Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 displays arrive, minus the device itself

Rogers Display
By Bla1ze on 18 Aug 2010 02:48 pm EDT

Rogers customers can take joy in this somewhat. Seems kiosk displays for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 have started to arrive in some locations. The only weird thing about this is, they're showing up without any BlackBerry Torch 9800's attached to them. BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G's are seated comfortably but, no BlackBerry Torch 9800.

Facts tell us that Rogers will be having the device in the coming weeks, rumors tell us that Rogers will be all set to launch the device sometime in September and also suggest a white version arriving as well. Which, I'm sure will make Kevin quite happy if that one pans out. Anyone on Rogers gonna be grabbing one?

*NOTE* Yes, we're aware it could also be for the 9300 as well. But, given that stores already have the 9300 in stock it's also viable it COULD be for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. Time will tell.

Source: MobileSyrup



I will need to test drive it first for a couple of minutes.
If I'm not impressed, I will be waiting for the 9780.


At this rate, I should get the Torch before most of Edmonton receives the iPhone 4, including my wife. That is, if they ship the phones shortly. (I couldn't see why they'd send the displays, empty of not, long before the device release.)


they were talking about "the 14th" in the call center. Hopefully it's sooner, but I guess I can live with a month.... if I have to.


The "genius" at the West Edmonton Mall location "promised" me it wouldn't be until 2011. He must not be a member of CrackBerry. Ha ha! Even if it's the 14th, it's still a 2 day jump over Telus who are "saying" the 16th.


Somebody in Telus is saying the 16th? Of September I hope? I asked in a store and of course he had no idea but implied it would be quite a while. Not that I was expecting him to have any real idea, but where did you the 16th number?


This is where I heard the 16th date of release from Telus, But, again, I can't see why BlackBerry would sent displays a FULL month in advance of launch. Even the "monolith" was only a couple weeks ahead. of release.


Stop teasing me and GIVE ME THIS PHONE. lol

As you can tell, I kinda want one


I got one FROM ATT but if Rogers gets it in WHITE; Ima sell my black and get the white :)


I want one now!!!
But if it's September I can wait I guess


Between the Torch and Galaxy S... might get both


Im getting one for sure , really looking forward to it as my 8220 flip is having issues,lol. Stupid predictive typing drives me nuts!


would love to get one! but my upgrade is not till feb, wonder what will be out by then


some people have been saying that the middle phone is actually supposed to be the curve 9300 3g

which makes sense, in regards to the numerical ordering 9700, 9300, 9100

and also bold, curve, pearl are the most standard bb models

i would think torch would get its own special displayer
for its a fairly big deal


Theres a Rogers store across from my work. They have promised to call me as soon as they have one. :)


Mobile Syrup is getting tips for the 15th... as Long as its no later than September, I'm happy. I'm dying here without a BlackBerry, the day this thing is out I'm getting one.


Can't wait!! Should I grab one immediately or hold out for the white one? Decisions, decisions...


The Original Battleship. The itunes version is the best. Thank you.


THey have it in white too? Way to add more stress to my life. I'm already thinking of getting a new WM7 phone when it comes out in addition to the Torch. I love my Zune and having it integrated into my Phone would be amazing.


They have it in white too? Way to add more stress to my life. I'm already thinking of getting a new WM7 phone when it comes out in addition to the Torch. I love my Zune and having it integrated into my Phone would be amazing.


I'm still on the fence about switching from the 9700 to 9800. I (really) like my 9700, but the 9800 looks promising...hmmm, what to do.


I've heard Torch will Launch Sept 16th which is a Thursday... lots of pay days on Thursday.


it's coming to rogers on the 16th of september?
i cannot wait!!

but whats the 9780 about? i'm confused about that one.


It’s available in India, lol but true.
Just visit those super horrified shanty slim places and you will see lot of people selling it.
Unlocked. But they are asking for very hefty price of 967.00500 U.S. dollars or 45000 Rs.

Gosh I will wait for something with bold 9000 like and OS6


I work for rogers, I havent seen any of the Kiosks come in yet but we do already have displays for the Bold, Pearl, and 9300
I'll send crackberry a picture when we do get the kiosk to find out whats on it though



I am thinking of waiting for Shaw to get into the cellular market next year before commiting to a new 3 year contract with an untested phone with moving parts that could well turn out to be a huge mistake.

Still.... new blackberry...


...its all rather a bit moot. Rogers (with only the rarest of exceptions) only displays mock-ups of their phones anyway. I mean, its not as if you can actually try out any of their products in advance - even if the stores have them in stock.

Rogers retail stores are some of the biggest waste of retail space around - and what few knowledgeable staff they have are prevented from achieving anything that you must do by phone anyway.


It's a bit frustrating to go into a Rogers store and see nothing but fake plastic. I'd like the opportunity to try the Torch before I buy it but I know there's not going to be a real one on display.

When the Torch first came out I was reading all the AT&T posts where people were going in to the US stores and playing with it for 45 mins or an hour and I was a little shocked. All of the Canadian providers (in any store I've every been into at least) put out dummy phones so you do not have a chance to "try before you buy". And then they typically stick us with a 15 Days/15 Minutes Call Use return policy which is ridiculous to say the least. They could take some pointers from AT&T in this area.