carriers I've seen where I can just e-mail tel#@domain.ext).

Yeah see there was a time that worked, like 10 years ago, doesn't work anymore and hasn't for a few years at least.

It's like ThaMunsta said, it's extra. Whereas with Telus, Bell, MTS, Northwestel, Virgin, etc, it "just works". Rogers has fallen behind in that regard.

Hmm, interesting. I have been with Rogers my whole life. I wonder if they can offer you cheaper brand new phones for X amount of points. And I see they are trying to make you sign a 3 year contract still even though the government put a cap at 2 years. Or at least allow the consumer to get out of contracts after 2 years.

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The two year plans and the new rules take effect on all plans signed after Dec 2 of this year. They haven't kicked in yet. They're trying to lock in as many people as possible into three years. There's been little word as to if they will enforce the new rules on old contracts.
And it's not against the rules to sign up for three, you just can't charge cancellation after two. You can sign a fifty year if you want, it's just free to walk away from after two.

2yr contracts aren't gonna be beneficial for customers at all buddy. Don't expect the prices of phones to be the same as what you already see on 3yr terms!

For example, look at Fido's 2yr price on Samsung S3 - $450 on 2yrs. How many can comfortably afford that?!

Ppl will begin to realize how expensive these phones really are when the 2yr cap is put in place. Premium phones will be only available to those who can pay instead of being handed out like candy.

So don't think carriers are looking to sign as many ppl on 3yr term, my advice is get the phone you want on 3yr while it's still affordable...

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I've been with Rogers since well before they were Rogers, when they were Cantel, and then Cantel AT&T and then Rogers AT&T and now just Rogers. So close to 20yrs with them, so with that kind of loyalty to them, I would like see discounts on my monthly plan, like a 10% decrease for being loyal to them as a minimum

Like Quick, I've been with Rogers since Cantel and I would like to see long term clients like us get a supervisor/veteran automatically when we call in as opposed to the TERRIBLE script kiddies one has to deal with.

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just ask for retention... i've been with Rogers (almost exclusively) for all of my 34 years and I've taken over my dad's account which he started the year before I was born. Just by calling Retention up about once a year I knock a solid $100+ a month off my bill.. I have home phone, cable, internet, 3 cell phones and now home alarm through them so between the bundling discount and the retention plans I managed to double my cell data for the 2 smart phones and double our cable package while still lowering the monthly bill by $5-10 per month.

just ask for retention... i've been with Rogers (almost exclusively) for all of my 34 years and I've taken over my dad's account which he started the year before I was born. Just by calling Retention up about once a year I knock a solid $100+ a month off my bill.. I have home phone, cable, internet, 3 cell phones and now home alarm through them so between the bundling discount and the retention plans I managed to double my cell data for the 2 smart phones and double our cable package while still lowering the monthly bill by $5-10 per month.

That's what I'm saying. We long term and loyal customers should simply have our numbers flagged so when we call in, we don't HAVE to ask to be transferred.

I don't want to speak to a script kiddie EVER. I want someone who ACTUALLY knows what they're talking about. True customer service is provided by people who will not refuse, but rather simply say, I'm sorry Sir, I can't help you with that but let me get someone who can.
We shouldn't have to ask for anything. It should be automatic after 3 years or the 5th call in.

I know how to weave my way thru the script kiddies, but I shouldn't have too! I've never left Rogers and I don't see it happening anytime soon. If they can route (root not rout) my business line thru to an experienced agent in mere minutes, then why can't my personal line be setup the same!

I wish Verizon would implement this. It would be nice if points could be applied to phone upgrades. At least we aren't stuck with 3 year contracts. That means you could be stuck with an iPhone 3G, and that would be a shame with all the great new phones out there, especially the Z10 (hint hint)

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Their sister company fido already has a program like this in place. It's not really new, but it's nice to bring it to the main company now. But I'm interested to see the terms and conditions of this program, should be interesting.

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I've been with all of the big three in Canada at some point. Spent the most time with rogers. I find services basically the same, but you can push around rogers better than Telus or bell. Just threaten to cancel, talk to loyalty dept. And get what you want. I have a lower monthly bill and unlimited data (I pay for three gig).

I paid a penalty to get out of a Rogers contract, and I'm never coming back. Their deals and incentives are great, until they start charging you for services you didn't use and refuse to adjust the bill, or lie about upgrades. Their sales reps, in stores and on the phone, are paid mostly commission, so they will say anything to get a sale. Oh, and I was getting far more dropped calls with Rogers than I am now with TELUS.

A lot of the Rogers phone reps are folks who work for third party companies out of the US and elsewhere who work from home.

Sounds good in theory.. funny that I see this article this morning since yesterday we (my wife and I) got off the phone with Rogers from a call they elicited. Originally Rogers promised that my daughter could get onto my wife's z10 plan with a new white q10 (with a $100 credit off the phone) and share her 1 gb data plan and we would have an increase of $30 per month on the new contract - committing for another 3 years with them. We were all for it until my wife called back (you never get the person you orginally spoke to and they never leave records of their conversation with you) got someone else (actually she spoke to 2 different individuals after the original Rogers rep that promised us everything) and they renegged on everything (no credit; 300MB plan to share instead of 1000MB current). Needless to stay I declined them and was subsequently pissed off. After being a committed Rogers customer for the last 15 years I was truly disappointed including my daughter that had her heart set on getting a white q10. Loyalty my arse. They're not helping themselves or BB.

It's sad to say that stories like this are pretty common, and exactly why I highlighted that service and customer support come well before bonuses like rewards programs. I'm on WIND right now, and though I'm sure they aren't nearly as perfect in the customer service department as they would like us to think, I've yet to have a bad encounter with them on that front. 

It sad.. cause it just goes to show you how badly the carriers can hurt the mobile manufacturer.. and I'm not even on Verizon :)

Rogers does indeed record your conversation and makes note of it in their system. They just don't attach them to your account for future reference. Not a lot of people know about asking for the interaction number every time you deal with Rogers support.

If one Rogers rep offers you a deal and you think is worth going forward with. Before hanging up ask for the interaction number. Use it as reference for any future interaction with Rogers. If all else fails, ask the rep to send the offer via email for reference. Those rep who call are sales people looking to make commission off you. They will email you the offer so that they can get the credit for it.

If you don't bring up the interaction number they're going to pretend the previous talks did not happen and try to get you to pay more.

I would like to see them not rape customers when it comes to Internet and wireless fees. We pay one of the highest rates in the world.

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Kevin O'Leary stated that he uses his Verizon roaming plan in Canada, because it's CHEAPER than using a Canadian carrier in Canada!!!

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Where are my bonus points for time served? Been with Rogers almost 10 years i don't feel particularly loyal or rewarded by this program. Just another new subscriber marketing incentive funded off the inflated costs for existing customers. I bet the platinum program requires a long term commitment and if you cancel after your legislated max 2 year term you will loose your "extra" points.

Had all the office phones on rogers for 9 years. Called them saying that I will switch to Telus. They offered me a plan that cost more with the same features.
I switched and they never contacted me to know why.
They do not seem to care about their customers, Bell is the same.

No more reboots. I love my Z10 again.

Rogers' service (cell coverage) is pretty poor compared to Bellus (Bell/Telus) in my opinion, and I've been with all 3 over the last 15 years. Probably mostly with Rogers since they were the original BB carrier. Unless you're in a larger city centre forget about Rogers. You can be in the same room and move 1 foot to the left and go from full bars to one or none. It's pitiful. Never had an issue with Bell or Telus over the last 3 years I was between them. Building penetration is really bad on Rogers. I don't know if it's the frequency of their radio band or what, but it's very noticeable in the KW and surrounding area. Heck, even in my home in Waterloo, my bars bounce all over the place, and I live in a small bungalow!
Edit: forgot to keep it relevant. I meant to say that NO rewards program will keep me loyal to these 3. They are all scum and care for nothing but new 'scripts and long terms, but bend over backwards when you start looking. (ie: Rogers gave us $400 credit per phone to switch plus free Z/Q10 phones when Bell could do nothing to keep us)

Maybe Rogers should just start with offering good customer service, you would probably need to save a million points to get that, so probably best to go with Telus...

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Guys let me tell you all something. We all love to complain and we all feel taken advantage of. In some respects we have reason to.

I used to be with Telus and Bell and now I'm with Rogers for the past 10 years. I don't ever see myself switching. Why you may ask? It's all due to Rogers' network. It's the gold standard. Yes Bell and Telus may have more coverage in remote areas but wherever Rogers has a signal, it will always be better than Bell and Telus.

It also works better than Bell and Telus. I don't know how many times the few hold out friends I have who are withTelus have sms issues among other random issues.

You have an HSPA phone with Bell and Telus, you won't be able to go back to CDMA. I have LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G.

I never have to call Rogers for anything either.

At least Rogers doesn't heavily outsource to Guatemala and the Philippines. They keep the workforce in Canada.

Just my 2 cents!

I would like to see some dollar accumulation like Fido and let me decide on what I want to use it on e.g. roaming pass, money towards a phone or early upgrade.

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Have to agree the best thing about rogers is the network. The only issue I've had since getting my z10 in February is the "my account " app not displaying data used. Rogers told me I'd have to deal with BlackBerry tech support to resolve the issue.

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Do you have unlimited social networking or unlimited BBM on your plan? That's usually why you won't see it. Something about the way add-ons like that and the way the network records it's usage info don't seem to work together.


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No early upgrade fees maybe! After a certain points and obviously after 2 years we could change our phone!

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How about higher data allowance, account extras or just billing discounts? Or even a discount off your next phone upgrade. That would most likely keep me loyal to rogers.

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3 year agreement! That's crazy, given the history of how fast this business changes. Here in Norway it's legislated that the maximum contract time runs over 12 months, for corporate deals it's 24.

That makes the carriers here focusing on good service, coverage, prices and add-on services.

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Geez, wouldn't it be nice for AT&T to reward me for being a customer with them for like 8 years or so, lol.

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I rarely have any issues with Rogers or their customer service but uhh... those rewards are kinda sparse. I'll never use any of that stuff.

This sounds kinda like credit card rewards. You need to spend $25,000 to get a free CD...

Big whoop.

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Can one of the rewards be honest billing and / or not making me upgrade 4 levels of their crappy cable service just to get HD TSN? I hate Rogers and I'm surprised to see CrackBerry advertising this ...

I want to use my points towards the phone cases available at the CrackBerry Shop. Poetic Atmosphere in purple, please.

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The class you will be in is based on your monthly bill. If I remember correctly, under 100 is the silver. Upto 180 is gold and anything higher is platinum. ( not confirmed) and also that 100 points would equal $1 value.
I hope it's better than this though. This gives you a free movie rental every 5 years for the silver class

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Lets start with not ripping off your customers.
I was with them for 18 years. Had 3 phones with them, and was planing to add one more.
No way to get any reasonable price for decent size data plan. Nickle and dime you on features. Money was sitting there on the table and they did not want it. Too bad, someone else wanted it.
Now I am paying for four phones with unlimited data for the same same price I was paying for their basic service of three phone.
Everyone wants a smart phone, no point in getting one of those without data, and plenty of it.
Sorry Rogers, instead of feeding us scraps (rewards), how about giving your customers better value.

"You spend thousands of dollars with our company over the span of your human life and we give you a twenty dollar bill credit every quarter." - I don't know who said that, probably nobody.

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I never hear anybody saying, "I'm thrilled!" when describing their experiences with Roger's in Saskatchewan. Everybody who has or had Roger's that I know, strongly dislikes that provider.

I'm not saying I dislike that provider, I'm just commenting on what everybody I've ever spoken with in Saskatchewan regarding Roger's tells me, seriously everybody. Not even kidding.

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None I was first with cancel - rogers at&t they ducked. Still do. Bell is equally garbage. Telus rocks it for me and they treat me well. A perfect vip. I never pay for phones even mid cycle. I went from a bold 9900 which I got Dec 30 2011 no charge to a z10 the day it came out Feb 5 2013 in the middle of my contract cycle no charge. And to boot I have unlimited data on z10 as well as per second billing. They unlocked my phone for free. What more can I ask for? Nothing. The service is solid and they treat me well. Don't need rewards. I like the ability to switch my phones whenever I want no charge. That's important :).

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Not enough!

I'll be leaving Rogers wireless this month, never to look back unless I'm roaming on them or buying an unlocked device that supports all bands (again for roaming), or the smaller carrier I choose gets swallowed up by them.

I had enough of ridiculous pricing, outrages random SMS fee increases, shifty was to slide in usage costs that are not rightfully done by my own actions (first 400 incoming minutes anyone) and restrictions on hardware upgrades. Most importantly is registering as a legit GSM carrier back in 2001 only to purchase Fi do some 2yrs later and remove all standard GSM SMS codes! Many of which force you to call in, and have a rep to do in 10mins what you can do in a simple SMS in 2mins.

Going over to Wind Mobile and praying the deal with Verizon owning them goes all the way through. CRTC is corrupt and these new regulations to kick in Dec2nd is a pure joke.

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I have been a Rogers customer for a few years. Why is it that when there is an error on my bill it is always in their favor? Not once has it been in my favor. I've spent hour upon hour on the phone with them fixing it. I couldn't afford more time fixing their errors tracking my points.

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Those bashing Rogers are obviously not experienced cell phone users don't know what you have signed up for and pay it anyway without looking at ur bill.. to those people I say SHAME ON YOU Rogers or any other company for that matter doesn't monitor whether or not u read ur bill it's ur responsibility to read it not theirs!!! There should be no reason for texting charges unless u have a limited package no package at all or if u are texting usa or international so its ur fault not theirs! No company can make that better only YOU know ur needs and it's up to YOU to decide what better suits u for ur money!! Wind Rogers bell Telus noone will be the best company if ur too stupid to read ur bill

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I believe in equal-opportunity bashing.

The Big 3 in Canada's telecom industry keep cell phone rates high, and keep using the rationale that it costs more to maintain their towers and physical networks in Canada, and we have 10x less the population than in the U.S. so less economies of scale, yadda-yadda. They've been using that argument for the longest time.

I embrace the potential with Wind because they have their own physical towers, their own network, and their rates are reasonable right off the bat.

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I had been with Rogers for a number of years. I do not recomend them at all. Possibly the worse support that I hv ever experienced. Wanted to charge me for the upgrade to a Q10
Seeing that I was going to pay anyway to change servers. I paid them Rogers, but changed servers. Dont think its any better. But my experience with Rogers is terrible and their stores hire ppl that would fit very well in the old Stasi very very poorly trained and nothing but hostility. Gosh I paid tons of money when I used their services but not anymore. Not that the present one will be better I dont think. But could not keep paying Rogers for such inept service

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FYI for all Rogers customers. Call in and ask what promotions they have going on. Like 20% off your cable, 30% off Internet, and so on. I tried to cancel Rogers a couple years back and they offered me these promotions to keep me as a customer. I brought my 240$ a month bill down to under 200$. I asked if anyone can get these deals and they said yes. So every year I call in again and ask what new promotions they have going on. So Rogers, two questions, why don't you make these promotions known to everyone, cause if I haven't mentioned it yet, they don't advertise these. And second, why not just drop the damn price of all your services. Cause I don't know about you, but my Rogers bill is the most expensive monthly bill!

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This may say rolled across on Service but NOT PLAN. Got a group employer discount wireless and WE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. This is BS as we're on a 3 yr contract! At $50/mth, it's basically the same with a few other perks others may not get (free vmail) but still we're not eligible? Bunch of Crock! Same on you Rogers! So much for VALUING CUSTOMERS (any type of good customer too!)

I'd rather get points through crappy airmiles or aeroplan than Rogers (I don't get much from these but at least I'm getting something for my loyalty).