Rogers pricing for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 confirmed

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 9360
By Michelle Haag on 29 Aug 2011 06:42 pm EDT

Not one to be left out when new devices are in the air, Rogers official pricing for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 has been confirmed. If the new Curve is of interest to you, then you will be pleased to see that you can pick one up for $349.99 off contract or as low as $49.99 on a 3 year plan with appropriate voice/data package. If you're not keen on being locked into 3 years with an entry level BlackBerry, you can do a 1 or 2 year contract instead for $149 and $99 respectively.

When will this device be available on Rogers? It's "coming soon", of course, though word around Twitter is it will be out in time for back to school.

Source: MobileSyrup

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Rogers pricing for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 confirmed


New curve looks so nice. I want it. I also want the Bold 9900. But between the two I want the Bold more.

Thank god for crackberry. Seems to that they are more reliable than Robbers. I just went to a Robbers store today and the rep didn't mention this at all.

Glad to hear it, but I'm confused, when does school start in Canada? We have been back for almost 3 weeks already.

The 1 and 2 year term prices really excite me to be honest. Though I have no interest in this phone, I've never see Rogers (or any other Canadian carrier) offer such cheap phone prices on 1 and 2 year terms. Usually it's $149-199 for 3 year etrm, then the price skyrockets to $499+ for 2 year terms.