Rogers confirms BlackBerry PlayBook sales to begin early next year

By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2010 01:09 pm EST

Today in Toronto, Rogers is hosting their half-day, TabLifeTO conference to showcase how tablets are changing people’s lives. Be it in how they work, how they play or just simply how they live in general. Having brought in many guest speakers from various companies, Research In Motion's David Neale, Vice President of Special Projects is among them to speak about the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some interesting news has already come out of the Rogers TabLifeTO event though for us BlackBerry fans. In what is almost a follow up to our CrackBerry Podcast conversation regarding how the BlackBerry PlayBook will be sold, Rogers has confirmed that starting early next year they will be adding the BlackBerry PlayBook to their already existing line of tablets. Pretty awesome!

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Rogers confirms BlackBerry PlayBook sales to begin early next year


Rogers is carrying this PlayBook in 3G sooner than we think!!

Watch the video again and notice the definite "smirk" on his face when he mentions the fact Rogers will carry the PlayBook 3G when it is available. I think it is coming out at the launch along with a WiFi model.

Personally I would not get the Playbook when it comes out, I'll rather wait until the second gen comes out and the problems with it are fixed.

The Ipad has an endless array of problems which are going to be fixed for the next gen, IMO the next gen Ipad is going to be way better than the first Gen playbook... i guess their is nothing left to say but... let the cat and mouse game begin!

Blackberry is not Apple. Heck, this Playbook wont even be like other BB releases. RIM knows the world is truly watching this one, and with the acquisition of QNX and 't.a.t." I believe the first gen will totally be what it needs to be. The second generation wait for top-end electronics will be a thing of the past. Just wait....

Yes, confirmation that it will be sold through carrier channels and that Rogers will be one of those carriers.

They also mentioned that they will be promoting the data plan sharing between devices. So... a lot new here.

so hopefully we do have to sign up for a contract for 3 years just for the 600 price.

I hope it is 600 for 32GB no contract. Any more details bla1ze?

No pricing information was released. Saw a pretty good demo of the playbook running high def video, watching another internet video, and browsing photos all at the same time. Claim was that the device still hasn't been optimized, but multi-tasking looked pretty slick

In the above video he said that Rogers will be carrying it 'next year' and not 'EARLY next year' like the header of this article states.

So when is it? Early next year or just sometime next year?

The important news here is the PlayBook will be coming out with 3G capabilities early in the new year, not later as some have speculated. So, we'll see a WiFi and 3G PlayBook! Hippee!!!

Also, with the carriers on board, we can see some discounted pricing with 2-3 year commitments with that carrier.

Is Rogers going to sell these bundled with a wireless hotspot like Verizon and the ipad? Seems like the only way they could get a new data contract for a wifi only device.

Ouch, nothing like timing the release of a new product a few weeks AFTER the biggest shopping season of the year. Let's see how it goes.

RIM has never needed holiday periods to sell products. Look at their sales for the last four years and you'll see a constant move upwards quarter after quarter. They don't have a dip after the holiday seasons. This idea that the market will be tapped because it's after christmas is getting tired.

Agreed. Sure, there is a larger volume of crap being moved off of shelves to be given as gifts around Xmas. But think about how people shop now, as compared to 1988. Amazon and eBay deliver items to your door. Steve Jobs announces his new i_______, which is really cool even though we don't know why we need it, and millions are lined up on release day to buy it.

Besides, productivity/communications devices are something you buy for yourself because you plan on integrating it into your life. People don't wait for a particular season to buy that sort of thing.

At first it bothered me about the playbook not being released for xmas, but the more I think of it, the more I don't care. I agree with ya all - sales are gonna be awesome for the device, its going to do well... Regardless of when it is released.

You can always give a gift card to someone who wants the PlayBook. Didn't Best Buy also say they will sell the PlayBook?

We buy BB products for what they are, not when they come out. A 'Professional" Tablet isn't a toy and does not have to be released when the other toys are released. Basically if you are getting a PlayBook, you will. Regardless of timing.

I hope the Playbook won't be only sold by carriers, especially Rogers. Rogers will probably make you buy a separate data plan for your cellphone and the Playbook, probably LOCKED to Rogers only. Why would I want a separate data plan when i can tether it to my BB?

Hopefully Futureshop, Bestbuy etc will also carry the Playbook.

I'm hoping for FS & BB as well, as there would be nothing worse then going to Rogers and being refused because I am not a Rogers customer. This is something I can see Rogers doing very easily...

Even if it is sold through Futureshop and Best Buy, there's no guarantee that it won't be locked to Rogers or Fido (the two of them being essentially the same company).

If anyone who already owns a Blackberry could get a discount for the data plan on a Playbook and the data could be used on 'both' devices, I'd be sold....

Also if I had $600 to spend on what is essentially (for me anyways) a toy :\

I wonder if this means that the PB will be released "early early" next year, seeing as that past device roll outs almost always hit the US market before the Canadian. I'm getting pretty excited folks! Can't wait to get my PlayBook... Hey? Anyone wanna by a HP mini off of me? - LoL

Ooh, look! Yet another tablet with yet another OS, offering us more new ways of buying yet another set of Apps, yet, perversely, capable of doing less than we really would like tablets to do with less connectivity.

All this while still ignoring some of the very real challenges and issues that current users have with the millions of BBs already out there. Clearly, they really are learning from Apple.

unsubstantiated ranting.... Where is the basis for any of this?? Problems for millions?? Please make it clear!

Where is everyone hearing "early next year". I just hear him say "next year".
That could be December 2011. This little video says nothing other than Roger's will carry it in 2011 it confirms nothing about a release date...
EDIT: I listened again and this is the exact quote: "As a long standing partner of Research In Motion we are also excited to announce that we'll be carrying the Research In Motion Playbook next year. We'll start with the wifi and roll out the 3G when it is available."

I have not yet figured out the need for an Ipad. But I do see where I could buy the Playbook. Playbook just seems like it has the features I need. Plus, the 7" screen would definitely be more portable and a great ereader.
I see the day where BB will be releasing a 10" tablet also for those who need something bigger. I'm looking forward to the release and I'll probably be buying one.

I know I'm really going to want a PB. I stare at my 9700 so many hours a day that I feel like I'm going blind with the small screen. But what advantage really would there be in a PB over tethering my Rogers 9700 to a $200 netbook? Portability and slickness? But at some point value for money has to factor for me.

RIM has become a follower in all aspects! PLaybook?? WTF! I love the way RIM operates, they anounce a device and then you wait for approx 1 year for it to arrive to the end consumer. By the time they start selling the playbook they will be eating dust and wondering why they failed... Other companies announce a product and they start selling it in a matter of days....

+1 Pastornordel!

I can't think of a single product that has 'days' of hype time and releases to the masses with a huge following...??

So if RIM thinks that is the way to go then you follow.... Looking at the market share RIM had at the begining of the year and now i would recommend they employ someone who thinks a tablet or phone should be released so after the announce it....

Hey folks...I think something is up here!

Watch the end of the Rogers video announcement again...he definitely "smirks" at the mention of the 3G release of PlayBook. Small details I know, however, I think something is developing here. I don't think RIM released all it's info...why should it. Save some for upside surprises.

Many have underestimated RIM...there is definitely more than meets the eye here!!

So it will launch right as the millions of people who got iPads for Christmas are falling in love with them...nice work RIM.