Rogers gets traveler-friendly with new roaming plan and unlocking policy

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By Simon Sage on 8 Feb 2013 02:13 pm EST

Rogers just announced that starting in March, you'll only need to be with them for 90 days before being eligible for unlocking - a huge step up from their old policy which required you to get through your entire contract. The unlocking process itself will cost $50, which you can go ahead and do right away if you're  buying your device outright. This is great and all, but you can get BlackBerry unlocking done right through us immediately and for a fair bit cheaper. Jussayin'.

Rogers also announced a new daily roaming plan for Canadians visiting the U.S. For $7.99, users can get 50 MB of data for 24 hours.  Again, also nice, but you can pick up an AT&T SIM and get the same amount for $5, or scale up and get 200 MB for $15. The only roadblocks there are that you have to get your buns into an AT&T store, make sure your SIM slot is unlocked, and that you route calls to the new number (either through call forwarding or just telling people you're on another line). 

Canadians, how do you usually handle wireless service when visiting the U.S.? How about elsewhere in the world? 

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Rogers gets traveler-friendly with new roaming plan and unlocking policy


I'm not sure what my Rogers rep did but I have 500mb US/Canada data on mine. I go back and forth a lot and found this to work really well for me. I pay $80/mo for:

- unlimited incoming
- 1500 mins outgoing
- text
- call display
- voicemail
- fees etc

I usually just get a prepaid plan, either AT&T or T-Mo (T-Mo offering better deals now). always better than paying my Canadian carrier if I go overboard.

Does this only apply to new activations or anyone who has been on Rogers for 90 days before this new policy takes effect?

I use TMO for my US travel. Once you have added $100 in prepaid credits, your minutes are increased by 15 per cent and they are good for a year. You can always select what you want for a plan each time. For example, just stay per minute price for voice and text, or select $1 per day for 10 cents voice unltd.txt, and no data, only pay when you use it. $2 for unltd voice, txt and unltd 2G web.$3 for same as the 2 with 4G web. check them out to get the precise allowable min. and data. I have been using my TMO number for about 5 years now, and when I run low, I just throw $5 on it and the minutes are good for a year. Top it up when I am going to be there and forget about when I am not. easy

Rogers also has a $1 a mb US roaming fee, you pay $10 for the first 10mb and then $1 per mb. You need to activate the plan for three months though.

I am headed to the USA next week and decided to keep my 9900 until I get back and decide then if I need a Z10. Last time I was in the USA I used about $12 in data, $9 of it using a map program on the Playbook. I don't think the Z10 will be as data frugal as the 9900.

$3.80 cheaper (Z10), based on the quote below. Though i guess for an older model phone it is significantly less.

This service will cost 46.2 CAD and usually takes about 24 hour(s) to complete

That's good news 90days instead of having to wait until contract term ends... However i will unlock mine asap with CB! I travel alot and always use a prepaid sim at destination..its more convenient and worry free!

On a side note, i spoke to rogers in-store regarding getting the device unlocked through them as i travel alot and the rep said they don't give codes for unlock and.... "the minute you unlock the void the manufacturer's warranty...." really?!? why are these reps misleading people? well last time i checked... or am i missing something

Should work perfectly if you know your "US Sim ph.#" ahead of time; then, get a MagicJack (M-J) - or a VOIP phone # - and set 2 call-forwarders:
1) "Cdn BB # to M-J or VOIP," and
2) "M-J or VOIP to US#"

... and for around $25 - 50 / yr you get coverage for your Canadian Number anywhere you'll be in the US-of-A.

Of course, that's 'just' for voice from Canada, but the US-SIM account should cover "Data" anyways.

"This is great and all, but you can get BlackBerry unlocking done right through us immediately and for a fair bit cheaper, Jussayin"

When is $150 cheaper than $50!!?? I cannot believe crackberry is charging this much to unlock phones of the people who keep this site going........ Jussayin

Where is this $150 to unlock a phone??? I paid $45 (only because rogers/fido cost more then the norm). Not to mention this is a new phone so costs are higher. I'd assume within a few months it will be $10-15 just like the older phones.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Roammobility, which runs on T-Mobile, best possible roaming plan.

It's really cheap, you pay $20 for the sim card and the passes are really cheap compared to the above choices.. Unlimited Texting, Unlimited Calling (Within US to US or Canada), Data depends on the pass but for the 3 day pass you get 200MB for $10

I've used roammobility for a year now. They've been great. Now they have introduced more price options and have expanded their network.

Not sure if this works for international travel, but if you buy a SpeakOut SIM ($10), you can get unlimited data for $10/month.

I'm on WIND and they have a 3 month unlock policy as well...they give you the unlock code for free. I wonder if the same policy will exist for the Z10?