Rogers Gets Set for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip!

Rogers Flip
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2008 02:06 pm EDT

Our buddy Treatz just sent us in some.. well.. Treats of the new BlackBerry Pearl 8220. The Pearl Flip launch kits are arriving, which means the actual device should not be too far behind. The latest word is that the devices should start shipping out to stores tomorrow and be available for sale come Halloween! While it seems pretty certain that the Pearl Flip will be available this week, what is a little less certain (or more confusing anyway) is the price. In the past few weeks we have now seen Rogers fliers listing it for $150, FutureShop listings at $50 and now a catalogue from The Source is listing it for $99 after a $50 credit.

Considering Rogers's sales have increased ~30% in 2008 and it seems Rogers now wants to further increase profitability by screwing their store sales people out of commission -- Read the full story here at BoyGeniusReport -- you'd wish they should just give the Pearl Flip away for free already. More photos after the jump, along with pics of another Rogers Treat from Treatz. 

Rogers Flip

Rogers Flip

Another Treat -The BlackBerry Curve 8320 is ready to hit Rogers!

Rogers Flip

Rogers Flip

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Rogers Gets Set for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip!


Is this just another colour of Curve (same specs as the older one) or is this the "new" Curve? I'm all confused with all this Javellin talk on the web calling it the Curve but not the it looks like it has the old OS thus throwing me off. :)

Many thanks!

This is the Old Curve, with WiFi. 8320.

Javelin/8900 Curve probably won't be out till 2009 now I'm thinking (hopefully sooner though!).

Whoo! A black 8320- is that what I see? The only reason I can't sell my BF on a blackberry is the colour "It's a BLACKberry!"...he won't even budge for titanium. Hmmm...idea...

I think the Kickstart is cute- I got to hold one at a focus group I went to for Rogers. What I don't like is the black front on the pink phone...looks awkward. The black one is nice though and I think my brother will be getting it.

The black Curve looks great! I wish all the companies got black BlackBerries. It only makes sense, BLACKberry. Plus it looks sweet!

Just to add
Pricing, according ot the launch material is showing $49.99 on a 3 year voice + data term.

the voice+data term isn't clear yet but i'm going to assume it'll be similar to the Pearl's qualificatoins. That being a $35.00 voice and data combo.

that was an interesting article about rogers...this doesn't sound like a great company to me....after hearing a lot of people complaining about their data plans too! i'm from the uk, but if rogers were here, i'd think what sort of treatment would i get as a customer if this is the way they treat their staff?

In most of Canada, there are only a handful of really powerful telco companies; Rogers, Bell and Telus. All three have suspiciously similarly priced and confusing plans to the point that really none of them have the edge. (I believe the term is oligopoly). In the case of Rogers, they have a strong foothold in Ontario (where they originated) thanks to their earlier years as a cable TV provider. Now they have branced out into residential phone, high-speed internet and wireless services. If you are a customer of all 4 services, you benefit from their bundled discounts.

In my case, I'm a customer already and I wanted a Bold so it was a no-brainer since Rogers is the only one in Canada that supports the Bold on its 3G network. Yes, I think Rogers is evil but around here you just have to hold your nose and carry on. At least it isn't as bad as Australia where I hear you can pay over $100/mo for a measly 5MB data plans!

I read the article on Rogers reps getting a pay cut. That sucks big time. Customer service will drop due to reps having to work harder to get more acts in the store. It blows that you guys sign 3 year contracts.

I have had my 8100 for a month short of two years with no problems at all. Went to TMo this last weekend and held the BB Pearl Flip and liked the size, the feel of it, and the size of its buttons. The TMo guy thought that the hinge felt "cheap" to him and told me if I was looking for a new BB, I should wait. For he hinted that TMo was going to have a BB Storm, York or Javelin with touch screen. Hmm, I asked if it was 3G, didn't know. Maybe he was just BSing me, since he went to help a couple of young women looking at Sidekicks. Has anybody heard anything else like this?

i had the chance to play with the new pearl today, not being a big fan of the pearl range i wasn't expecting anything great but i was pleasantly surprised this is a fantasic handset and is going to draw alot of people that would not normally have a blackberry into the world of blackberry im looking forward to these being released another great job from RIM