Rogers Bold Sightings & Release Date Rumors Update!

Rogers Cup
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jul 2008 11:05 am EDT

The Rogers Cup Men's Tennis tournament got rolling this past weekend in Toronto, and within the Rogers Clubhouse three shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9000s are on display. Big Thanks to Richard and Andrew who were both in attendance and both sent us in pics and comments! You can check out more eyecandy shots after the jump. As for their reactions to seeing the Bold live for the first time? "Amazing" and "SO Smooth" describe the device. And in true CrackBerry Addict fashion they did their best to get release date info out of the Rogers peeps working but received mixed answers: one said early August, another said late August, and  another acknowledged the precise date of August 25th with a wink. ;)  more after the jump

Rogers Release Date Rumors

As for what I'm hearing... well, my head is going to explode soon. My most recent info from a trusted and reliable source is the info I want to believe:

- Rogers gave final approval to the Bold's code yesterday, and as previously rumored the Rogers Bold press release should still go out This Friday (July 25th), and the device will hit Sales Central early next week and you should be able to walk into a Rogers outlet and pick one up for the long weekend (so very early August).

But at the same time I've now received conflicting tips that say mid-August, late-August and even one tip that suggests it will be delayed until SEPTEMBER 27th (shoot me now if that's true cause I can't hold out that long). Now you know why my head is going to explode. Please Rogers...let us have an official word on the Bold's release SOOON.

More Rogers Cup BlackBerry Bold Images

Rogers Cup Bold

Rogers Cup Bold

Rogers Cup Bold

Rogers Cup Bold

Rogers Cup Bold

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Rogers Bold Sightings & Release Date Rumors Update!


wow thats super cool thanks for posting the pics , cant wait till the release I was just talking with some fellow crackberry fans as too the launch date these pictures will help us calm our selves some lol


Oh goodie. I'll be attending the Women Rogers Cup in Montreal next week so I hope they have theme there also.

Another month of agony waiting for the Bold :(
It loooks sooo goood!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!!
Aug 25th can't come any sooner :/

Hey Now... Have some faith...

I am from Winnipeg and am 2nd on a waiting list until the bold comes in.

The person I am dealing with went to another ROGERS location and took the list. If they are taking on waiting lists.. I think its coming sooner then we think.


From the past couple of month's rumors from whomever , there are REALLY no reliable sources besides Ted Rogers himself.

So all dates that thrown out there are just unfounded and just hearsay, let's not hold our breathe.

I've had the privilege to play with an actual blackberry bold, i can say, its one of if not THEE most spectacular blackberry to date (excluding the thunder due to not being released yet), screen is superb, the look and feel of the device will surely be enough to smash all competitors!

Why does the info card next to the Bold say expandable to 8GB - shouldn't it say 16GB or 32GB in the future? maybe it's just because 16GB isn't out yet?

does anyone know if the OS will limit the size of the card?

I was one of the people who sent in the pictures, and I asked the rep if the Bold was only expandable to 8GB, but he said the memory could be expanded to 32GB.

I don't think I could hold out if Rogers doesn't announce the Bold's release date soon. Obviously the sooner the date the better, but actually knowing would help calm my nerves. These pictures are certainly promising!
Thanks for the photos Andrew and Richard!

Did you want a cookie or something?...the forums are full of people who have em, don't let your head get stuck in the exit.

Ughh!! The pics are a MASSIVE tease, especially for Rogers customers...I really hope the July 25Th date sticks.

I just called my local Rogers store in Sudbury and they are telling me that they are expecting them tomorrow, the 23rd? I called *611 and talked to a representative about a hardware upgrade to the Bold from my Pearl and he said it would be available somewhere between the 25th and 28th. These are all JULY dates, not August. ???? Who knows ???? I don't understand why it is so secretive and confusing.

Hey guys/girls, The much anticipated date of July 25th looks like a false alarm, I spoke with a Rogers rep this afternoon and asked wwhen we will see the BOLD, And he said late Aug, He also said it will be worth the wait.
So yeah, Another month of waiting and agony :(

Well I was in a AT&T store today in Sacramento and they told me that the BOLD will be available in the next quarter???!!!! Probably september..SUX

Ugh! Such one really knows what the date is at this point, seemingly Rogers reps don't even...too much conflicting information, gonna have to wait till Friday and see...after Friday..if no announcement from Rogers/RIM..go back to the waiting game for August I guess.

This is one of those cases where knowing too much information...too far ahead of time, kills the brain...sometimes we are better off not knowing certain things lol!!

I obviously can"t say for sure but here is the number of the Rogers store that says they will be in tomorrow 705-560-5747.

I work retail and when certian items come out on a certian date we have them way in advance, just can't sell them until the "release date". EX: Nintendo Wii was a big one.... We didnt get that in on the "release date", we got it weeks before. So they could be getting them tomorrow or whenever, just not for sale lol.

they told me that orders come in at 11am. they do not know what is in them. listen if you guys have called your stores and they said otherwise....then thats probably the truth.....just letting you know what my store has been saying.

That sure is interesting, Like I said before. I spoke to a rep from a Brampton location and he says Aug. It wouldn't hurt to call that Sudbury store to see what they say about it.

And everyone jumped on At&t for not releasing the bold. I'm sorry I love At&t, well it's still Cingular to me. Anyway I think we are all tired of waiting for the bold/Javelin/Thunderstorm/Kickstart. I feel bad for the local Att store when the new Blackberries come out because I'll be fighting for an early upgrade threatening to go back to Verizon even though that will never happen. I feel for you Kevin at lest I didn't get to us the bold or even see it yet only to lose it hope you get a new one sooner that latter.

I can't wait any longer...I'm dying to get myself one of them! I keep bugging a coworker of mine that works for a store that distributes Rogers phones as to when the exact release date is. As far as he knows it's suppose to be this Friday! But not sure how updated they are.

I'm sure the only limit on expanding the memory is how huge they decide to make microSD HC cards.

I have an 8GB on my pearl running OS and it works like a dream.

I've seen pics of a 16GB card and I've heard of a 32GB on the horizon. It can only get better.

Too bad iphones can't be expanded...and they don't have removable batteries...and they don't record video or send MMS among many other things you might expect from ANY cell phone.

I am literally salivating looking at the Bold pics. I was 1 inch from the screen trying to make out all the specs.

Has anyone heard anything about pricing for Rogers? I hope its not ridiculous. I really want to upgrade.

I really like the red numbers, they do jump out at you. Bad news: I talked with a T-Mobile store rep and he said it looked like T-Mo was hesitant about offering the Bold because it is too expensive to offer an upgrade, or even new phone, deal on (he mention $850 to $1000 US). I hope this is not true. If T-Mobile is reading: "Please give us a chance to at least buy it if we want!" I don't know about you, but I have been saving for one of the newbies.

rumours were $199, now rumours are $299 (both with a 3 year contract), but I highly doubt it. The 8820 is going for $349, so I would think $299 is a little low.....?

The Sudbury store and spoke to a rep. She says it should be officially released by Friday, She didn't see it on her shipping list so I don't know what that entales??. So if it's true we should be able to get it next week :)
I'm freakin' pumped for the BOLD!!

You need to order it in Sales Central, so if they didn't do that, then they won't be getting phones. Rogers doesn't just ship phones without ordering them.

So if all holds for this Friday ... a news release would be released saying that the bold is now available for purchase.

Was this the same with past bb's ? What's the big deal with giving a date in advance?

No matter how I see, the design of Bold is not my taste.... Sure, the name is Bold - it has to be bold looking but it seems to be a but outdated design... In my opinion, Curve is prettier (but I have Pearl). I am not a big fan of touch screen but Thunder's design looks more modern and sleek, and appeals to both men and women.

One benchmark to keep in mind: When Rogers announced their 3G smartphone data plan ($30/month for 6GB data transfer) prior to the July 11 iPhone launch, they included the Blackberry Bold in a full page Globe and Mail ad for this plan. But this offer is supposed to expire September 1.

Either Rogers and RIM need to deliver Blackberries in sufficient time to meet all initial user demand at this price or the data plan offering will have to be extended to maintain credibility.

My suspicion is that Rogers will continue to offer a data plan close to this pricing in any event.

As for the Bold itself, I have seen one and agree with all the comments about the display. It's when you see it used with Office documents that you realize this will be the business smartphone of choice.

I called Rogers yesterday to ask about upgrading my current handset (Pearl) to the Bold, and they said that it would be available Mid-August. I then called a Rogers Plus store in one of the malls around here (I had to call them like 20 times... they were either busy, or didn't answer the phone >:[) and they said it was coming around August 15.

I'm in Calgary. I really hope it comes out this Friday though... or I will be a sad panda.

Just called Rogers store the girl said it should have been there yesterday and they dont know why it is not yet

What do you think will happen tomorrow???
Do we get the good news that we all have been waiting for or do we get dissapointed??, I hope that it get released by Rogers tomorrow. This is killing me, I want the BOLD already!!!

Since RIM doesnt give a damm about us and i am sure they are seeing whats going on in the Forums lets all decide not to buy the BOLD and send a signed letter by all of us saying if they cant treat us like they should as their best costumers so they should go and look for others
the minimum they could have done is give us a aunch date but they are having fun looking at us bagging for thier handset which we are buying with top Money if you are for it put your thoughts in this forum