Rogers Bold Unlock Code Contest Winners!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2008 01:48 am EDT

Here are the 10 lucky members who have Won a FREE Unlock Code for the Rogers BlackBerry Bold courtesy of

  • xxgunnerxx
  • mdonders
  • Snoopster J
  • zerosan
  • 7ma
  • youzang
  • SurrealCivic
  • pnporsche
  • CarBob
  • just_curious
Thanks to everyone who participated! If you didn't win, stay tuned... we'll definitely be doing some more FREE UNLOCK CODE contests down the road (and for more carriers and device models). BIG Thanks again to for supplying the codes. And to the lucky winners... watch your email... you'll be getting an email from BBEnriched with further information on claiming your prize shortly!

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Reader comments

Rogers Bold Unlock Code Contest Winners!


To the winners...nice one!

Kudos to BBEnriched for the codes & props to Crackberry for hosting this contest!

@sbobadilla: You're not the only one ;)

Better luck next time to the rest of us!

My Rogers Bold was bought on a 3 year contract... If I unlock it, does that void the warranty from Rogers or Rim???