Rogers introduces early upgrades with Rogers Next

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2014 09:42 am EST

Now Rogers is joining up with the early-upgrade train, now letting those customers on a 2-year contract upgrade to a new device after 12 months. Rogers Next allows customers to get a new, premium device for $0 down with no upgrade or connection fees. There are a few caveats to the new plan, but if getting devices early is your thing, it may be worth it.

  • When you upgrade to a new device or join Rogers as a new customer, you have the option to subscribe to the Rogers Next program for a monthly fee of $24.99 or  get the program with Rogers Device Protection Premium included for $29.99 - a device support service which retails for up to $11.99 per month;
  • After 12 months, trade in your current device in good working order for a new smartphone of your choice that has a subsidized price of up to $250;
  • You pay $0 down for the new device on a new two-year term, and your remaining FLEXtab™ balance and connection fees are waived;
  • You then have the option to continue your enrollment in Rogers Next to get another new device in 12 months for $0.

Head to Rogers for more info

    Press Release

    Rogers customers to get the latest smartphones even faster with Rogers Next

    Canada NewsWire TORONTO, Feb. 19, 2014 Customers on two-year agreements can upgrade to a new smartphone every 12 months for $0 down with no early upgrade or connection fees

    TORONTO, Feb. 19, 2014 /CNW/ - Rogers customers can get the newest smartphones even faster with Rogers Next™, an early upgrade program that will give subscribers the freedom to get a new premium device every 12 months for $0 down, with no early upgrade or connection fees.

    "Our customers love experiencing the latest technology. They have an insatiable appetite for staying connected, entertained and accessing their favourite apps - all on their mobile devices," said John Boynton, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Rogers Communications. "Rogers Next ensures early adopters never miss what's next by putting the hottest smartphones in their hands sooner."

    Here's how it works:

    • When you upgrade to a new device or join Rogers as a new customer, you have the option to subscribe to the Rogers Next program for a monthly fee of $24.99 or  get the program with Rogers Device Protection Premium included for $29.99 - a device support service which retails for up to $11.99 per month;
    • After 12 months, trade in your current device in good working order for a new smartphone of your choice that has a subsidized price of up to$250;
    • You pay $0 down for the new device on a new two-year term, and your remaining FLEXtab™ balance and connection fees are waived;
    • You then have the option to continue your enrollment in Rogers Next to get another new device in 12 months for $0.

    At the time of upgrade, customers can choose from the largest selection of LTE-enabled devices including next generation Android™, Apple, BlackBerry® and Windows smartphones, all powered by Rogers LTE, Canada's fastest LTE network. Rogers Device Protection Premium is recommended for protection against loss, theft and damage, and provides added peace of mind when you upgrade with Rogers Next1.

    Rogers Next will be available soon for existing and new customers. This early upgrade program is a part of Rogers Freedom Advantage, which offers customers data sharing, price match and free plan changes within tier. Additionally, customers enrolled in the Rogers First Rewards™ loyalty program earn points with Rogers Next, which can be redeemed for Rogers products and services including more wireless data, even larger discounts against device upgrades, and more.

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    Harrison Cole

    $25 a month seems a little pricey

    Posted via CB10


    It is! $25 X 12 months equals $300. Bank that and buy your next phone. This deal is reminiscent of when Homer sold his soul for a forbidden donut.

    Posted via CB10


    It's actually not too bad for people who want to upgrade early. You would have had to pay $200-$250 for a new phone anyway to upgrade so it's really just costing you an extra $50-$100 to upgrade a year early. Not too bad of a price to upgrade early but it only makes sense for people who buy premium devices. Makes no sense if you're buying a low-end or mid-range phone.


    this is a complete ripoff, i can put $25 a month away and have $300 by the end of the year and buy a phone that isn't locked into another contract. I don't even remember the last time I was in a contract. I have been with Rogers since they were actually Cantel, and it's been at least 6-7yrs since my last contract.


    If you buy $300 phones, then this plan is clearly not for you. This plan only makes sense for the $600 - $700 phones, which are $200 - $250 on contract.


    The fact you have to return the phone turns me off of this plan.

    Leasing your mobile device isn't exactly my cup of tea. Contract once if you have to subsidize then sell your phone outright and get much more than "up to $250" towards a new phone without a contract.

    Posted from my TARDIS!

    Gord Cluthe

    it was exciting until;
    "you have the option to subscribe to the Rogers Next program for a monthly fee of $24.99"

    So you're in for $300+tx anyways. Not such a great deal. Better to buy your BlackBerry outright, Carrier unlocked and do with it as you please...


    Plus you have to give your year old device back. So it's Ana awful deal


    So essentially, for an extra $300 over the course of the year ($24.99 x 12 months) you get a free $250 phone lol I understand they also waive early upgrade fees and whatnot, but I'm sure that you could probably buy the phone you want on Kijiji or eBay for roughly the $300 you paid extra for the year and not have to worry about upgrades.


    what is werd? Sounds like word... having issues spelling? But then again, coming from someone like you, not surprised you can't spell ;)


    It's actually worse than this if you think about it. Carriers subsidize phone costs up front and recoup over the life of the plan. If you buy a phone under this plan they have likely subsidized it $250 since they get this back over the term of the plan. Then you pay $300 over the year. Now they have recouped their cost directly plus the premium built into your plan. You have paid for the phone outright and they want you to return that phone so they can resell it and recoup another $250 and they will give you a credit of $250 towards another phone which you will also pay $300 over the year for and return. Looks like a good scam.

    Posted via CB10


    I think a year old, used and beat up phone is worth closer to $0 that $250...

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    Look for a z10 on Kijiji. It's a year old and going for 250-275.

    Posted via CB10

    Alvin Tang

    Yup, year old phones still have value to them especially if they are taken care of.


    Nah.. you got it wrong. Your getting at 700$ phone for the 300$ you've been paying via monthly fees. Plus you turnover your current phone to Rogers. It's only a good deal if you are one of those guys who buys a premium device every year, regardless of vast to you.

    The alternative is to save your money and get a premium phone every second year for 250$ ( the subsidized price).

    Posted via CB10


    In the new issue of Rogers Connection magazine for business customers, they have an article on how to transfer contacts from a BlackBerry to an IPhone 5. The photo shows a Q10 and an IPhone. The underlying message in my estimation is that the IPhone is a better business phone.

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    I made this exact observation in another blog. Rogers is pushing us to get a crap iPhone. We should have known their direction when they resisted (until we voiced our opinions and changed their minds) carrying the Z30.

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    You're both right. Here's the link:

    BUT in fairness, Rogers had another article about switching from iPhone/Android to BlackBerry 10:


    Yeah this is pretty funny.

    For anyone crazy enough to consider this nonsense. If your on z10 you are better off buying a z30 off kijiji and selling your z10.


    That's right! I forgot that you had to trade in your existing phone lol



    Posted from my Z10 via CB10


    I bet 25% of the people will go for it without putting a thought into it.
    It shows the way we have become as a society, needing a new phone every year.

    Sent while driving from my Crackberry.


    Doesn't seem so bad as long as you can upgrade to the latest flagship phone in the circa $700 bracket.

    Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G


    I haven't even done the math but this already seems like a ripoff.

    Posted via CB10


    Hahaha. So pretty much you're paying for the upgrade. Nothing is ever free with any wireless carrier. Rogers thinks that they're slick. People will go for it though which is sad but hey, to each their own.

    Posted via CB10


    Next step in the crazy but lucrative King Coms wireless billing systems! A veritable $ printing machine for shareholders.

    Kevin K2b


    Yeah totally don't agree here. Jelly fish dishwasher hamster dung. Anyone actually read these? Mung paste...

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    Not sure why they are even posting this bad deal...

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    Ya, I don't think so Batman, I'd much rather wait til my time is up or my phone completely craps out

    Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/


    So basically paying for it up front......

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    It's an awful deal you pay 300 ish for the year. And can only get a device up to 250 PLUS you have to give Rogers your old phone. Which only a year old you could prob get at least 200 for anyway


    Typical of Canadian telcos. Is amazing what can do when have virtually no competition.

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    Great news for the Canadians! :)

    C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


    You mean terrible. I'm Canadian too and I don't even want this deal, cause it would cost me more in the long run.


    Oh yeah we don't call the big three robbers for nothing eh...

    I hope one day we won't need to rely on these ridiculous carriers for cellular services & could always be connected to WIFI from anywhere in the world to use VOIP services instead.

    Posted via CB10


    You would have to kill me before I ever signed up with Rogers for anything, have a look at what their happy customers have to say @rogershelps on twitter!

    On my awesome BlackBerry Z30


    Wow rogers, you are soo good to your customers. I'm really sad that I left you and your totally awesome customer service years ago. I guess it's my loss. :)



    While I can see the bad side of this, and already did post about the bad side, I can also see the benefit to this. Instead of paying for the phone in one lump sum, this gives you the option to spread out the payments. And if you're dying for that latest phone just came out yesterday, and everyone that is selling it has it listed for $600, it may be a decent offer considering you'd only have $300 saved up (providing you did in fact put away the money instead of spending it) and probably only get another $200 max for your 1 year old phone in 8/10 condition at best. So that's $500 of a $600 phone whereas Rogers is offering you that same $600 phone for $300 plus your 1 year old phone in any condition as long as it works.

    Like I said, good and bad to it. Just have to look at both sides.


    A better plan is buy your phone without a contract, pay upfront and save in the end, and upgrade whenever you want to.

    Z30 on in Canada


    No deal.

    Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)

    Mark LeGear

    I don't understand how anyone uses rogers in you get a new phone for an extra 25 bucks a month on top of rogers already rip off plan. So this means your paying 120-140 bucks a month for your phone...good times. I think I'll stick to my 300 dollar z30 on bell thanks

    Posted via my Z30


    I can explain why people such as myself "still" use Rogers.

    Aside from these sometimes silly offers (Bell and Telus have their own nonsense) Rogers' network is impeccable.

    This offer is simply another option not an obligation. If I was to join Bell or Telus there is no difference in the base plan and data plan cost and offerings.

    -I get name ID (not available with Bell and Telus),
    -VVM even on BlackBerry (not available with Telus not sure about Bell,
    -LTE Max(amazing by the way. Bell and Telus don't have it),
    - An amazing line-up of devices (a bit better than Bell and Telus),
    -They were the first to have GSM/SIM card phones...

    This is why I'm "still" with Rogers ;)

    Posted via CB10


    Rogers as a network is amazing. Pricing between the Big 3 doesn't vary much and the data speeds I get on my Note 3 smash any other carrier (BB10 browser excluded..the thing is just too fast in general).

    Posted from my TARDIS!


    It's a well planned system. Not for me, but good idea for those that want a new phone every 12months!

    Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10


    So $25/month X 12 months = $300/year then you qualify for a subsidized phone at a price of up to $250. Any BlackBerry I'll ever want will carry a price tag of at least $550 (which is what you'd pay anyway with this new plan). The only way you'd come out ahead is if you take advantage of a new phone after 12 months on the plan. Any longer and you might as well just wait out your contract and pick up a subsidized phone at that point.


    Hi there,

    Sarah from the Rogers social media team here.

    Just wanted to clarify something here, the upgrade with Rogers Next is for a phone which has a value of $250 on a two-year term, it's not referring to the device cost.

    Let's take a look at the Z30 as an example. It starts at $129.99 on select two-year terms, so therefore it would be covered in the Rogers Next program.

    If a device is more than $250 on a two-year term, then you'd have to pay the difference between the two.


    So if value of phone is less than 250$ then rogers keeps the difference and the consumer is out even more money. Nice money grab Rogers. Bend your customers over just a little more....

    Posted via CB10

    Patrick Pierobon

    They also state the $11.99 protection fee. I personally do not get this. To me this is another large fee roger's is adding to your bill. Basically its paying for your upgrade fee over the course of 1yr vs 2yr. Canada needs to get legislation in to bring down the prices of our cellular fees. We pay the highest in all the world! This has got to stop!

    Patrick Pierobon

    Plus after one year you have to switch to a new 2yr plan. Which in my eyes is bullS*&%. Bait and Switch type!


    The $11.99 protection fee is insurance in case you break your phone. If you don't "get it," don't buy it. I never buy these extra insurance policies when I buy my electronics.


    Hi Patrick,

    Customers who enroll in Rogers Next can choose to enroll with Rogers Device Protection or not. If they choose to add it to their Rogers Next program, they're monthly payment would be $29.99. If they don't, the monthly fee for Rogers Next is $24.99.

    The $11.99 protection fee mentioned above is simply pointing out that customers who choose to enroll in Rogers Next with Device Protection pay half what a customer not enrolled in Rogers Next would pay for that service. Rogers Device Protection is an add on that customers can choose to add.

    jojo beaconsfield

    When did a deal stop being a deal,come on!!


    Not exactly Robbers, just taking advantage of the not so smart consumers. A rip off? Yes, but not forcing anyone to take it.

    Posted via CB10


    Blackberry users usually use their phone for their full 2-3 year contract because it's still a good phone by then. But I guess its good for Iphone users who upgrade every 12 months. For the same shit too


    What an absolute joke. $25 a month on top of the minimum $70 monthly plan they are charging these days. The Canadian Market needs a new large volume player, not only in cellular but Cable TV etc. This Monopoly that the "big three" hold on the market it getting out of hand.


    I really hope no one falls for this! So glad I left them.

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    So basically your renting a phone for $300/ year. lol, stop embarrassing yourself Rogers.


    Not worth it at all!

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    I would rather upgrade after a year and use my Rogers rewards points to pay towards my early upgrade fee

    Posted via CB10

    Pete The Penguin

    I'd rather pay for a factory unlocked device and upgrade when I want to.


    Trade in? I keep all my old electronics. But I'm weird that way.

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    JP Yow

    Wow... Rogers "lets" me upgrade 12 months early and all I have to do is pay an extra $300 -$360? Pinch me. Maybe they'll refinance my mortgage for me at 20% if I ask real nice, too.

    Posted via CB10


    Please don't give them any ideas otherwise they'll buy out all the big banks and enslave us all haha.

    Posted via CB10


    LOL. No thanks Robbers. It would be foolish to sign up for this. Rogers is laughing on their way to the bank.


    LOL it amazes me how this company always comes up with new ways to steal from Canadians. Smdh.

    Posted via CB10


    Worst deal ever. 2 years is fine.

    Posted via CB10


    Here is an idea. How about Rogers pay me $25.00/month for being their loyal customer for over 20 years.

    Posted via CB10


    Just making prepayments on your phone. They will get the balance in your contract. They are no dummies...bottom line is you pay for your phone in the end as always.

    Posted via CB10

    Drew Whiteside

    Pay them $300+tax for a $250 credit, get locked into another year, give back your old phone? These guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Posted via CB10

    Bacon Munchers

    No thanks Rogers. I categorize you in the same boat as T-Mobile.

    I'll go with Bell or Telus. At least they offer working bb10 models, and know something about them.


    Simply a rip off deal aimed at the unsuspecting customers. You are basically paying for the residual value of the phone up front on instalments.


    Ha, I called in last week to see if I could upgrade my z10 to a z30 and the guy told me it would cost me $400 to do so. yeah um NOT. Must go into my branch today and inquire about this. Im stuck in a three year contract. ugh.


    Yeah maybe $5 a month

    2b821a18 add me


    Rip off

    BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Official 10.2.1


    Not a deal at all. Waste of ink.

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    Rogers -

    Posted via CB10

    Sam Terzian

    Bunch of con artists

    Posted via CB10


    Anyone who takes "advantage" of this deal, is probably still paying on their DVD player they got for $35/month over 2yrs from a rent-to-own store.

    This isn't a con, but anyone who thinks that a telco does anything that results in a customer winning is simply out to lunch.

    L AL

    What a scam. Of course what would i expect from Rogers. 25/month thats 300$ over the the course of 12months. Does that really sound like you're getting the new device at 0$.

    Posted via CB


    I give Rogers enough monthly and won't be giving them any extra if I can help it.


    Maybe if it was 5 or $10 a month, 29 per month extra is just retarded.

    Posted via CB10


    Like AT&T Next?

    Posted from my BlackBerry Q10--AT&T branded but now on T-Mobile


    24.99 x 12 months = 299.88 + administration fees upgrade fees say another 50 l$ plus the cost of the new device we will say 149.99 works out to 500 not includibg taxes! Where's the incentive??

    IROC-Z30 But Mostly She Rocks Me!