Rogers Increases BlackBerry Prices And Messes With Upgrade Eligibility!

By Bla1ze on 18 Mar 2009 09:27 am EDT
Rogers Increases BlackBerry Prices!

Just when ya thought Rogers was starting to "get it" with lower data prices, reasonably priced devices and boasting of their HSDPA network, Rogers has gone and pulled some dirty tricks on BlackBerry users basically over night. As some of you Rogers customers out there may have noticed if you frequent the Rogers site often, is that all of their BlackBerry devices have seen a price increase. The Curve 83xx is back to $149.99 (up $50), the Curve 8900 is at $224.99 (up $25) and the Bold is at $299.99 (up $50). And of course we're talking the Canadian standard of 3yr contracts here. But there is a little bit more to the story then just a general increase as BGR pointed out from information he recieved from a tipster allegedly sent out by a Rogers VP.

On Wednesday, the senior executive team realized that they were over budget $30 million dollars on their cost of acquisition. How I don’t know why it took so long. [sic] They then did their knee jerk response. Your DBM’s and other local managers know nothing more than this and are in the dark as much as we are on this other than we were told VERBALLY that in market quotes would be honored for 30 days from today. The exception lists are due Monday and only for non named accounts. I have requested in every region for a positioning statement and to this moment have not heard a response. If it makes you feel any better the retail has even more uncertainty.

Which begs the question, what exactly did Rogers spend $30 million dollars on? And why was it only passed on to BlackBerry users? It sure can't be atrributed to credits back to customers accounts that's for darn sure. Rogers claims acquisition costs even with revenue generated of over $4 billion dollars. Oh please, Rogers fix it, make it all better, make it all go away and maybe we'll forgive you....Oh, no wait. You are also asking your already existing customers to eat your $30 million by changing their hardware upgrade eligibility and pricing. Thanks Rogers... Bell and Telus thank you as well, considering how many customers you will be pushing their way!!

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Rogers Increases BlackBerry Prices And Messes With Upgrade Eligibility!


Or is it possible that, since RIM does most of their pricing and for the most part operates really in US$, someone at RIM or Rogers recently realized that there has been a 30% rise in the cost of the US$ relative to C$ over the past eight months? Do these prices bring the cost in line with costs from AT&T and T-Mobile? Has RIM raised its C$ charges to Rogers? Or does Rogers get billed by RIM in US$, even though it involves transactions between two Canadian companies?

We can't really tell based on Bell and Telus prices for equivalent product as Bell and Telus only introduce Storm in the late fall when exchange rates had completed most of their adjustment.

Just a speculation ... FWIW...

RIM is all for flooding the market with their devices and offering them to carriers at low cost, RIM was behind the BOGO free offer from Verizon, safe to say RIM is not charging carriers any more then they did before for the devices, if anything..devices are getting cheaper to the carriers.

I agree that the prices are bogus, but Telus and Bell users have fun when they "try" to switch to HSPA later this year. Their network will be tiny and it will take them at least 4 years to get anywhere near Rogers network coverage. On top of having worldwide coverage on your Rogers phone. As for new providers "Dave" and "Globalite (or something like that)The Globalite one will be like Fido and Koodo, and Dave will be a direct competitor of Rogers, Telus and Bell. Sadly the CRTC ordered Rogers to let Dave stream off of it's network until they get there own. If you get a "Dave" phone it is going to say Rogers on it, sounds great....

Annoying, yes. Will this stop me from canceling my Bell contract and getting a Bold? Probably not, unless the Niagara comes as a savior.

Niagara will eventually hit all CDMA carriers.

This won't stop everyone dead in their tracks from either keeping/signing up with Rogers, to say that is just outlandish, but it will def sway some users, even more so if the Niagara shows up sooner then later on Canadian CDMA carriers.

i've heard of this for ages now, but how do they justify a 3 year contract. they only give like a 50$ discount for a 2 year contract... that's ridiculous.

We'll even if you sign a 3 year contract.... you can still upgrade after 2 years.....If you look at it that way, you get a 2 year contract with a 3 year discount...


I work for The Source (A Canadian electronics store, formerly by Circuit City, but going strong), and am constantly amazed by the people who don't shop around for prices. I JUST checked our pricing on the 8900 and the Bold and we sell them for $99.99 and $149.99 respectively. This is not a special, we have always priced our phones $100 or more cheaper than Rogers for as long as I've worked here (3 years).

That's true..but when it comes to upgrades your hands are tied and those offers apply to NEW customers, not existing ones.

Hey Buddy,

BCE (Bell Canada) just bought every single 'The Source' in Canada.

...You're a Bell rep now. Welcome to the loop. : )

i would just like to thank Rogers. Why you might ask?? oh just because they gave me another reason to hate them!!! :@ i don't think anyone seen this coming considering the rip off of plans they came out with recently...i don't know if they were official, just saw them in the Rogers forum on CB.

P.S. i hope competition comes soon!!!

I'm told Communications Canada or something like that is introducing a new provider fairly soon.

According to my prof this will lower prices for everyone

Me to. I was with them for 10 years, service went down hill. I Switch to Bell 3 years ago and a few of my friends that were on Rogers also went to Bell. Rogers you suck big time.

Rogers is terrible, always have been always will be. I canceled all my TV, phone contracts with them and have done the same with all my family members. In fact I go out of my way to get people to cancel their contracts with Rogers. At my work I've actually steered them clear of a major contract with Rogers. Someday they might get it, but its highly unlikely. No problem though I'll just keep people away from them.


This is absolute BS towards existing customers... How lame can you be? Anyone think a petition might bring our general dissatisfaction out into their plain f*(king sight, kind of like the iPhone data plan thing last year?

There is nothing on the contract that mentions upgrade eligibility or pricing. As a matter of fact, the contract doesnt mention upgrades at all

Hey guys!

Sorry to go off topic a little... but I actually work for TELUS Mobility & I see these kind things all the time. I just wanted to know how the Crackberry folk feel about TELUS?

I thought I would do my own little R&D.


PS: feel free to be completely honest!

Here is my rant about Telus.........I have been a loyal telephone customer of theirs for 30+ yrs, internet customer since the day they started offering it(10+yrs?), and cell phone customer for the past 3 yrs on their Mike iden network. My Blackberry 7520i sucks and I have called a variety of times to complain, they always tell me to pull the battery and reset. When I do that, it takes 20-30 min to get going again. I miss calls because it sometimes doesn't ring. They did replace it once about 18 months ago, but I honestly see no difference in the quality. I have 3 months left on my 3 yr contract, so I call Telus "loyalty department" and get some arrogant SOB who is not even from Canada and I can hardly understand him, and I ask for some kind of deal on the new Mike Blackberry just launched. He refuses and says I must renew for 3 yrs and pay full price for the phone if I want it. I am literally counting down the days when I call Telus to cancel my home phone, internet, plus all 3 cell phones we have with them, not to mention my family who've agreed to do the same. They are going to lose a HUGE amount of monthly income from my family alone, and all because this "loyalty" SOB won't give me $100 off the phone, like Rogers would do with the Bold.
They are arrogant and do not deserve anyones loyalty.

So glad I'm with Bell. For all the B.S some people talk about the, I have been a Bell customer since 19 (home phone) and Mobility for 6 years, they have never done me wrong, and have been one step ahead of Rogers as far as BB plans and data offerings go.

WTG Rogers! Kudos to you!

ALienate more customers than you already have!

canada's phone rates are ridiculous. compared to the united states, its a joke. we are already paying 10-20% (more somewhere around there) then they are in the States, and now they are raising the prices more?? are you kidding me!!?? and even with this whole liberal plan in eliminating the system access fee which is a good idea since the government doesn't require it any more last 20+ years or so. these phone companies are just scamming people. if prices keep going up soon we will be paying 1500 just for a phone let alone 200 a month.....

RIM is an overpriced company. They make great products sure yeah I am down hell I own a BlackBerry Curve and am happy with it but there service plans are WAY overpriced for one on all carriers even those better then AT&T like T-Mobile. There phone prices never seem to go down despite age and its mass popularity. The BB Curve beat the V3 Razr many many months ago for #1 selling phone and yet I still paid $169 for the Curve with a 2 year contract and the phone is more then 2 years old! Most phones are almost cut in half with prices after a year and almost in half again a year after that.

RIM you make good products but tell me what is so "Smart" about having a phone that costs $500+ retail in the first place? I gurantee you it is not costing you that much in R&D and to make the phone since if you look at it most of there products are very similar feature wise with minor cosmetic changes and lets not go into the carrier war of being able to upgrade your OS that is another war on its own. I think they seriously need to start focusing on cutting the costs on there phones and doing as many in the forums have said. Start up a Business side (high overpriced phones) and then a Consumer side (lower to middle class phones). Stop repackaging your phones with new codenames and numbers to try and make it seem like it was designed from scratch. Your not fooling nobody and please consider using another OS instead of your own which I am sure would cut the price alone since you wouldn't have to hire a whole Software team to keep up with updating an outdated OS. There are plenty of good ones already out there and its a simple thing called outsourcing to cut costs and it works.

If changes are not made to the way they are working I have a feeling RIM will go the way of Palm in a few years time. We all know how Palm dominated the market and why they left almost overnight and guess who picked up when that happened, RIM, guess where RIM may be going? Perhaps HTC will grab there spot.

Just call Rogers and ask to speak to a "Customer Relations" rep (If you are a current Rogers customer)...they will hook you up.

Never paid full asking price for a phone, just got a free upgrade to the iphone...:o)

They even hooked me up on my Data Plan.

Peace out.

P.S...The BB Storm is a piece of junk... :o)

I've been with Rogers for 8 years and I don't see why everyone hates them so much. They've treated me well as a customer, I get a great price on phones, I have a reduced bill.. Rogers is a business, and believe it or not they are the biggest cellphone provider in Canada.. even if this price changing is true, people will stick with them.

Think about telus and bell's 25-35$ 'esn swap' charge every time you buy a new phone.. or how about having to deal with telus' out sourcing their customer service call center to India.. how about how bell's system access fee is 8.95 and .75 cents, compares to the canadian norm 6.95. and .50 cents.. do you realize how much extra money is brought in by charging that little extra?

Now lets go bash Rogers because of this? the people here complaining should take a look at their own provider.

Rogers has better phones, better reception, and better customer service. Just because some of you don't know how to talk to people doesn't make them a bad company.. it makes you an idiot.

Bell just lowered their system access fee to $6.95 ,,., Finally.. but I agree that the $25-$35 "Esn swap" fee is garbage .. Rogers still beats bell and telus, but mostly on roasming agreements. (ever try to go to the caribbean on your "world edition" phone?)

Hmmm that's sucks if you use them as a carrier, I'm already used to paying those prices. I'm with at&t... I guess I can be happy about not having to sign a 3 year agreement.

..a Rogers customer.

Been with Telus for 11 years and i never plan on leaving.

Despite a concession, i refused to use Bell services under their employment. During that time i heard even worse stories about Rogers customer service than Bell Canada's.... That was more enough to keep me away for life.

Rogers is good. Not sure whats happening with the pricing but I got my curve 8900 on a 3 year plan for $0 seven weeks ago

I paid $49 plus tax. Then mailed in the $50 rebate coupon.

So really I paid $6.50

And anyone can upgrade their phone at almost any time in their plan as long as you paid out $1000 in revenue first.

I had a 2 year contact. Was into it for 14 months and upgraded to the curve.

Simple call retentions

25 dollars for the esn swap. and rogers has 25$ for a new sim so to me its the same thing. and for the system access fees, its just a scam the government doesn't even charge for that anymore. so when u see the commercials for no system access fee they arnt losing anything.....

I am very glad to to have att.........they may not be perfect but better than what I m reading about. With the econ. I feel bad for my neighbors across the Ambassador Bridge