Rogers has new international roaming plans and they're still awful

By Simon Sage on 15 Apr 2014 02:03 pm EDT

Rogers has announced some new roaming add-ons for Canadian travelers. Not too long ago, Rogers unveiled a $7.99 daily roaming plan for the U.S. (which already faces stiff competition against WIND's $15 unlimited plan), and this new one is built for roaming worldwide. But don't get too excited; it's $9.99 for a day for up to 20 MB (depending on where you're going), with no voice or text. That's better than the $10 - $15 they'd normally charge per megabyte without a package. This add-on will be applied automatically after you start using data abroad, though you'll get SMS alerts about usage.

Travelers to Europe can expect to pay $9.99 a day for 20MB. If you're headed to Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Oceania, or the Middle East you'll be looking at $9.99 a day for 10MB, and visitors to Africa can expect to pay $9.99 a day for 3MB. That's $3.33-per-MB. Those crossing the border into the United States will still see $7.99 per day for 50MB, which while still absurd, seems downright palatable in comparison to their overseas rates.

New monthly travel packs offer two talk, text and data packages for each major region, like Africa, Europe, America, and the rest of the world. Europe is the most forgiving of the bunch, though that's not saying much. For $60, you get 40 minutes of talk, 150 outgoing texts, and 40 MB of data. On the upper end, you've got a $200 add-on for Africa for 100 minutes of talk, 150 outgoing texts, and 25 MB of data.

When browsing maps and uploading pictures, you'll blast through the caps for most of those add-ons very quickly. Though it's an extra hassle, it's probably worth your while to pick up a local SIM and unlock your device rather than get one of these packs with Rogers. Even compared to American roaming rates, these are pretty atrocious. We had a lengthy debate about the state of roaming and carriers as part of Talk Mobile 2013, and since then things haven't gotten much better. The comments are there and below if you feel like venting.

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Rogers has new international roaming plans and they're still awful


If you're from Canada and you're traveling abroad, you really have to buy a local SIM.

Rogers is the modern equivalent of a masked man with a gun holding up the stagecoach.

Still we do have LTE here in Canadas major cities which is more than can be said for parts of Europe.

You're close to being right. Rogers is too transparant to even wear a mask, they'll screw ya while looking you straight in the eye. These plans don't even have a hint of giving the customer a break, they are outright highway robbery!

Problem is none of the Big 3 are any better.

Purchase a Roam mobility sim and get unlimited calling and text to anywhere on North America 3.95 a day with 300 Meg data. I use that in Florida all the time.

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Sometimes I wonder if your just continuing an old joke or if you really are a genuine hater.


Hope the responses below stop this campaign you're on, that's equally as dumb as the First posts.

LOL to all of you above.

What would CrackBerry be without the obligatory con/pro argument session (regarding the numbered position of posts) in the upper half of the -- sorry-- first page of the comments ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

All Canadian plans suck. The international plans are horrid with all the big players.

If traveling the best thing to do is buy a disposable phone or use an unlocked BlackBerry and by a sim in USA.

Wish BlackBerry had dual Sims for travelling.

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I just took a survey from BlackBerry and one of the things that was asked was how important was dual sim and other questions about it. I think it'll even be cool to have to Sims from different carriers from your own country

When I travel to the US, I just use a local carrier sim. Some options are, for example, $3/day for unlimited everything. Rogers roaming options are nothing but robbery.

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10.

Which carrier do you recommend? I've looked at H2O wireless and AT&T. H20 is reasonable and AT&T has one where it's $2 per day, but doesn't include calls back to Canada

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Obviously they read about the changes in the EU about roaming charges.

How to alienate and reduce your customers written by Rogers.

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Thought the EU was planning to legislate away roaming for all EU countries.

This crap from Rogers is nowhere close to what the EU is planning to do.

Wish our governments in North America were as progressive with their plans for cell carriers.

There is no reason to hammer the customers for Canada to USA roaming

Just my two cents :)

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ROAM Mobile. Buying sims and plans before I head to San Diego this summer for everyone going. The Canadian carriers and their roaming charges can suck it.

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Rogers is pure EVIL, don't ever get caught in their debt. Their prices are ridiculous and the customer service is absolutely horrible. It's not hard to find a reason to hate that company.

I once tried to cancel my internet, I was on the phone for 2 1/2hrs and talked to about five different people. I was probably on hold for about 2hrs in between all the transfers from department to department. They basically try to make you hang up the phone out of frustration so that you can't cancel anything.

That's just one example, I have many more horror stories that led me to cancel all my services.


When my sister came over from Canada, I said let me check your phone I turned off roaming and data, let her connect to my WI-fi , if you are coming over to the UK the sim's are cheap just under a pound some are free, just unlock your mobile, and look for a good pay as you go plan for your trip, pretty simple,

Get your phone unlocked and either get a local plan or get Winds roaming plan if in the US.

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Of course it's bad. Rogers owns MLSE. They didn't get in that position by giving away data and minutes.

While their roaming rates are admittedly atrocious, one thing they do provide is Rogers One number, which allows me to make and receive calls, texts and voice-mail over wifi for free while abroad. I have to use a tablet or laptop (or via android on BB) and a supplied wifi (hotel, starbucks, etc.) but it's seamless and my number remains the same on both ends, which is important to me and convenient for my clients.

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Depends on the wifi of course, which at times hotels can be hit and miss, but with a good connection it's impossible to know that I'm in a different country. :). It's good. Also has the option for video conferencing.

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Lol. What a frigging insult these plans are

And they act like they are so generous.

It was almost as stupid as charging $7 a month for call display

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I'll stick to my 10 euro orange sim with unlimited data thank you very much!

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If T-Mo US just ended data roaming charges for many countries, it's clear that Canadian carriers are just looking to make easy money. The profit margins on roaming charges must be huge.

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They must be.

Telstra was doing the same here in Australia a while ago, until they apparently got slapped by the Telecommunications Ombudsman and they relented.

You should lobby your gov't for an Ombudsman, if you haven't already got one, shouldn't be too hard. This side of her Majesty's subjects is enjoying it very much. Go Canada, get an Ombudsman!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The OZbudsman,

A buddy for all OZzies with high, outrageously high or simply erroneous billing.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This is why I unlock. Went to Florida, got a local sim - $25 for a week with 1.5 gigs of data.


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Joke is on Rogers. I never roam, always buy local SIM's for unlocked devices. $30 Unlimited Data/Text and 500 Mins on T-Mobile which works great where I generally go. I don't mind Rogers but they can get bent when it comes to 'roaming'. You'd have to be clueless to use any of their offered plans.

It's a pretty good money making scheme though, if most of their customers don't know they should be doing what you do, and if Rogers automatically adds this $10 roaming service to your bill (i.e. it's not an opt-in.)

I have an unlocked Z30 it is still cheaper to buy a sim in another country and buy their plan for the time there... Did it in Mexico and Panama for the two months I was there...

Z30 Canada

T-moble offers unlimited US calling, 200mb 4g Data (unlimited 3g if you go over the 200mb) for only $3.00/ day. As a Canadian pilot frequently flying to the states, this is SIGNIFICANTLY better than rogers. Plus with BBM voice, who needs airtime anyway?

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I left rogers years ago and I just don't understand why anybody stays with the worst carrier in Canada. Greedy greedy company. They try to make you over pay to get out of contracts even when you point out the rules in writing. They think they can change the contract anytime they feel to. Plus they don't support other Canadian companies. All they care about is the billions they are going to profit.

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If you are going to the US unlock your phone, but abroad Mobility sim for $20 and enjoy unlimited voice calls and text messaging (in NA) and 300+mb/d for under $4 a day. All using the T-mobile network.

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WindMobile has the best plan overall now. $60 a month will get you unlimited voice, data, testing in Canada and the the USA plus you get US Roaming, meaning you can go to the US and not have to worry about buying an extra package! The plan came out a day or two ago!

They have US roaming in a $39 plan that just came out today. Go to Wind and check it out!

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!

While I never had Rogers as a cellphone plan for these very reasons. I did have them as my Internet provider...until I found Teksaavy. $10 less a month for more 300gb a month with same download upload speeds. crazy scam Rogers has going.

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To be clear, these are temporary packages they nicely drop on your account if you don't buy and ACTUAL and PROPER roaming package from them which at least help alleviate the massive charges from data usage people don't pay attention to when crossing the border. Rogers has issues yes, but this is actually much better than charging you exorbitant per mb rates when our phones use data we aren't aware of

Be smart, if you are traveling buy a local sim, or if you need to keep your number, buy a Rogers roaming package, they are actually quite reasonable. I think we pay $40 or $50 for 200mb, 50 talk minutes and unlimited texts for roaming to the US, I can't remember what the package rates are for europe etc but they have them online at

Ok, good clarification. (not a fan of rogers, I stick with Bell, same greedy type of company although)

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Ecuador 4 years ago had a roaming of $40 or $50 a month unlimited with no voice or text. Now we have packages that can go for $100 for 100mb with voice and text you send for more.

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I talked to Rogers on the phone about a roaming package and the lady I spoke too actually recommended I unlock my phone and buy a local sim of the place I am traveling to.

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Windmobile has good roaming plans for US. Right now it's offering a $39/month plan which includes unlimited US data, talk and text roaming too. Their European Union add on roaming plan is not bad at all.

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Hands done wind is the way to go if you travel to us. I wonder although how their coverage is in us.

Unfortunately in canada the coverage is poor... I would love to switch to them but I can't because of that.

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Just signed my folks up with Wind for this reason. $30 a month, plus $15 add on for roaming when needed. Heck, you could roam all the time and still pay less than Rogers locally I think.

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I'm with them and they are a bunch of crooks...

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I used 3.5 mb by accident (restarting phone) in Thailand and got charged $56!! Thankfully I called customer retention and asked to cancel over it because Rogers wouldn't allow me to unlock my phone prior. I got charges waived, unlock for free and a $25 "thank you " credit. Even customer retention dept. Knows how bad their service rates and customer service is.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

I cannot believe the sense of entitlement the big 3 have. Quite honestly, these plans would be barely fit for late 90s/early 2000's mobile usage. Have the profits gotten so big that they are blind to the fact Canadians are waking up to these gouging practices?

Let me set the scene for how well this add-on would work: "Hey, Honey, I just bought that add-on from Rogers for our trip to Vegas. Let me just flick my data back on to check my email annnnnnnnnd I'm over the cap...."

While I do not have much international roaming experience, I cannot stress enough for Canadians travelling to the USA, there are many options out there. I personally use Roam Mobility. Great prices, easy set up, free calls back to Canada while in the USA, unlimited texting, and more data than I could even think of using in my usual trip time frame.

Just go and look at their comparison chart outlining their prices vs other Canadian cell providers:

Rogers, Telus, Bell...take those plans and put em you know where!

Hate plugging myself, but if you found my info useful and are going to sign up on Roam Mobility, sign up through me and we'll both get a day of talk and text free!:

We need some real competition in Canada. The big 3 continue to charge far too much and make too much. Go out of the country and it's even worse. Roger's -- live outside of the GTA and service sucks. What govt has done to date is only superficial. They need to do a lot more. Call Roger's and tell the how you feel. The sqeeky wheel gets the grease!

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The environment is all created and continue to receive support from the regulators (crtc and I don't know who else).
Rogers, bell, Telus, they just do what any normal business do, gets as much money as they can from their customers without losing them. On the other hand, the regulators should protect the consumers and they are doing a lousy job. They are to blame for the situation that we are in.

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Doing business with Rogers like befriending a condom; pretending to be your friend while screwing you like crazy. Bottom line avoid Rogers at all costs.

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All the more reason to get a pay before plan from wind for $30, then put the addon on it. Saves you $$$$$ a month compared to the big three. Lol.

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Rogers sucks overall. Those stupid bastards told me they put me on an Asia roaming plan when I went on a 2 week trip. Halfway through the trip my phone service was suspended and upon calling them they told me I had racked up a 4000$ phone bill (I was still on BBOS with compressed data/BIS...) and that I was on a USA roaming plan. Needless to say I left Rogers and I have never been happier with Telus. Oh best part...when I mean left I mean I took my 35 lines (business lines) away from Rogers, they have been bugging me to come back ever since. Never been happier away from them and I continue to tell everyone I meet to stay away from Rogers. Telus first Bell Second. Rogers NEVER!

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Wind Mobile has a promo with unlimited Canada and US use for $39/month.
How about that robbers rogers?

...forever BlackBerry...

Hmm, that is why we in EU are in fantastic position, from July there's no roaming. Same cost when you use your phone in your country or you're on holiday abroad. Sweet ;)

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Well I'm glad I'm in the UK. £5/$8 for unlimited data in much of mainland Europe!

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Local SIM the way to go. I have a 9810 that travels with me to Europe, the Caribbean and the African continent. No way am I ever using a roaming plan.

Rogers doesn't actually gain anything from those roaming charges; it goes to the local service providfers for you not being on a local service contract. I recommend grabbing the Travel Packs if your with rogers of unlocking and getting a local pay as you go SIM.

The Plans are not bad but needs improvement. At least ROGERS doesn't charge for Incoming text messages. As long you leave the Data Roaming OFF there shouldn't be any problems. Turning Airplane Mode when not on a plane is overboard. If you want to be really safe turn off CELLULAR DATA AS WELL.