Rogers BlackBerry Q10 offering live TV streaming and remote home security

We dig into the Rogers BlackBerry Q10 and its bundled apps and services

By Simon Sage on 1 May 2013 08:59 pm EDT

The other night I took in a Blue Jays game in Toronto while getting some quality time with the Rogers BlackBerry Q10. Okay, so I'm not much of a sports guy, so really it was just quality time with the Q10, but it was still great. The Rogers model provides access to a few great services that are also available on the Z10. 

For one, there's AnyPlace TV. This is a custom-made streaming TV app that lets you watch sport, news, cartoons, and all sorts of shows live from your device. It only costs $5/month, and until next October, they won't charge you for data overages when using the service. The other particularly awesome service is Smart Home Monitoring. Once your house is all hooked up, you can use your Q10 to switch lights, change the temperature or lock and unlock doors. Plans for that one start at $20/month.  

Other apps included on the Rogers version of the BlackBerry Q10 are SportsNet, OneNumber, and My Account.

So, who's picking up a Q10 from Rogers? Anyone hankering for the exclusive white version? 

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Rogers BlackBerry Q10 offering live TV streaming and remote home security


Even if you weren't first we would have given you a cookie anyways for getting your mom a Q10. Either its your love for your mom or you just wanted to take the opportunity to test it out... it's ok ;)

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Using smart home and it's good. No bug so far. I was surprised that it was on z10

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Sorry first time doing that had to jump on the band Wagon. Went to see the q10 today's buying the white one for my mom she loves the 9900 keyboard but owns an old flip phone. Time for an upgrade and WHAT a upgrade it will be awesome phone love the q10 I picked it up and went INSANE on the keyboard but I love my z10 so I'm more than happy and I'm sure my mother will love the q10

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Anyplace Live is terrible for $5 a month. Very limited in choices of things too watch. Unfortunate really. I wouldn't mind using it especially since they don't charge you overage fees.

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What happened to the Rogers Home Edition app that allows for remote access into your PVR box. It still exist on Torch?

My thoughts exactly! I have home edition on my tablet and frequently use it to watch to all over the house, a quick setup on the counter in the kitchen, prop it up on a dresser while folding's a great app, as well as free. But this whole $5 a month for a couple sports channels and teletoon is crazy

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Just go to and watch it for free! That's how I watch jays game cause my pb and z10 both have flash :D

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The honeywell total connect as well as their thermostat app both work as android ports as well, i use it for my security system every day.

My account is garbage it doesn't show your data usage. I tried anyplace tv no good no choices give me a break can't wait till my contact ends Telus here i come.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 GO LEAFS GO!!

Rogers Home Edition app is only available for Apple and Google products.

Anyplace tv is good for Toronto sports fans. Not much else available. Tried it once. It was a terrible glitch laggy mess.

And I have all Rogers offerings - cell, home phone, internet, and cable.

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