Rogers Bold Drops in Price by $100 After 6 Weeks!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Oct 2008 04:48 am EDT

Rogers BlackBerry Bold at $299 (click for BIG SMASH Surprise) Update: New Rogers October 1st Rate Card is out. Click Here for pdf. *

The boys over at BlackBerry Cool posted a leaked document yesterday outlining October Hardware Pricing Updates for Rogers. Since its release in late August, the BlackBerry Bold has been selling for $399 on a 3 year contract.

According to this document and effective today, October 1st, the BlackBerry Bold should now be available from Rogers for $299 on a 3 year contract - the same price as the iPhone 3G.

I received a few emails from angry CrackBerry Readers / Rogers Bold customers since this news broke letting me know of their displeasure, having just paid the $399 price in the past few days. Two people suggested it was time for another KEVIN SMASH... hence the image to the left (poor Ted). While I can understand the wanting to SMASH, I don't think this quite calls for a FULL BLOWN SMASH. Sure, the Bold should have started out at the $299 price point, but us gadget fiends are used to paying a premium to get our grubby fingers on the cool toys first and it is the nature of the Robers beast for us to get taken for all we're worth. I've now purchased a total of five Bolds from Rogers (a couple for me and a few sent off to friends), but only one was on contract. Now if Rogers would have lowered the $650 + tax off contract price, then I realllly would have SMASHED. 5 Bolds in 6 weeks isn't that bad though - at least I'm trying everything I can to get RIM's share price back up!!

You can check out the full document here, that also features hardware pricing updates on other BlackBerry and Windows Mobile models available from Rogers.

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Rogers Bold Drops in Price by $100 After 6 Weeks!


I am soooo glad I returned my Bold after only a week. So how can they now sell the 8820 for $349 ?

Wait until Christmas and I bet the Bold will be $199!!

I am waiting on the Blueberry 8320 !

I've had mine 2, going on the 3rd one, can I return it and get another one for 299? caus mine is on a HUP (hardware upgrade) too!

You usually can return it if you only used the phone for a certain amount of minutes or within 4 weeks. Just call them and tell them why you want to return it and I am sure they will just credit you the amount instead of going through the hassle of returning it and getting another one.

Can't we complain? In the US the iphone had a drop in price just after the launch, they got a discount or something!

When will this be applied? The Rogers rep I phoned said that they are unaware of any drop in price and their website still says 399 on 3 yr contract. I just got mine yesterday =( Any thoughts?

Aren't we friends? I help up the member count by guiding confused customers to this great site when they have questions that aren't addressed by the carrier that well. Just let me know and I'll PM you my address for shipping your 6th Bold in 6 weeks. lol

Sorry, I am a huge blackberry fan, but for some reason I could not live with the quick comment you included about the pricing of the Bold being the same as the iPhone.

The Bold is $299 with a 3 year contract.
The iPhone is $199 with a 2 year contract - This is for an iPhone with the same onboard memory as the Bold supports - 8 gigs.

Comparing the Bold to the iPhone with 16 gigs of space (the $299 model) is innacurate.


I can confirm the price drop - just got off the phone with Rogers Customer Service, and the price of a new bold is 299.

just spoke to AT&T and they are saying that November 4, 2008 will be the release date for the blackberry bold.

that has gotta suck for whoever could not wait and got it right away, can't say that im surprised rogers, did this though. i think ill wait a bit more till christmas time like someone said before and maybe it will go down another hundo

I am gona let them have it big time, this is bull!!!

I have a meeting with a supervisor first thing in the morn ..
really pissed about this .. irate

I am not going to take this .. sounds like a rogers petition to me
seriously, 1st off the OS not completed then they do a price drop
and a half assed data plan 30 for 6 gig bis, 2 months..

oh man I can't wait!

This is such a waste of time, calling them, going on hold asking for a credit! we all have better things to do!!!!

Where do you go to get this price drop as both stores I went to knew nothing about it and online the price is still 399.99 not 299.99