Rogers Drops Pricing Of White BlackBerry Bold To $0.99 For The Holiday Season

By Bla1ze on 18 Dec 2009 02:17 pm EST
Rogers Drops Pricing Of White BlackBerry Bold To $0.99

Looking to pick up a brand new white BlackBerry Bold 9000? I know a lot of people out there actually love the look of this device and right now if you are a Rogers customer you can pick one up for a totally reasonable price of only $0.99 cents. Yes, you read that right. Standard 3 yr contract will still apply but that's a pretty good price for a new white Bold 9000 folks. Rumor has it the deal will last until January 4th and then will disappear and before you ask, it's the white one only. Guess Rogers wants it to be a white Christmas.

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Rogers Drops Pricing Of White BlackBerry Bold To $0.99 For The Holiday Season


The black 9000 is included as well, and the 8220's are dropped from $9.99 to $0. and the great 9700 is down from $249.99 to $199.99!!!

Speaking with Rogers, white AND black 9000s are $0.99, as well as LG Eve (Android) and only today and only through phone (cannot do at a retail store).

I still can't grasp why they made a white Bold, or any other BB for that matter. I guess I'm just one of those guy-thing kind of guys, but there is nothing "bold" about a white BB Bold. It takes a larger, manly device and turns it into a girly-lookin-thing.

Any body else agree? Or maybe I'm just one of a few?

For crying out loud, it's a *BLACK*Berry! LOL I'm sure it's a marketing decision, aimed at attracting a certain market - maybe women? I have read some reviews that actually state that the phone is too masculine.

Really? That's your comment? That's a mighty Labatts 50, sitting-around-in-your-underwear-scratching-your-balls-with-your-Blackberry-guy-thing comment - and while I wouldn't go for one myself (I'm imagining the grime the device will show just from daily use - and that's just not professional), I gotta say that the keyboard seems easier to view - black text on white keys - in a variety of ambient light situations.

And frankly, I be concerned if you consider the 9000 a "larger, manly device" in the first place. Just a friendly guy-to-guy-in-the-gym comment there.

Meanwhile, don't tell those Mac users you find their choice of color 'girly-lookin' - they're just wrong for other reasons...

Now, if I have a problem with a color choice, its the lavender 8520 - its not attractive and its really hard to view the chiclets. Now there I have to ask, "What was RIM thinking?"

Just secured the other half a white (black also on offer) pity I received my new black one just over a month ago as i paid $99!! Great deal Rogers and I am not normally a Rogers fan


a bunch of phones actually. i think it may be an answer to wind's release today.. possibly.

And remember, the sudden price drop of this (and other smartphones) has absolutely nothing to do with Wind Mobile going live this week.

Its purely, ahem...coincidental - and other price drops and changes to Plans as the others come online in the New Year have nothing to do with having to (at least) appear competitive...

You mean its less than a DOLLAR not penny. There are still 99 pennies in that price! Hope you really aren't a Math prof! :)

If you order it online they charge you $0.00 and jsut the normal administrative fee. They will also offer you the black one for the same price as I was offered both.