Rogers Bold Owner? Upgrade Your Operating System Now!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Oct 2008 03:39 pm EDT

Rogers BlackBerry Bold OS update

Listen up Rogers BlackBerry Bold owners... you now know what you're doing this weekend! Rogers has officially released updated device software for the Rogers BlackBerry Bold, in the form of version If you're still running the original operating system that your Bold shipped with (version, you will want to upgrade ASAP.

Based on my observations, as well as those of hundreds of members in the CrackBerry Forums who have been updating their OS with every leaked beta that pops up in the wild, you'll experience greater device stability, better battery life, improved web browsing, less dropped calls, better memory management... basically BETTER EVERYTHING. Be sure to spread the word to every Rogers Bold owner you know... they will thank you for it. If you're a newbie to the process of updating your Berry's OS, the links below will guide you through it. And if you run into any issues, help is only a few clicks away... you'll find all of the friendly support you need in our Help & Discussion Forums.

Upgrade Your Rogers BlackBerry Bold's OS:

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Rogers Bold Owner? Upgrade Your Operating System Now!!!


Haha! Ya, they know how to read how Orange pulled theirs due to software and hardware issues and they don't wanna have to pull the same strategic moves and lose sales profit, so instead they get the "official" updates to ward off some of the issues in the device and hopefully appease customers minds in the meantime.

First of all, thank you Kevin!

The new OS is, without a doubt, very tempting... but the only problem I have is the following.

I just download an OS version from PCCW (because I want to be able to read chinese and type chinese)

Can anyone who is planning to do this rogers upgrade let everyone know whether it allows the user to read and type chinese?

If it can.. I AM THERE!

The languages and support are loaded through the .cod files, technically you could just copy and paste the chinese language .cod files from one OS install folder to the other OS folder, edit the BlackBerry.alx file and then load it through desktop manager in the language selection..but don't attempt this if I lost you at the mention of .cod files lol.

If it's when you're starting to install the OS to your PC, redownload it..the file is corrupt.

If it's when your updating your device and Desktop manager is giving you the error, delete the vendor.xml(if you are not a rogers customer)..restart your PC and restart Desktop manager.

i have the leaked version on the bold right now, but does it matter if i upgrade the officially one from rogers?

right now i have the leaked .162 on my bold, will there be any differences vs the official version? will the DM still consider it an upgrade?

Just upgraded from the original Rogers .125 to the new .162 and it worked like a dream - thanks to the Crackberry tutorial I followed. As the first OS upgrade I've ever done - and I've had a BB for years - I would have been a bit lost without it.

Thanks to this site for making it all so easy.

I just installed the lastest OS for the Bold, I had a message window that said that was installed. I seem to have some connectivity issues and re-booted my device 3 times. But after the 3rd re-boot things seem to be working out fine. I hope all the bugs that were apparent will be resolved by installing the new OS.
Thanks to Kevin for letting everyone aware.

I upgraded and now I don't have service books showing up for Browser or BB Maps. So... yeah, the upgrade is broken. Par for the course with this phone.

Even after a second install of this Rogers release where I deleted the vendor file the phone is still completely roger'd. Facebook give me a message that the service plan I am on doesn't support it. Won't let me light up opera and has totally taken over my BB web browser. I liked my unrogered version .150 that was stable and I was happy with it. Afer 15 minutes of this I'm going to go back to .15o or find something else...

wow! these is all ive waiting for.. im so excited to upgrade my unit. thanks for the information!!more power BB..

I reverted back from .167 and its a nightmare.

The Rogers Mall now pops up anytime I try and access including when I try and back door into it via google search. The Rogers Mall tells me to log into youtube via "friends" section of the Rogers Mall. Yet, youtube is not listed...I'll be calling Rogers on Tuesday after the Thanksgiving holiday on Monday.

Is this IP filtering? Sure sounds like it to me.
I have yet to try and access it via WiFi.

But works fine.

Weird weird weird. Going to try downgrading from .167 to .162 also and see what happens.

NOW..big point here though for people who don't like to use anything but officially released operaating systems.. upgrading from .125 to .162 will be a HUGE improvement.

Treatz figured *part* of it out:

and in HoFo.

Sounds like when we bookmarked a webpage while on WiFi the
browser in .162 tries to open it exclusively in the Rogers Mall browser (as WiFi). Even if WiFi is off.

I edited the bookmark to open in "Internet Browser"
but is sporadic now. I can open the webpage 100% of the time, but it gives an error 98% of the time it can't play the file. Usually after 30 seconds or so. It looks like it will play (even displays the time remaining) then it errors out.

Hey i seen your post on Crack berry .com
did you ever figure out how to downgrade from the
stupid rogers upgrade?

please if you can let me know , i hate this ROGERISED version,
all my e-mail now are coming late, some not at all
please help

I did the upgrade this morning; the entire process was totally seamless; it even reregistered on my Rogers account automatically. Immediately I found:

1. The browser is much faster and renders many more websites correctly (i.e. - same experience as with the PC web version). For instance, now comes up with the web version for PC's instead of randomly choosing to bring up the PC version or the mobile version. There still needs to be some work to speed up handling of "scripts". But several websites I tested come up as quickly as on the iPhone (which I also have for reference/comparison purposes).

2. YouTube videos, while occasionally putting the video "on hold" while "buffering" do not stall completely when "buffering" as they did previously. Basically I can now view a complete YouTube video, occassionally with "buffering" interruptions.

I am running the Bold over a WiFi network for these tests.

Other performance issues, such as battery life, fewer dropped calls (not a problem I had experienced over four weeks' use) and memory management, require use over a few days to really confirm that they have been addressed.

Ensure you are running the latest 4.6 Desktop Manager (b015 build). Also earlier this week I found that I needed to rebuild my Windows setup on my PC to get Desktop Manager 4.6 working properly. Registry cleaners and malware detectors could not find any problem (Desktop Manager was not my only problem application). I guess my Windows registry had become constipated with all the installs/uninstalls I have done over the past 15 months when I last did a rebuild.

Well tried the upgrade it failed part way through and now BB will not connect to PC

rebooted both and still no luck

Great job RIM


I have to add that I have completed the upgrade now. Don't know what it was that stopped the first couple attempts but it did go through.


did rogers ever F'ed this one up pretty badly?? nothing works, service book, facebook, now brower is Rogers mall, goin to 167 again

I got very excited when I saw this but I just called Rogers Tech Support about instructions on the update and they told me not to install it. They said that Rogers is not endorsing this patch yet because there too many problems with it, including disappearance of the browser icon. (The update is from Blackberry, not Rogers.) The guy said to wait for Rogers to formally announce the next patch when it's 100% problem free. don't know if this helps anyone or makes them feel shitty.

I wouldn't trust what the Rogers Tech Support guy said. They probably don't even know about this update yet. This is the latest version endorsed by Rogers (or else it wouldn't be available for download from

Have any one can advise when I use unlock rogers Bold to
upgrade new Bold rogers OS will be damage ? or that one is
unlock version Rogers OS for update ? thanks..


i use a german bb bold 9000 from tmobile in the german vodafone net with os (platform

do you think it is possible to install the rogers updated device software and use the bold in the vodafone net.

thank you for answer in advance.

To comment, first, on the upgrade's availability, Kevin links us to the site where one normally obtains Rogers-specific upgrades (even from Rogers site). The .162 upgrade is the only version offered for the Blackberry 9000 Bold.

After two days I can report on one additional observation re the battery. With the previous version I found it best to recharge the device overnight daily. With the new firmware, installed Saturday morning after a total recharge (always advisable before doing any firmware upgrade), and moderately heavy usage of the browser (whose icon has NOT disappeared) over the past two days mostly over WiFi (which traditionally challenges battery life on any smartphone), I still am showing I have 40% of my battery.

As I have been celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in a region that only has EDGE coverage I will need to see if 3G has any battery life impact on returning to the Toronto area in a couple of days.

yeah... i don't like this rogers inspired .162. I had the EastAsia version, which worked like a dream, but decided to transfer to the rogers one. browser is the rogers mall, all the IM apps aren't working, especially google talk, all regular apps are all over the place. biggest difference i had noticed is that its a lot slower, load time is slow

Looks like they upped the Version #. When I follow the link I wind up at ...

Software Download for Rogers Wireless Inc.

Downloading BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.292 (Multilanguage)

Does anybody know how to
go back to the 460.125 version?

Im really disapointed , it use to work allot better and had more features. Now its al ROGERISED..
frankly it SUCKS .