Rogers customer care agents now getting their BlackBerry Bold 9900 training

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Bla1ze on 4 Aug 2011 01:40 pm EDT

We're still waiting for Rogers to come forth with their announcement of the Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and Torch 9860 but internally, they're already getting things well underway for launch. Customer care agents are now getting their training for what will hopefully be the first of the new devices out the door from Rogers -- the BlackBerry Bold 9900. When training begins, there is typically a two-week launch window there so that puts us directly in line with the rumored August 15 launch date.

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Rogers customer care agents now getting their BlackBerry Bold 9900 training


Lately training has been coming almost immediately before the release of the devices. Its as if Rogers doesnt want their employees to even know about these devices until just before the release date. I was at a store yesterday and they had 9810 dummy units behind the counter, so I would assume that is also just around the corner. So there may be some truth to the 9th after all. Fingers Crossed.

Rogers releases prices! but no date yet... sigh

Last night, BlackBerry held an exclusive event called #BB7FanNight to announce the arrival of their new BlackBerry devices: the new Bold 9900, Torch 9860 and the Torch 9810. All three will be joining Rogers lineup this summer and all three are capable of 14.4 Mbps 4G download speeds.

In addition to a special guest appearance from baseball legend Joe Carter, I also had a chance to catch up with BlackBerry expert, Jeff Gadway to take a look at these new devices and get the low-down on some of the new features and functionality. Video coming soon.

The Torch 9860 will be Rogers first all-touch BlackBerry smartphone. It runs on BlackBerry 7 OS, has a 5.0MP camera with flash, 720p HD video recording capability and 4GB on-board flash memory. This smartphone will cost $199.99 with select three-year plans.

For those that can’t live without the full keyboard, you’ll want to check out both the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9810 that come with both touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard. The Bold 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet, at only 10.5mm. The Torch 9810 has a large 3.2” high resolution display. Both smartphones run the latest BlackBerry 7 OS and come with 5.0 MP cameras with flash and 720p HD video recording capability. The Bold 9900 will be $249.99 and the Torch 9810 will be $199.99 with select three year plans.

What do you think of the latest BlackBerry devices?