Rogers BlackBerry Torch available September 30th

By Bla1ze on 24 Sep 2010 11:57 am EDT
Rogers Torch

In some other Canadian carrier Torch news, Rogers customers looking to pick up their BlackBerry Torch should be advised that Rogers has changed their release date as well now. Previously set for launch today, that date has now been changed to September 30th as per the information posted on their company blog and on the BlackBerry Torch landing page they have set up. With all the delay announcements and rumors that happened this was pretty much inevitable, now all we can do is hope that Rogers takes a marketing hint from Bell and reduces their pricing as well. But I'm guessing thats a no because the landing page still says $199.99.

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Rogers BlackBerry Torch available September 30th


how come they'd managed to have it in the U.S. for a month and not notice a problem large enough to be worthy of delaying the canadian launch a week?

i was sooo looking forward to having this for the weekend, guess i'll have to wait. and yess i agree, put the price down to $179!

They could not announce this a week ago, at least? This really threw a spanner into the cogs, as I had to sell my only BlackBerry to someone going away yesterday. Obviously I was planning on getting the Torch today, but now I have to get some temporary phone instead. Damn Rogers.

Im pretty sure it was announced last week all canadian carriers delayed the launch. Rumours were of a software fix was needed.

So close to ordering one up. Original plan was to get an iphone4 to sell to pay my ETF since Im hopping carriers. But I think Im gonna grab this instead and sell my 9700.

Ahhh decisions.

RIM was the one who announced a delay for the Canadian release of the Torch. Rogers has not said a thing to anyone not even internal staff about this till yesterday. I only heard from a rep I spoke to last night. I had plans on picking my Torch up 9am this morning. Now i have to wait another 6 days.

So in clarifying this, it was not the doing of any carrier, but rather RIM itself.

I also agree $199.99 on a three year is too much especially considering the other options to choose from in the same price range. AT&T offered it for $199.99 as well but on only a 2 year. that would have been better in itself. not that i don't resign ever 2 years anyway.

Still eagerly waiting its release.

Knowing Rogers, they will lower the price of the Torch after its on the market for 30 days, as they did with the 9000, and 9700. They always screw the early adopters!

Had an inguinal hernia operation on monday and been home dead all long week. Getting the torch on friday was suppose to be the highlight of my week:(

They should have announced this sooner, because when Tuesday/Wendesday hit and they knew the devices weren't ready, how did they expect to get them to their retailers.

^This is factoring in the benefit of the doubt there was a little hope for a last minute delay.

But the price should be lower, look at the iPhone they finally learned at rogers that the whole 300 dollar range without the specific iPhone plan is ridiculous.

But this is good, I was one of the guys that wanted the BOLD 9000 right away and I payed close to 300 on an upgrade. (Don't know what I was thinking). But everybody having the phone Rogers/Bell/Virgin/Telus,