Rogers On Demand TV And Music Service For the Bold!

By Bla1ze on 19 Feb 2009 07:55 am EST
Rogers On Demand For BlackBerry!

Ahhhh, Rogers... the Canadian carrier Canadians love to hate. It has been a while since we picked on Rogers, maybe it's because for a while there they actually lowered their prices for BlackBerry and yes, even Windows Mobile and iPhone users or.. maybe it's because they were kind enough to not waste anytime in launching the BlackBerry Curve 8900 that we cut them some slack. Whatever it was it's now Rogers time to once again shine on the CrackBerry blogs.

This time we're gonna have a look at the Rogers "On Demand" service which brings us all wonderful things such as streaming XM Radio, Concert videos, TV shows and best of all, NHL Hockey video highlights and much more. For comparison sake AT&T gives away their cellular video service free to BlackBerry (Bold) users who subscribe to a $30 data plan or higher, Sprint of course has their Sprint TV available to all users on their "Simply Everything" plans and finally Verizon has their V-Cast Mobile TV. Now this is where Rogers comes in. Rogers is actually on par with Verizon here in terms of pricing, most likely because the services for the most part are identical across carriers.

So what's the gripe you may be asking? Rogers "On Demand" service pricing structure is set up like this: $15 for Unlimited Music or $15 Unlimited Clips, bundle up and get Unlimited Music incl. Radio and Unlimited Video Clips for $25. Cool! That's not too crazy and as stated is on par with Verizon. But Rogers offers a pay per use service as well, problem is on top of the charges you pay to download the clip ($1-$3) they also want to charge a "Transport Fee." What's that garbage Rogers?! I pay $30/month now for 6GB of data which you made me sign a seperate contract for and now in order to use my data, I have to pay a "Transport Fee" to even use a pay per use service? I will never understand the logic behind that and really the least you could do is give me a free 30 day trial or something along those lines. Then you'd maybe have more luck in getting me to take on the full package because the service really is cool. It even has a great on-device application and everything... just sayin, you know as a consumer, ya might wanna get me hooked before ya decide to turn me off from the service by nickel and diming me on data fees I'm already paying for ;)

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Rogers On Demand TV And Music Service For the Bold!


It is free. And should be for what you get. 1-2 minute clips from tv shows. It would be great if there was a way
(like the iphone does) to get entire shows / movies. but all I can find in there is short clips. What may be the problem is that it is not in the BB 9000 owners manual. i could not find it any where.

I dunno where u guys see this free stuff at, but everytime i go through that to find something good, i get to a page that says like $4.99 a month or something else dumb like that, this isn't what i call free, maybe those booty clips they show on the first page are, but all the hot shit is a monthly fee which is gay, all these phone service providers are a bunch of rapists they just pick different holes to invade

Hey, I hear you on the stupid fee crap, but please don't use the word "gay" so carelessly. You wouldn't use, say, the N word in this context, would you? It's not cool at all.

it doesnt make sens if you have a 6go plan to add extra fee to use the tv, that is ridiculous. they have to work on for sure...

Nickle and diming you to death is what Canada does best! That "free" healthcare we have even costs us $100 a month believe it or not (although I am aware the American media loves to portray it as "free" all the time) so ya - this is just how things go up here.

Transport Fee Schmansport Fee - just another made-up tax! Then again... customs once made me pay duty and a brokerage free on a shipment of my own laundry from Arizona once! It's just pathetic really.

As for the lower prices on the data plan... that was very short-lived, wasn't it? I was lucky enough to time my last paperwork to it, but it wasn't around for long (so I heard anyway.) I don't see why only ONE model phone gets the goodies either... I feel very left out!

Ex-Pat Deedee
Living in the land of nickels and dimes (fewer and fewer)

ATT pricing is NOT accurate!

Please see the following price options:
1. $30/mo internet plan you get the Cellular Video (CV) for free. The catch, this plan is not intended for Blackberry users even though some have received it in error.
2. $30/mo BIS plan. This does NOT include CV. I believe it's a $10/mo addon
3. $45/mo BES plan. This does NOT include CV.

This pricing is accurate as of Nov 2008.

I looked for the link in the Cingular business section but its down for maintenance.

I hope that helps.