Rogers flips the switch for LTE Max throughout various areas of Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta

By Bla1ze on 17 Jun 2013 04:33 pm EDT

As part of their expanded roll out of LTE Max, Rogers has reached out to us today and let us know they've now gone ahead and flipped the switch for the service in several areas throughout Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta. As we mentioned previously, customers within Winnipeg, Brandon have been enabled but in addition to those areas, Rogers has also enabled the following:

  • Baie-Comeau, QC
  • Hull Expansion, QC
  • Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
  • Grand Prairie, AB (LTE, not LTE Max)
  • Medicine Hat, AB

The service, which offers theoretical network speeds of up to 150 Mbps, has seen plenty of rollout thus far and according to Rogers, will be expanded to 95 markets in total by the end of 2013. Right about now, this is the image I have in my head of Kevin after having had no LTE available for the past little while, let alone LTE Max on his BlackBerry Q10.

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Rogers flips the switch for LTE Max throughout various areas of Manitoba, Quebec and Alberta


There have been people in Brandon MB saying they are getting 38-75 mbps, which is amazing! Too bad I live just a few minutes out of depressing!

Posted via my Q10 via the awesome CB10 app!

Yup! I get 65mbp down and 11mbp up in downtown Winnipeg and 40mbp down and 10mbp up at home with 2 bars. Already blew through a whole gig today doing speed tests and a bit of browsing and watching YouTube videos which is nuts. Still enjoying the blazing fast speeds tho!

You can get a Booster with a directional Antenna. This allows you to point the antenna at the tower which will then amplyfiy the signal to an antenna inside your house.

We use a similar setup at our Cabin in the Whiteshell which wouldn't recieve more then one bar on HSPA+.. With the booster we get -67 DB signal (full) and up to 5 Mbps download speeds! This is what we use at the cabing . It doesn't look like they have a booster for 2100 Mhz yet.

Is this the frequency that will only work with some of the phones (I think just 1 model has that antenna)

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D'oh!! My SIM card isn't an LTE one. Just called in and had to add LTE to my plan, but didn't even have an LTE SIM tied to my local Winnipeg number. Gotta go grab one later. Need me some LTE speed!

Same issue I had when we were in Toronto. They swapped my SIM out and all was right in the world.

How do you know if your SIM cards lte enabled or not, I'm gonna have to check on this, I think mines NFC enabled.

False.. In winnipeg they are using 2100 Mhz for LTE mAX (up to 150Mbps) which the z10 supports. Have the z10 in winnipeg and hitting 56-60 Mbps Down and 10.6 Up :)

Been using LTE for the most part of a year and a bit with the sam note, sam s3 and galaxy lte tab and it's amazingly fast now on LTE max.

Average sized pictures take 5 seconds to upload to facebook on Rogers LTE max.

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Can you people at crackberry (Kevin and blaize), call up AT&T reps and figure out when they are going to release the 10.1 update?

Even better, have BlackBerry contact them. These carriers are proving to be highly incompetent given the fact they are based in the USA. Embarrasing.

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They're busy planting spy software deep into the OS so the US feds can take a peek when you decide to become a terrorist.

They're going as quick as they can

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He just said that he doesn't have the right SIM... Let the man get to the store.

I got to buy one of these Q10s... Still working out hard my 9900 :)

I'm in brandon, got LTE now, just downloaded from app world at 4 megs a second... slower than I expected.

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Megabytes (MB) or megabits (Mb)? Because 4 MB would be about 4*8=32 Mbps. That's close (but not quite) what vpblaze said in the first post.

Yay for rogers.

Posted via CB10 via my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden. BlackBerry makes the best computers I've ever used.

so you guys need another LTE specific sim to access the LTE? so weird.. we in Australia don't need one though..

So why don't blackberry fix the Damn sound alert notification for email and text while on a call. Every other phone in the world has this feature. The Z10 and Q10 do not have this feature which is totally unexceptable. If I complain enough, and more and more Z10 and Q10 owners realize that this feature is missing from there device, and miss important text or email, and stop encouraging potential customers to try the phones then it might get fixed.

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They don't do this because BlackBerry places the priority on the call, once you're off the call, you will see notifications. Apple got it wrong by making an audible notification during a call, who wants to hear that garbage while speaking to someone??

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Agree completely on this. Other than another incoming call, I don't want to be interrupted with every little notification until I'm done

I am actually surprised they haven't flipped the switch in Toronto or Ottawa as of yet. I guess these two mega cities are too costly for them to upgrade to LTE Max! :)

Here in Elmwood, I get generally 3,100kbps, burst at 5,100kbps.

So, I mean, faster than 3G, but certainly not at max.

This translates in a feeling that the BROWSER lags, not the network. Eg, no loading bar or seldom a loading bar, it's complete, just an awkward wait for the browser to render. Which is kinda neat.

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Sadly, if I want to keep my true unlimited data plan, I was told I must remain on a provisioned plan. So I can only get HSPA and HSPA+ service on an LTE Z10.

However this LTE MAX service doesn't seem all that exciting to me, most people aren't getting even remotely close to the theoretical speeds Rogers is claiming. If you got 100 Meg download then I'd be impressed but only getting up to a third of that bosted speed isn't all that impressive, especially if they'll be asking you to pay more for the service.

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Its a TEN FOLD increase from H+ to LTE in winnipeg.. Previous i would get 2 to 5 Mbps.. I've since hit 56 Mbps with LTE. Thats almost at 5 MB/s.(MegaBYTES per second). Which Means you can download a 700 MB divx rip in around 2 minutes.. vs 23 minutes on H+