Rogers brings back 6GB/$30 data plans for a limited time

By Michelle Haag on 6 Aug 2011 05:09 pm EDT

Listen up Canadians, Rogers is bringing back one of their most popular deals. From now until September 30th you can add the 6GB/$30 data plan for your smartphone to a voice plan with a three-year term. You can also share this data plan with another device starting at $10/month per device, with up to four devices being allowed. And new or existing customers on the My10 Promo Plan can upgrade their data allowance from 1GB to 6GB for an additional $10/month.


  • You must have a voice plan in order to add the 6GB/$30 and it’s available with a three year term only. Tethering is included at no extra charge.
  • For sharing options, your primary line must be a smartphone with a three year term and your secondary device can be any of the following:
    • Tablet
    • Rocket Stick
    • Netbook or laptop with embedded Rocket Stick
    • Rocket Mobile Hotspot
Looks like a pretty enticing deal to go along with a fresh new BlackBerry, I think. If you're on Rogers, do you plan on taking advantage of this offer?

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Rogers brings back 6GB/$30 data plans for a limited time


Just called Rogers now to get some info on this deal and about the BB9900. The agent told me that the reason this package has just came out is because the iPhone 5 is coming out. I know many of you on this may not care to much about the iPhone 5 but its info nonetheless. I then went on and asked about the 9900 and the agent told me that I have a lot of time if I want an early upgrade and that the new Bold would be coming out SOMETIME in LATE September anyway. Each month the price goes down about $15 so the agent advised me if this is the phone I want then I should wait. They also said that the phone would probably come with a mail in rebate so instead of $249.99 it would be 199.99 just like the Torch 9800 when it just came out.

Are you serious?
Then what is all this stuff that crackberry is posting about coming soon.
RIM said that phones will be launching 'late late August'

I'm guessing that this must mean August 29, 30 or 31st.

I think that all the other stuff is just made up stuff by various people so that these sites have something to write about.

I wish that this stuff would be verified before it is posted.

I can only hope that this particular agent was new and didn't know what they were talking about. But these are the facts that they told me while I was speaking to them. I did not mention the iPhone 5 at all, they were the ones to bring it up. I find it strange that they said late September because of all the release leaks that have been coming out. But I can confirm that there was no misunderstanding in the information I was provided. So I guess we need to sit back and wait and see what happens..

I find that very hard to believe given that the iPhone 5 will not come out until late September or even October. If that plan was for the iPhone, it would've come out when the iPhone comes out. This plan os out because Rogers is hoping to attract new customers or renewals with higher mobile billing accounts. Want proof? Just have a look a the latest Rogers quarterly results - revenue from voice calling is flat and Rogers believes the future is in increasing revenue through data.

Take it with a grain of salt then. Thats what the agent said. Like I said, its possible they didn't know what they were talking about. And no I don't care enough to go read Rogers' quarterly statements.

I agree with you. I too spoke with a rogers rep and asked him about the bold 9900. He said approximately September 15.

That rep had absolutely no idea what he/she was talking about. The 9900 and the 9810 are already in the upgrade flow so they will more than likely launch this week or early next week. Second, all phones come with a $50 rebate on an upgrade, however, the bold is 299.99 with a $50 rebate plus a $35 administration fee if you are looking to upgrade. Upgrade prices are all $50 more than new customer pricing and the $50 rebate brings you to new customer pricing. There is also no way that a call center rep would have any info on the iphone5 release date. Lastly, the 6GB relaunch is primarily for the HTC EVO 3D, the Samsung Infuse 4G and the LG Optimus 3D.

I called in yesterday to inquire about 6gb, and I was lucky enough to add it for 10 to my voice plan like you mentioned above. Now I love my plan, and rogers.. I just need the new BB's to come out!

Only on a 3 year plan. *sigh* I hope Wind gets some of these new phones. Why does Rogers make it so hard for me to give them my money???

yea i know... way too expensive compared to wind, and hopefully they'll get the phones soon, i don't see any reason for them not to...

I have it now. I have the blackberry plan, ulimited texting, caller display and 6.5 gigs of data for 75 ish. High yes, but no I won't be afraid to watch things.

Yup, pretty much negotiated the same thing with Rogers. After 50 mins of being on the phone I got:
-Unlimited txt (international too)
-Call ID / Display
-300 minutes
-Unlimited Evenings and Weekends starting at 6pm
-And my 6 gigs to which I can tether

All for around 73 bucks.

I've been with Rogers since 2002, so I have some stuff Grandfathered in. But you're right, won't be afraid to watch video and stream music when the mood strikes me.


Man...As a American, I gotta say, that whole packaged deal almost makes me cry. That is, until I remembered about the 3 year lock-in you all have for contracts....If you guys had the 1/2 year format we did, I'd be raging hard.

SS -__-

I guess in the U.S. having a family plan is the best way to go. On T-mobile I am on a family plan with 4 others (5 total) and our plan is unlimited minutes/text/picture mail and 2GB of fast speed data with unlimited slow speed after that. We pay $245+ tax for all 5 lines and 2 of the lines have $7.99/month insurance. None of us ever pass 150MB of data/month on the network. Most of our internet usage is on Wi-Fi.

Just got it too.

-300 minutes
-evening/weekends from 6PM
-unlimited text/video/picture messaging
-Call Display and Name Display but no voicemail
-6GB data
-$10 discount

$67.60 after tax

were you an existing customer? if so did you have to extend your contract to another 3 years? how did you get this plan? sounds really good
what did you say to them?

I'm paying waaaay too much for mine and not really getting to use my BB to it's full potential

Jus callin and ask for the $30 voice plan and $30 6gig data plan and that's all nothing special. But the $10 discount I got before they stopped offering through retentions but not sure if they will allow it if you make up some bs like you lost your job or something.

Does anyone know of any good BES plans? i'm still paying $45 for 1 gig and i want to lower that... I almost want to get rid of BES and get this...but obviously lose out on a number of features if i do.

I have the 6gb and i'm on BES. When this plan was first offered there was a code circulating in the forums that you could give to the rogers rep and all though they had no idea what it was it would add BES to the 6gb plan. i'm not sure if it still exists or what it was but dont let rogers tell you that you cant get 6bg with BES.

Awesome... you wouldn't by any chance know that code would you? I've been trying to look for the code but haven't had much luck!..

Telus has a 6 gig for 30 add on as well, now. Don't know if I can port over - but worth asking them!

Curve 8330 CDMA w/OS5 hybrid for bridging (eww, I know, u/g to Torch2 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

So who do i talk to so i can get this deal?
Do i talk to retention?

i'm currently paying $84/month
Unlimited weekends/6pm on weekdays
200 minutes
caller ID
250 texts incoming/outgoing

pretty expensive isn't it?
if i decide to get this 6gb is it an extra $30 to my current bill?
And does changing my plan extend the contract?

Your contract will be extended but its only $5 more than what you're already paying. Yeah that's an expensive plan. I pay $64 for 2 phones, one of which has data and both of which have 2625 outgoing texts, 250 minutes, 250 incoming, free evening weekends (starting at 6), caller id, vm. That's two different phones

i added the 10 buck 6gb to my voice plan and my contract WASN'T extended now i have
Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes starting at 6
250 Weekday Minutes
Messaging Bundle Unlimited
MY10 Canada-wide Talk & Text
caller Id and Voicemail
and 100 canadian long distance min

all for 54.35 plus taxes

I have never bought a phone on a plan just to get a cheaper phone but if I was to lock myself in for a 3 year data plan then I also may as well get a phone (9900) out of it.

For those in the know, how much radio does streaming through TuneIN app costs? More specifically, I want to stream a radio station for an hour while I go for a walk - the walk will be in a 3G area. How much data would streaming a station for an hour cost?

Yay! I got it! But they're having some issues turning on the tethering & making it shareable. Terry-Anne at Rogers was awesome though...

WARNING WARNING - For people adding the 6 gig data plan, make sure you get the correct data plan. Ask them if tethering is included and insist that they check their computers for a line item that specifically provides the tethering code!!!!!!!!

I changed mine on the weekend but after seeing what DaiC posted above, I called back today to enquire about tethering. And it's a good thing I did.

The rep, who has been very pleasant, said the 6 gig plan that I added does NOT have tethering included. The 6 gig plan I added allowed for "sharing" but not for "tethering"; he is now in the process of putting on the correct 6 gig data plan that includes tethering. According to him, Rogers has two 6 gig data plans that are available for $30.00; both include "sharing" but only one also includes "tethering".

I have now been on the phone with Rogers for over 31 minutes now to rectify this. And at this stage, they have had to institute a trouble ticket in order to rectify the mistake. I've been told that this could take up to 72 hours to correct and advised not to attempt to tether my Playbook with my phone in case I am charged extra for it. I've been given a reference number and a trouble ticket number. :(

So, be warned before you change and if you have changed, you might want to call back to confirm that tethering has been included.