Rogers faces heavy backlash after deciding not to carry the BlackBerry Z30

By Bla1ze on 4 Oct 2013 05:08 pm EDT

The news of Rogers deciding to not carry the BlackBerry Z30 admittedly was a bit surprising. After all, the company has long been a supporter of BlackBerry and was among the first carriers to launch the devices back in the early days of RIM but as the news is spreading and gaining more attention, it seems a lot of folks are letting Rogers know their decision might not have been the best one.

BlackBerry Z30 is being called the best BlackBerry ever released yet Rogers is passing on it? Terrible decision. I'll be saying bye on Oct 15.@johnpeterc88, Twitter

Their Facebook page is filling up with comments, their Twitter account mentions have been a mess since the news came out and many are asking why the Canadian carrier is "turning their backs on another Canadian company". Granted for their part, Rogers says it's nothing of that nature at all with Rob Bruce, Rogers President of Communications, stating “We remain committed to BlackBerry, People recognize we’re BlackBerry supporters, and they’re taking a very routine event and they’re attaching significance to it.” Even if that is the case, it would seem Mr. Bruce's thoughts of people recognizing Rogers as being supporters of BlackBerry is a bit amiss.

They could offer pre-orders and only buy enough from BlackBerry to fill demand. Seems like a simple solution.playbookster, CrackBerry Member

To be clear, I can see Rogers making a business decision here and while the decision doesn't help BlackBerry in any way, it's not a hard for me to just take my money elsewhere such as Bell or TELUS and buy a Z30 off contract, unlock it and put it on my Rogers account. But not everyone can do that and with the whole Verizon Wireless may be coming to Canada talks (since broken down), Rogers became very patriotic and made no bones about telling folks that if Verizon was allowed to enter the market, Canadian jobs would be lost. Some see that as being very hypocritical in light of this situation.

A month ago Rogers was jumping up and down screaming mad about a rumour of Verizon coming to Canada then turn their backs on BlackBerry. ccan, CrackBerry Member

In any case, I don't forsee Rogers changing their business plans at this point, despite the noticeable outrage. Again, according to Rob Bruce, the decision to not carry the BlackBerry Z30 was made over two months ago now but of course, that's not going to stop people from suggesting Rogers re-evaluate and folks who want them to, should indeed tell Rogers they're upset at the scenario. I do however make one suggestion, be polite about it folks. You catch more flies with honey then with vinegar.

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Rogers faces heavy backlash after deciding not to carry the BlackBerry Z30



FSince I am not a Rogers Customer I don't Care...but I do care S about the $700 price Tag!!T

Lol lets me more precise. Its 699.95 for all out of contract retail price..

The irony that rogers jump up and down about job loss with verizon coming in canada but what about job loss for blackberry whos also in canada...

Anyways why cant rogers just stock enough blackberries to fill demand, or set up pre orders, or even sell on consignment(a term in accounting for selling merchandise inventory by helping end consumers by ordering it for them)

iPhone could be 3k and people would still flock to it just to be the First and the Hippest. BlackBerry need to rebuild it's image first and 700 isnt helping.

$650 off contract for a Z10, $689 for a Q10, not out of line could they discount to move units? Yup that's kinda upto both the retailer and BlackBerry though.

Posted by the Zed of rockivy

Well, we're starting to see discounts on the Z... reports of it going for ~$340CDN in the Philippines. Presumably that will spread.

the z10 is selling for like ~$400 US here in manila outside usual retail stores but same channels and telco stores, off contract price is still ridiculous. the q10 is being offered discounted but is still premium priced vis a vis its gray market price (~$600 US).

Bell is still selling the Z10 for $649 off contract. They also happen to be the ones selling the Z30 for $699 off contract.

The Carriers set their own prices.

Posted via CB10

yes, brand new unlocked Z10 available at Amazon USA for 333USD, and at Amazon France for 350EUR. This is 8 months after the official release.

How can people be complaining about the Z10 price?

Obviously, the Q10 sells well so the price is 499USD at Amazon USA, and 450EUR at Amazon France.

People, don't go buy in a store where the price is 30% higher.


Apple can charge whatever and ppl will go out and buy it. Why? Apple is popular and in demand.

As stated BlackBerry needs to rebuild it's image and by pricing their products to high is definitely Not helping. They need to be a bit cheaper to appeal to ppl

Cheap does not mean appeal. They number 1 need to go to there base hard. And promote, apple was trading at 4 dollars a share 13 years ago, everyone was talking who would buy them, the imac was never cheap, none of there products were. Going cheap would only add to the their quality perception. They need to bet big and fix their retail partnerships, fix their marketing. Get BBM in the hands of all.

Buckle down and get their isht together current management needs to go, the fact that lazardis thought a keyboard only company was a smart selling idea says it all, touch screens won, if the z10 and z30 were coming out 2-3 years ago, they'd still be a top player.

Posted via CB10

You do realize it's the carriers that set that price, don't you? BlackBerry does sell it to them and they resell it.

No I don't know how much a iPhone is, cos I've never wanted to buy one.
Now.... I WANT to buy a z30, but as I entered a contract not long ago to get a Z10 I'm a bit stuck, and at $600 or ($800 in the UK...) blackberry can go chew on a big one

Posted via CB10

I know...but they have to make a get the product on the Market. I don't know the cost to make the Z30 and I know they have a ton of unsold Z10 Phones. But lets make it less expensive and try to entice people to buy it off Contract.

There's no way on earth the cost to make is anywhere close to $700. If they're paying that much they are incompetent and shouldn't be in the business

Posted via CB10

If there's no reason for the z30 to be $700, what's the reason for the shiny iphone 5 to be$900??
It's built dirt cheap in China. At less BlackBerry is built where labor is still paid for.
Wake up people!!!!

...forever BlackBerry...

Just thought I'd add that Alan D. Horn, chair of the BOD at Rogers as well as acting as CEO of Telecommunications, is one of seven directors on the BOD at Fairfax Financial. IF (a bit IF, because I don't care much for conspirarcy theories) Rogers is helping Watsa out in his purchase of BlackBerry by helping to keep the share price down, then Double F*** Rogers.... and Fairfax. Another thing: Why would Rogers make a big deal public splash about their rejection of the Z30? Why not just keep quiet on the matter, or say something like, "We won't be stocking the Z30 until a later date"?

you know the z10 was $550 full price when it first came out in the US right? If the z30 comes out at $700 in the US I'd laugh.

And then not buy one. Not because I can't afford it but because it would finally convince me that they have no clue what they are doing and there's no point in trying to support them anymore

Posted via CB10

Its funny how people jump to unfounded conclusions about price and such even when the facts are staring the right in the face.
Bla1ze I think most people don't read past the headline. LOL

This just may be a prelude as to where things are going to go: people buy direct from manufacturer, and just go to whichever carrier they choose. No contract, and the middle man gets cut out.

Well they're already starting to do that with the Z and Q10. I cannot get a phone direct from BlackBerry since I have Verizon. They're only selling unlocked GSM versions... and only to US customers. If the only to US customers has changed since last week, I apologize, I haven't looked back again.

I'm with you! Consumers..... I mean prosumers should be able to buy unlocked phones direct from BlackBerry.

Posted from my Zed10 via CB10, follow my channel C00121C1B

Users, any users, will be able to buy phones direct from Once it is released in North America, just head to and buy it *UNLOCKED*.

Rogers is in the business of making money. They obviously feel that won't happen with the Z30.

Posted via CB10

And now would be a great time for those that have not already done so to add how you feel to there facebook.

Posted via CB10

And what would the point of that be? Rogers has already made their decision. The only way they'll reverse it is if BlackBerry eases up on their demands.

What would it hurt for Rogers to go buy five Z30's from eBay and then announce to the world that they are carrying the Z30?? Problem solved. ;)

I bet less than 5% of those complaining would buy a Z30 if Rogers had it. Bet the majority aren't even Rogers Customers.

^ LMAO! I was at a bar on King Street, just west of Spadina Friday night and this Rogers employee was talking about the backlash from the press and bloggers that Rogers is "Not Canadian Enough for carrying the BlackBerry Z30, even though it's THE best BlackBerry ever made" lol. Made me laugh because she kept saying the bloggers and many Rogers users are upset at US, like we're no longer Canadian or support Canadian company's and look towards a stronger Canadian economy".

^ I LMAO at "US", "We're", as if SHE also was Rogers .... what was that line from Fight Club ... "YOu're NOT YOUR JOB!" why is this so hard for people to understands.

Either way ... I've left BlackBerry yet again in the last 30 days ... I've previously stated I'd stick it out ... but iOS7 is not that bad afterall ... I still hate the icons but I think iOS8 will have a LOT corrected.

Rogers would make money selling BlackBerrys if they had their staff actually selling the BlackBerrys instead of pushing them toward iPhones and Androids

We Canadians are a bit hypocrit. We dropped our buying of BB by 60% last quarter. We all want BB to succeed but few put our money where our mouths are.


Largely, in my opinion, because even our media has completely turned against them. Canadians are afraid to buy BB because the media keeps telling us how the company is doomed no matter what and the phone won't be any good soon.

Actually, that is happening all over and BlackBerry must put a stop to it. It's fun to laugh at the "bad guy" until you put a face to him and show him with his family - all of a sudden, people stop laughing and start to feel bad about what they were doing. They may actually start to take him seriously too.

That 2+ minute ad about the beginnings of BlackBerry and what challenges it overcame to be where it is/was in January 2013 was cool. They should have shown that to the public somehow. Indeed, why not make these videos available from their website. Folks need to see the company at work and doing stuff that matters.

All people hear about is the crap the media wants to pick on because it's not like the iPhone. If it's the iPhone you want, go get it. If you want something that actually does allow you to work better, check out BlackBerry 10 too. Anyone who has really spent some time with it will love what they can do - often better, faster, and with more ease - than other competing phones.

+1 I live in the UK and I cannot pick any faults with the Z10. Great phone and so much better than the iPhone. Just wish more people would hop on board and take the leap of faith. The OS is pretty good and the fact that it means I get everything done so much quicker makes the world of difference to me. My friends have downloaded the new operating system on their iPhones and they can't stand it.

Posted via CB10

That's because Blackberry top management is absolutely out of touch and completely incompetent. The company spent millions of dollars on super bowl ad when Z10 was months away from getting released, especially in the states. In my opinion, Blackberry has a great product in BB10 but as long we have this management, Blackberry is doomed.

Come on guys. I don't like the decision either. But Rogers doesn't care if your from Canada or timbuktoo. (my phone actually recognized that word, lol).


With the way they've duped investors, their leadership has alienated themselves from the public, they've made fraudulent promises and pronounced vague release and availability of products, devices and software I have no desire as a Canadian that they succeed. I actually think they deserve to sink.

BINGO! And the real irony is the BB10 platform is awesome, and So called Canadians will never know because they are weak in mind and spirit. I am a Canadian and I support Canadians and Canada. When people say to me why didn't you get an iphone, little do they know that I actually have a better device, but more importantly I understand that selling out today is pain down the road.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

So if you lived in a country with a huge selection of vehicles you would buy your native country's automobile even if it may not suit your needs, priced the same as others with inferior specs, and the manufacturer may not exist before your warranty is up.


birdman, you are working for who? brain washed with what they feed you!!!!!!!!! Android and Iphone cannot compete with BB10.

Is it the "create a parallel universe that doesn't exist to make a weak argument" time already? If I was an extraterrestrial with wings I'd fly to the 3th moon orbiting our planet and eat a rubber sandwich.

Now for the real world:
- My Curve fit my needs pretty well when I had it, so did my 9900, so did the Z10 I unfortunately dropped in the ocean last month and so will the Z30 on my next flight back home.
- Inferior spec? I don't play games and for my emails/calendars it's fine and let's not compare the batteries.
- Besides, my Galaxy had much better specs but the screen blacked out after dropping a single time on a wooden floor in a brasilian hotel. My sis was real happy I gave her after having it fixed; meanwhile little 9900 survived more falls than I can count.
- People still bought Apple when it verged on bankruptcy, same for Chrysler, or Twinkies, or
- Motorola, Nokia, HTC recently, Palm, HP, etc...there's a long list of failing companies in that industry. Blackberry is far from being alone.
- You want to buy chinese go ahead I don't judge you. I'm canadian, I buy canadian whenever I can whether its cars, electronics, clothes, hard liquor or food. I'll particularly buy canadian if the company is in hardship.

Take your simple arguments elsewhere, you're arguing the wrong guy.

Speak for yourself I've bought 2 Zed10's and will be buying a Z30 from Telus. I have also encouraged a half dozen other people that were gonna go iPhone to get the zeds

Posted by the Zed of rockivy

@rdgrolux - you are absolutely right. Almost nobody in Canada is buying BlackBerry 10 devices yet somehow everyone is up in arms about Rogers not carrying one model. Maybe we should focus our energy at BlackBerry and their moronic decision to (a) price the device at an absurd $700 and (b) not sell the Z30 and everything else direct from their own website.

Posted via CB10

yep can't agree more. in our office we have a lot of BlackBerry users in the past because both my partner and I have insisted if it it company issued it must be a blackberry. we are not a bes customer and its not a privacy thing. but it has been a losing battle. employees have had the choice of buying their own phone and having us pay for the sim. lots have taken that option because they do not want a BlackBerry. we have have other managers fight us tooth and nail on this policy arguing that if we are not a bes customer why should they be forced into something they don't want. recently we have had to give in and our most recent purchases have been iPhones and Galaxies. We are a Canadian IT company with an office in Asia as well. now no one in the Asian office has a BlackBerry and in the Canadian company it is down to only 10 of us who have Blackberrys. so if a Canadian company like ours where the owners push hard for BlackBerry have still lost significant BB share, then I would say Canadians are not supporting this product. For Rogers its a business decision obviously and they are lookjng at the hard numbers. Canadians are far too influenced by the USA and US pop culture. For example, most people in Toronto that I know would also dump the CFL and bring in an NFL team if they had a choice as well.

"For example, most people in Toronto that I know would also dump the CFL and bring in an NFL team if they had a choice as well."

They sound like very intelligent people. Because the CFL sucks and everyone knows it. Sorry. But that's the truth.

It is a terrible decision since the Z30 would ironically be the best BB product in their inventory and Rogers has a big footprint with corporate and professionals. Get rid of the Q5 then...not sure how it is selling anyway since the market for that phone is kids and kids only care about Instagram and SnapChat period.

I do not!
Not that I am a kid, but I am a Q5 owner. One could buy a low-end device for multiple reasons and it's not low-end in a third-world country. Moreover, we do not get it on contract here.

The only reason I can see is that the Z30 is so superior to Apple products, they're likely to lose iPhone customers to BlackBerry.

And we already know Apple negotiates minimum sales deals.

My guess is Rogers is on the hook to sell 5S devices for Christmas and doesn't want too much competition from similarly priced devices.

Hahahahahha. funny stuff!

I just wished they would have displayed the z30 and then if someone wanted to buy it, they could point them to the website.


You could have a point. I think the z30 is going to turn some heads.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Maybe Microsoft will be making a serious bid to buy BlackBerry so Rogers sees no point in committing to the Z30.

No. I guess inside Microsoft they know that failing with 2 phone company acquisitions would look even sillier than failing with one.

and emerging markets but you are right i see no reason why a kid would want a q5 i just feel sorry for how much people from the us and canada have to pay for a phone off contract 700 dollars its only like 500 pounds here although i dont know if thats cheaper for you guys due to exchange rates

The exchange rate is $1 Canadian to 0.61 pounds. So, essentially $700 Canadian is 420 pounds.

Posted via CB10

The rogers facebook was ablaze with disappointment. Let's keep it up!
While it might not change anything it brings awareness to the z30 which is important since there is no other marketing taking place!

Posted via CB10

I wonder did BlackBerry ask them to commit to a minimum order that they didn't think they could sell? Would be on a par with some other knuckle head decisions that they have made recently.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is in no condition to push carriers. They'll no doubt bend over backwards to accommodate the carriers wishes.

I think Rogers figures corporations are the ones who buy majority of BlackBerries. And then they figure corporations want to give their employees Q5, Q10, and Z10. Not the Z30.

This is very myopic of them.

They clearly think they can't make money with the Z30....I find it hard to knock them for not carrying the phone.

Not too hard to put 100 in stock and test the waters. This is a blatant attack against a Canadian Company against another orchestrated by Apple and perhaps Samsung.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Rogers probably figures that it may not be worth the store real estate to display a demo phone that would only see 100's of units in sales when they could use that display space for a cheap Android that would sell in the thousands, or to make room for fancy iPhone and Samsung displays, or some accessories with high margins.
But they could at least offer the Z30. Like T-Mo with their BlackBerry offering. At least put it on the website or make it available by request. At least it's available. Doesn't necessarily need to be on display in stores.

To choose revenue over giving their customers choice is a very myopic decision for Rogers and will eventually come back to bite them in the ass.

"To choose revenue over giving their customers choice...."

Did you really just imply that revenue shouldn't be Rogers #1 priority?

Is Rogers a non-profit or something?

You can't just put a 100 in a store or on a website... you have to take into consideration once you put your name on it then Rogers would be on the hook for training customer service of the phone, QA testing it on the network ... etc. All of this costs money/time.

Hahaha "customer support of the phone" that's funny! they have no customer support for anything else. They are the most unknowing pathetic bunch of morons I have ever dealt with when it comes to product knowledge!

We are all connected.

Our company is a Blackberry shop, Rogers not offering their new device creates an opportunity for Bell and Telus. My challenge for them is to capitalize on this opportunity.

Posted via CB10

Really disappointed in Rogers. They're not carrying one of the new flagship models of BlackBerry? I guess it's time to switch carriers.

Posted via CB10

Why won't they carry the device? Have they provided any reason.

They have so much sway over BlackBerry in its current state, I'd have thought it would be easy to force a VMI type deal, where BlackBerry manages the inventory and Rogers is only billed when a sale is made. So there isn't a financial reason except for training/product acceptance costs, and I'd have thought those were minimal.

The refusal to carry the device makes no sense in the context of a BlackBerry vs Rogers relationship. Smells a bit fishy.

nothin' fishy about it,,, BB is a failing company that may very well get cut up for parts,,, why would a carrier support them??? maybe they just don't want to deal w/ the aftermath...

Makes no sense ...Rodgers is pushing media consumption with sports broadcasts etc..
The Z30 is an awesome device for that...??? Someone dropped the ball.

Posted via CB10

I don't want rogers to change their mind. I honestly just want them to lose business.

Posted via CB10

Am canceling my phone plan and my TV immediately. Bye bye Rogers....take my money SaskTel !!

Posted via CB10

I had spent a good 15 minutes speaking to a Rogers Rep and told her that I wanted to pay off the balance of my contract so that I can move it over to Telus. The report then transferred me to the retention department which tried to convince me to stay but I voiced my big disappointment that Rogers is not carrying the Z30. I also said that I will be moving our corporate account to Telus and this really got her thinking. The rep will pass on my concern to management and see if they will change their mind. I told the rep that I will give 30 days to resolve this issue otherwise I will be moving the account.

The more of us that call Rogers and threaten them on moving the account the more urgency this matter is them so everyone, call and complain.

I have been a Rogers customer for over 8 years. Been nothing but pleased with their service. I have upgraded 2 of my 3 phones.. a Z and a Q. I was waiting for the Z30 to show up, to upgrade my 3rd phone. I want a Z30, so now I have some soul searching to do....

From Z 2 U via CB10

Same here. Been a loyal Rogers client going back to the days when they were Cantel... have bought the latest BB device from them since the very first model. Spend a minimum 3K-4K a year with them... this is the first time that I'm seriously considering switching to Bell. Off contract for a couple of months, waiting for the z30. if I go to Bell, will move my entire family over as well.
That's another couple of grand gone...

The other carriers are gonna love this short-sighted decision by Rogers.

Posted via CB10

Take a look at moving over to Koodo (if you know anyone on Koodo, get $25 for using their referral). When my brother in Fort Mac went with rogers at Z10 launch and I went with Koodo ($45 for 400 minutes and 1GB data), it would have saved my brother over $1100 over 3 years between the phone cost and the monthly plan, including buying out his phone from Rogers.

The *ONLY* feature he would have given up was visual voicemail, which I'm hearing is getting phased out for iPhone only. So if you are not in love with VV, move to Koodo.

Also, Telus/Koodo had LTE in Fort Mac before Rogers, though I'm sure most of Canada is fairly equal in coverage.

(PM me in the forums if you need a Koodo referral).

Glad to hear that Rogers is hearing it from its BlackBerry customers! As they should....Remember, a lot of these folks are Canadians who have been with BlackBerry and Rogers for years , and now many of them are forced to accept it or move on. I realize that unlocked devices are an option, but that is not the point. Rogers and BlackBerry have been strong partners for years, heck the Rogers Centre and BlackBerry were like family at the Jays games.
The fact that Rogers now has exclusive iphone rights, makes this move a slap in the face. Obviously it's a business, but when a Canadian company is struggling, to lose a BIG suppoter is tough to hear and definitely won't go unnoticed.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Many Canadians are already not fans of Rogers, and this is going to create a lot of bad will with many Canadians, including myself. Like Bla1ze mentioned, the move by Rogers is very hypocritical and given the real issues facing BlackBerry not to carry their new flagship phone is not only a slap in the face to BlackBerry, but also to the Canadians who work there. Sure Rogers is a business, but they also have to consider the cost of the backlash they have created.

Posted via CB10

I can understand rogers deciding not to carry every model by every vendor. I can even understand them not wanting to have to handle inventory, train staff, for this new device. I'm sure bb10 sales haven't been as good as they ( or any of us) had hoped.

But mot making it available for purchase online, that I don't understand.

Even more, why isn't blackberry selling them direct from yet?

I'd be fine with either of those options. I'm not really thrilled bout having to buy one, off contract and pay a high price for unlocking.... which is probably what I will end up doing, it's just a pain, and it's disappointing that rogers won't carry this flagship BlackBerry device - whatever their reasons.

Alright don't sell it in the store I'm fine with that but I think they should at least sell it online on their site and other retail stores like Future Shop & Best Buy

"In any case, I don't forsee Rogers changing their business plans at this point, despite the noticeable outrage. "

Negative billing, anyone?

I know it's not the same thing but Rogers has bowed to public pressure in the past.

Anyway it will be interesting to see how many will put their money where their mouth is. Especially with the $700 price.

Posted via CB10

Yes but you can add a 64 gig card into it for 30 bucks yielding 80 gigs. How much does an iphone cost for that kind of memory. If you fill that with photos and video while on vacation just swap out another card and keep trucking. The z30 is a way better device period.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You take a lot of the 'people have spoken ' stuff with a grain of salt but - go to the Rogers site........ they really have.

Posted via CB10

This news has piqued my curiosity in their stock. A company willing to make smart decisions at the risk of backlash tells me they are a great long term investment.

Posted via CB10

I am very disappointed in Rogers decision and I have voiced my displeasure to Rogers. However this (in my opinion) is just another example of how carriers are hindering a Blackberry rebuild. I know BB has it's fair share of failures but carriers are not helping. For example the US carriers held back the release of the 10.1 update forever. we know that many of the initial problems were solved by this update but the carriers delayed it to the point where frustration with the device boiled over. The Z10 was doomed from the onset. Now Rogers (and possibly other carriers) are not going to sell the Z30. That means many BB loyalists have to take a more frustrating path to the latest device. Worse yet not get it at all. How many sales does Blackberry lose because of this? Maybe a few hundred? Thousand? Either way it is a loss and very unfortunate. I think BB has to start thinking outside the box if they wish to succeed. One thing I believe they should change is directly sending out updates to the end user. Also if a carrier decides to pass on one of their products sell it to us directly. the carriers that do decide to promote the phone can entice people with on contract prices, but at any rate interested people will have an outlet to get the latest device. I know there are holes in these plans but they should be investigated. I will get the Z30 but I'm not looking forward to the frustration and it will be more costly. Sorry I got on a tangent but thanks for reading.

The airwaves were bombarded with ads when they thought Verizon was coming to Canada. At least Verizon is carrying the Z30. Please Verizon, come to Canada and run Rogers out.

Posted via CB10

Why not follow suit with TMO and only offer online sales and see what that does, then bring inventory in store.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Serves them right. Finally a good news story in terms of public support.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

If I'm a BlackBerry shop and some of my staff want the z30, I switch my corporate account. Plain and simple. Rogers is shooting itself in the foot.

Posted via CB10

Although I am not with rogers I am disappointed in their decision to not carry the Z30. I get that it is a business decision but I don't think this is a good p.r. move for them. Not sure if the iPhone 5s has anything to do with it as someone suggested earlier in this thread. I believe they could have easily sold the Z30 and it wouldn't be a big business risk for them. All they would need to do is just order a small amount in the beginning and see how sales go. That way they wouldn't have a large amount of inventory stock piled. U doubt they will reverse their decision but it would be nice to see Rogers (who I might add had exclusivity on certain BlackBerry devices) sell the flag ship BlackBerry device now.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I'm sure they couldn't care less. For a company that sells how many million iPhones and Android devices this isn't much of a concern to them. I can see exactly why they are not selling it.

No. It’s a bone headed move.
Costs very little to put up a sign and place orders if someone wants one.

I give Rogers more than $250 a month, now I'll be giving them $0 a month.
It doesn't take much of that to exceed the small cost of a cardboard sign.
Multiply by a year, 10 years, by how many people == good business decision? Don't think so.

Posted via CB10

Make it BlackBerry a network. All the world will be the happy customer of it. Forget about money addicted companies and be free

Posted via CB10

I've ranted on the "other" post and will save my ultimate form for Rogers when I call them on the official Z30 release date.

Have to say loyalty is important and Rogers seems to be missing that.. also the Z30 is pretty awesome

Posted via CB10

The Funny part is, BlackBerry's corporate phones run on Rogers, I believe.

Perhaps BlackBerry should make a business decision and switch carriers.

I can see blackberry going for the Dell model. No retailers, just order direct from BlackBerry. Makes sense to not have a middleman, also they could sell their devices for less since there won't be a retailer markup.

Posted via CB10

That would be great but I suspect they would still fall victim to carrier testing.

Posted via my Z10

I live in Sweden where Blackberry phones are really rare and seldom subsidised. I really wanted the Z30 so I wasn't going to keep that from stopping me getting one. So I ordered one from Selfridge in UK. The Z30 is all that and I warmly recommend it. Now you go get yours!

Posted via CB10

Once they come out, call Rogers, select the cancel your account option and then negotiate a lower rate for your cellular service to make up for the extra cost of buying it elsewhere. Rogers keeps a customer, you get a Z30.

Posted via CB10

That's Okay if Rogers doesn't what to support BlackBerry they I don't have to support Rogers. Guess I'll switch to telus?

Posted via CB10

I quit Rogers half a year ago, paid out my old Torch, and got my new Z10 with Bell. Poor reception outside the main cities in western Canada was my issue.

In my house here I have 5 bars of LTE with Bell... my Rogers Torch 9860 never got more than 3G in the house. Closer to town I could get H+ on Rogers. But Bell has full LTE way past Rogers coverage area.

I only wish I could call Rogers and tell them this non-availability of the Z30 is why I'm quitting them... but I already quit them. in hindsight, it seems I made the right decision.

Posted via CB10

Officially supporting the Z30 will cosy Rogers a lot of money; I get that.

But just support it unofficially and sell it without customised firmware.

I like the idea of pre-orders and keeping no stock. That seems low risk.

Posted via CB10

Is always cheaper to buy out of contract from koodo anyways. I will switch from rogers to koodo this month to get the BlackBerry z30.

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Love the patriotic card they were playing just few months ago, all out the Window now that that big V is not coming lol

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Although I ordered sim free z30 from UK. this is just not right for Rogers (are you a canadian company?). I am going to drop all 5 accounts with rogers and Move on to Telus.

Personally, I would go with Bell, unless you're in a Telus 'coverage-stronghold' area. My two experiences with Telus were SO deplorable that I swore "IF" (and I hope it NEVER comes to that) I had to leave Bell, I would rather first go with 1 of the "small" players (Wind, Mobilicity) before going to Rogers as a distant "last." ... now, it seems, even THAT is out of the question.
But NEVER will I go with Telus; nothing they can offer me will bring me 'back' to their service. NOTHING!

From a pricing and cost-benefit perspective they're all pretty-much equal, and between them ALL, NONE have a good track record on customer service (check "CBC's Marketplace" program for their Cell Phone horror stories ...). They will ALL screw you over to get to the next corpse.

Just my 2 cents from this penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

my issues with Telus weren't coverage related; they were ENTIRELY "customer service" specific (from a policy AND attitude perspective) and deserving of multiple, hard-slap "facepalms" ... and on top of that, they weren't "low-level store jockeys;" it was ALL mid-level managers ... who didn't 'get' the most basic premise of doing business and honouring the promises your company makes" ...
And - yes - I'm well aware that they share the same infrstructure; doesn't make them even remotely related in a business sense, though.

That's my 2 cents from this penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

You *do* realize that Bell and Telus since entering the GSM game a few years ago are sharing the same towers? Hence why everyone calls them "Bellus". Their coverage - Bell or Telus - is better now than Rogers in and around KW. Rogers only cares about the Toronto-Montreal corridor.

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I actually had a Rogers rep tell me that those users that wanted a z30 to switch to bell or Telus. Their faith for BlackBerry is definitely not there.

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Well I'm not changing mine either. Bye bye rogers and hello Bell!

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For what it's worth, just lodged the following complaint (visit and click Support/ Contact Us/ Under the tab Category Account click Compliments and Complaints):
"I would like you to pass the following message along to the office of the President. I am a Rogers customer. I have recently heard of Rogers's decision not to sell the forthcoming BlackBerry Z30 phone in its stores. I find this deplorable and wish to let you know that I will be leaving Rogers in favour of Telus or Bell as of the end of the month. I can not give my business to a Canadian company that adopts such a deplorable attitude towards BlackBerry. BTW, some of my closest friends and relatives will be doing the same thing as soon as their contract is up. Mine is already up. Thank you."

I see where Rogers is coming from but, if they do something like a made to order deal they shouldn't lose $$$.

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Why the huge outcry? If you've already got a Playbook and a Q10 or Z10 why ever would you need a huge Z30? It just seems like overkill to me....

LOOOL!!! unlike fkkn yourself, this is totally doable,,, really,,, i saw it it a movie once,,, yeah, just once...

What's to say that Apple hasn't lined Rogers' pocket with a bit of green. It's not that Apple hasn't pulled this stunt before....Plants Vs. Zombies 2.

Like I've said many times before money buys influence and an insecure populous believes in things promoted by such influence. Nobody even questions that this even exists and Rogers will never admit that they accepted such a kickback.

For the naysayers that believe that Apple does not have to bribe Rogers as their phones sell all on their own. I would say that perhaps Apple is a little nervous and is suffering from large screen envy as they seem to be the only smartphone company that is not offering a large screen phone during the holiday season.

C'mon even BlackBerry has one for Santa---that of course would like nice under my tree!

Rogers BTW will get a lump of iCoal in their stocking....

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I am glad that people voice their opinions about Rogers decision. It is a shame that Rogers don't support Canadian manufacturer. Hopefully they will reverse their decision and carry the phone.

- DW

Lol that one guy said the Z30 is "being called the best BlackBerry ever made" heh

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The fact is that BBRY needs Rogers, not the opposite. So Rogers can do anything they want.

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So funny. When Verizon was rumored to come to Canada Rogers was quick to play the "Canada" card. And now they won't carry the best BlackBerry (Canadian) that has ever been made. This is exactly why we need more carriers in Canada. Need more choice!!

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I am a longtime Rogers customer but this decision to not pick up the BlackBerry Z30 is like a slap in the face. Rogers, don't count on my business beyond this year!

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Rogers and their executives should be cut and quartered for this. This is an outrage. Less than a month ago they tried to make the patriotic plea to Canadians now this? I'm calling them right now to lash out.

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And rogers was the first carrier to take pre orders for the Z10 and Q10. Odd but I guess they were disappointed in the sales.

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I am very happy to have switched from rogers to Telus for our corporate phone.

It is shameful for a Canadian company to treat BlackBerry like that.

I love my Z10 no matter what.

I have NEVER defended Rogers, nor have I EVER (in 18 years!) been their customer - very briefly for TV service, but even that ended after a bad experience - and I won't defend their hypocrisy now either.

BUT - and this is a BIG ONE - how is Rogers' decision ultimately "SOOOOOooo" much worse than the sum-total of ALL the individual decisions each individual FORMER BlackBerry customer has made in switching to iPhone or Android devices.

Sure, you "say" it's about "consumer choice" and "patriotism" - and THOSE are precisely the reasons I HAVE stuck with BBRY despite 'expecting' that I would get a cheaper and possibly more fun user experience on those 'other' platforms.
TOO many of my neighbours and a couple of friends still work there and our collective CANADIAN business diversity as well as our local tax base will be decimated if BBRY is allowed to fail; heck, even if they restructure down another 30%.

BUT, as guilty as they look - and ARE - in this decision, Rogers aren't the "only" ones sticking a fork into the seemingly dead-man-walking that is BBRY.
EVERY iPhone and 'Droid convert walking the streets and surfing their Instagram is equally complicit.
Not that we have to blame them entirely: BBRY failed miserably in its promises and experience deliveries over the last 4-6 years, and people are entitled to vote with their wallets and feet.

Having said that, IF your contract is "up" - if you're eligible for a device upgrade, chances are you're FREE TO GO - then DO IT. Bell, Telus and the others will be happy to take you in.

Leaving Rogers seems to be the ONLY thing that company understands. After you do, it'll be the first day after the re-contact restriction expires that you'll get a "we want you back" mailer or phone call. THEN your wants and opinion will matter. Not a minute sooner.

THAT's my 2 cents from this penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

Why isn't Rogers spiraling towards the poor house? That would make up for their years of price gouging...

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That's not right, Americans support American companies, why wouldn't a Canadian company support another Canadian company, I'm seriously considering of leaving rogers, just for not being patriotic enough, and not supporting a Canadian company, they started to be patriotic about Verizon coming here, I guess business is business nothing about being patriotic.

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Rogers can change their mind. They don't to commit to millions of 30s. They could come out smelling like roses by saying they listen to their customers and have changed their mind

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Rogers sucks. I know two of my friends are quiting Rogers because of this.They are getting the Z30 thru Sasktel.

BB Z10 Rocks!

As an ex canadian living in the UK, i feel really sorry for the Rogers customers that wont have a chance to get their hands on the Z30, its a damn shame Rogers will not support Blackberry as a fellow canadian company.

As for Blackberry themselves?? well they had this coming i suppose. everyone is losing their patience with them and this is just another nail in the coffin so to speak. This private buy out cant come any sooner in all honesty, at least it takes Blackberry out of the media spotlight and they can concentrate on getting back to where they once were...if that is to happen.

Don't feel sorry for us. Feel sorry for Rogers.
NO company gets to tell me what phone I can have. If they won’t offer the phone I want, I'll get it somewhere else.

Bye Rogers, showin you the door!

And I'll be saving money! Was just too lazy to make a change. Thanks, Rogers, for giving me the push I needed.

What's the saying about the cost of getting a new customer VS keeping an existing customer? How about the cost of getting an insulted alienated customer.

And don't tell me about this being good business for Rogers. I couldn't care less. I respect their right to do as they choose. I have the same right. And I'm choosing to kick them to the curb.

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Hey, this could turn out to be a good thing!

For one, the uproar is impressive and shows that there is a solid backing
But also, this means theoretically 50% more Z30 sales for each Bell and Telus, showing exaggerated demand and pumping some life into Blackberry at the carriers.

And imagine the headline when Rogers changes their mind "Due to Popular Demand, Rogers has Decided to Carry the Z30"

Here is some quick math for rogers. I have been a loyal customer since I was 16yrs old, I am now 29, therefore 13yrs with rogers. I have been waiting for this Blackberry ever since Hiens stated something big was in the works. Well after this I must switch. Firstly, if I were to get an off contract device, unlock it and use it on rogers, I am sure my service if something were to go wrong would be virtually non existent. Secondly, I do not want the hassle. But for the numbers to put to rogers.

29yrs old - 16yrs old when started = 13yrs with company x 12mths in a year = 156 total months x $70 avg bill = $10,920. I was going to stay a customer, but sorry Rogers. That is not the money I paid for upgrades too before my time was out! Just a little thought for Rogers to think about.

Apple has an ecosystem and every app is natively built for ios. No ports or sideloads. You are paying for more than just the phone youre also getting this as an added bonus.

Samsung gs4 has what most in the tech industry as top notch specs.
And another entry thays in a different category the galaxy note 3 is $709 us off contract. Their pricing is a joke to say the least...

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BlackBerry can solve all this by selling direct to customers from their website and directly pushing updates. In my opinion the good will they thought they had from carriers has not been shown. Time for them to control their own sales and software updates!

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I'm in the camp that says Rogers got paid to keep the Z30 off the shelf. Just like Big Pharma pays generics to delay launches. Screw the customer to the max. It's business in the new millennium. Didn't Rogers enjoy a sweetheart exclusive deal to sell iphone in Canada back in 2007?
The Z30 is worth switching carriers for.

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This is my comment I posted on Rogers Facebook account.

"Was waiting on upgrading to Blackberry Z30. Will now be looking at the other carries that are supporting this device. Been a loyal customer since 16yrs old, currently 29. Horrible decision to not carry. Even if their products are slow sellers, provide a direct shipping option. You are a company that provides a service and the hardware to go along with those services. Very sad to see this direction you are taking."

I just tried to put a photo of a z30 on rogers fbook page but it wouldn't let me. Funny that!!!!

Z10 Better Than Itoy and Robot UK

I'm with rogers but will be leaving due to there poor cell reception in the southern ontario region. It is terrible, Bell is on top of there game. Way better. Them not support the Z30 is more reason for me to jump ship. I thought maybe it was BlackBerry phone, until I unlocked my Z10 and hooked it up to Bell. Amazing reception. Rocking the Q10 now, and never leaving keyboard again.

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Thanks, Canadians are waking up. I'm not going to renew my contract with Rogers even though I don't have plans for Z30. Solidarity for a great nation and company.

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Roger was crying and talking about being Canadian and shit when Verizon was thinking about coming over on..Now what happened to that. Go telus, BELL CB fan just do not forget to mention when you talk to Roger

I posted on the Rogers facebook page and received a quick answer from a Rogers rep that the Z30 is in the lineup..

Who's telling the truth?

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EFF ROGERS and EFF all the Canadian telcos who were so scared that competition would have to make them stop screwing people over. The WIND brass made a very good point when they were trying to get into the Canadian market they said why do you think Rogers only competes in Canada and no other market?
Why?Because they cannot compete in markets where they along with the other bad boys do not get special treatment.

I can't wait for the Z30 To arrive in the US. That phone is going to be amazing! I have the z10 and I love this device but there is something special about the Z30, especially the white one. It's too bad Rodgers decided not to carry it, I guess it will be their loss in the long run....

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Roger's reps are doing damage control on Twitter right now while Bell and Telus are trying to scoop new customers.

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well, I'm boycotting Android, Apple, Windows phone and EVERYTHING Samsung ... but I'm just 1 guy in 1 household in 1 country; can't do it alone ...

That's my 2 cents from this penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

If they don't carry z30, I'm out of Rogers. BlackBerry is the one we have to have. It is the Canadian one.

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To those Canadians, who want Z30 don't waist your time. Switching to other carriers is the solution. Is your hard working money. They don't carry Z30, go somewhere else. Just like we did here in the US with sprint. Move On Guys. No more BS!!!!

Between this and the other Rogers story, we have over 500 people saying they are leaving Rogers.

Well show some backbone people, leave Rogers.....take your cable, phone mobility and internet and go somewhere else. If 500+ people, who spend $200/month x 12 months = $1,200,000+ a year in lost business, that should send a message to Rogers.

Don't say you're pissed off and you are leaving Rogers......DO IT, DO IT, DO IT !!!!!!!!!


ESPECIALLY those (i.e. myself) whose contracts are up. I am gone. Girlfriend happily uses Bell and they can offer me a similar plan for a similar price...AND Bell stocks all four BB10 phones. I hope they take some marketshare from them.