Rogers enabling UMA for BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 3G

By Bla1ze on 8 Oct 2010 04:15 pm EDT
Rogers UMA

Some Rogers customers may have known this was coming considering previously leaked OS' opened up the ability on the devices but now, we have the information coming to us in a semi official form. Rogers, will soon be pushing a software update out for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G that will enable UMA access on both of those devices. With UMA now being enabled, both devices will work for WiFi calling provided you have the proper TalkSpot plan from Rogers. Pretty cool but, one has to wonder why the change of heart?

Source: The Cellular Guru

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Rogers enabling UMA for BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 3G


this is actually cool knowing rogers never supported this before in the official os.
but id rather see a leak for os6 for the bold 9700

I am regular traveler. UMA works fantastic while roaming in different country. A co-worker of mine has T-Mobile and uses his all of the time. Hope that since Rogers and AT&T seem like good buddies that maybe AT&T would offer it as well.

Att won't offer it unless they can charge you for it. Nobody would use it in that case so its probably a no go. Never hurts to dream though

UMA wasn't supported because of the lack of support to hand off 3G to UMA and vice versa without dropping the call. They have been testing the new 3G protocol for UMA, and seems to be working now, and yes, the .979 leak has had this enabled, and i couldn't be happier. Hopefully the Torch won't be long to follow.... :)

The Torch supports UMA right out of the box (running .246) I've had it up from day one - but you do need the Talkspot account. Rogers disabled support for UMA without the account settings a couple of months ago, in preparation for launching it on all their 3G phones that support it.

...But they most definitely will not support the service as want to sell people their Sure Signal box (at £50 quid a go). The Only company that does UMA in the UK is Orange (who appear to have signal issues according to all my friends on Orange).

Yup Orange is not as strong a network as Vodafone, but the sure signal works really well, and is an adaptation of uma to a degree. If you are on a price plan over 40 pounds a month you can get it for £20 on its own which is nice and cheap! Orange have gone the uma route because it's easier but the calls aren't routed through the mobile network.

We have 2 contracts on one account, one is £30 and one is £35. So we had to pay the full £50! Even though they are getting more off me than one £40 contract.

I went into my local store and said a mate had got it for £20 amd that my blackberry and usb stick on one account over £40 a month plus I had my wife on voda on her own account and I got it for £20, go back in to a bigger store and have a moan and see if that works!

UMA is working great on my Rogers Torch...simply add the UMA package to your phone..starts at $5/month and goes up form there.

but shouldn't it be a free feature since your using your own Wi-fi connection and this is similar to what VOIP is ?

At your end you are just going through the internet - think further, how does it go from internet to call? Basically you are paying for the UMA servers at the other end and the inet bandwidth they are using.

I live in Ottawa, and have a 9700 with Rogers. Suppose I sign up with their TalkSpot (which they will be renaming Wi-Fi Calling) Unlimited Local Calling.

Does this mean that if I travel overseas, and I get on the WiFi at my buddy's house with my BB, I could then make these "local" calls in Ottawa, without having to go through the foreign land's cell phone system and be roaming?

From what I have understood, Rogers has been blocking international IP's in regard to talkspot.... But theortically the answer is yes...

There will not be a UMA added to your device if you are running the new OS unless you have a talkspot subscription, I've been using the update since the end of September and haven't seen the UMA, then dicovered that Rogers(as said in the post) requires you to subscribe to either a *now $10 unlimited local calling talkspot or $15 unlimited canada-wide calling

I signed up for the talkspot plan last night. As soon I rebooted my phone the UMA was in the right hand side corner. Using bb9700

I've had it on my Curve 8900 for a year now and it works great. Saving a lot of money since most of my calls are long distance.
Now that I have the Torch, 3G seems to take over the UMA as soon as I turn the mobile signal on even though I'm still in the WIFi area.
Guess I'll be on the phone with Rogers tomorrow and let you know how they'll fix it. (I had similar problems with the curve until that phone call and then I had a solid UMA signal all the time)