Rogers BlackBerry Planned Outage For January 17th

By Bla1ze on 13 Jan 2010 02:42 pm EST
Rogers And RIM Planned Outage For January 17th

As we've been advised by Audit over at Dataoutages, Rogers and RIM have planned some downtime for their BlackBerry users on BIS and BES systems on January 17th. The window of downtime is not really that bad, depending on what type of hours you sleep. Start Time: 02:00 AM (EDT) End Time: 06:00 AM (EDT) with the outage being that of a National one for Rogers Wireless customers.

"Work Summary: Rogers customer with Blackberry devices may be unable to send or receive messages during the maintenance. They may also be unable to register their device, roam in another location, or use other services such as Internet browsing. At the same time, BlackBerry Enterprise Servers may be unable to connect to the BlackBerry Infrastructure during this maintenance."

All in all, not that bad of an outage. Oddly enough, planned outages seem  to be more tolerated or accepted then a flat out blindsided one. That's how I feel anyways, what about you all..tolerated, accepted or still a major bummer?

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Rogers BlackBerry Planned Outage For January 17th


I received the same notice of the 'planned activity' and in it it says the "Estimated Outage Length" is only 10 minutes.

Juwaack68, you of all people should know a 10 min outage creates a back log of emails and when have you ever seen a RIM outage, planned or not last only 10 mins? lol. :P

I too got the same notice of only 10 mins of downtime, so, not too bad of an outage.. I don't mind them unless unprepared and out of the blue in the middle of a work day when I need E-Mail and BBM.. At night, let it happen. :) Hopefully during the outage, we get an official OS 5.0 for Bold 9000. :) teehee

I don't have a problem with it, unless its unexpected .
Anything to help my most prized possession
My bold 9000!.

i figure its a planned outage to roll out a bunch of new OS updates. being a large network as rogers and a GSM network they have a larger section of SmartPhones than most networks. or it could just be that there network just suck. not a fan or Robbers Wireless! =)

To be honest with you, I receive those kind of email for different part of canada almost everyday. (that mail to dataoutage may come from me)

We just dont notice when they do something... its normally 5-10 minutes only. that one seem to be "worst" because it's canada wide.

I didn't get a notice. Are we suppose to? How are people that don't go on this site that often will know about the outage?

Well a planned outage is always better than unexpected. But if people don't get a notice, wouldn't it be unexpected to them?

Well I suppose that time is fine. Even though I don't sleep much.

I can't believe it's Rogers doing it once again. They have really gone downhill when it comes to mobile service in Canada. I mean look at Telus and Bell. They have come out swinging with their new networks, cheaper phone prices, and now Rogers who sat fiddling their thumbs are foolishly following behind.

Also, why is it that Rogers, who released the Bold initially nearly 2 years ago still hasn't released the official os 5.0, but Bell, who was a latecomer to the game has already done so?

So, the 7 day outtage for Bold 9700 customers that started Jan 1st, 2010 on Bell mobility is forgotten already??

Planned network outages are party of life when working with large complex networks. You do all you can to avoid them, but they are sometimes just part of the game. I would much rather have something go down planned in the middle of the night than during the middle of the day.

I would tend to agree that it's not a big deal as long as you know about it beforehand, it's well-timed, and doesn't last long. Surprisingly, Rogers seems to have covered their bases with this one. Now if only they had a decent customer service line...

I haven't heard anything till this blog..thanks crackberry telling me before the phone company like always Does this mean i will not have any network if i am in the states at the time of the outage... i am cross border truck driver would suck to have a breakdown with no phone on a cold winter night :'(

Planned outages are definitely a lot better. I think most people realize that maintenance is inevitable and mandatory. That being said I would rather know that my service won't be working during X amount of time rather than getting pissed when my messages randomly won't go through.

For 4 cents of downtime, your gonna complain? The towers still work and voice will still work.. This is just data outage for 4 hours..

midnight to 6am is the norm for planned outages, most companies feel this is the windows where mosts custs are asleep or no using the service.

for those of us on the west coast of canada this kinda sucks. starting at 12am my time. But hopefully its for some FIVE POINT OHHHHH

I work nights which means that is the primetime for my blackberry use. I got no notification at all so to me it was unexpected. They mentioned it on the new the day after but still didn't make up for the lack of knowing before hand.

Sorry I meant the previous down time last month. I hope it doesn't to down for me tonight. I'm working and that would be very inconvienient

Nothing different.. Still no OS 5.0 officially either. Desktop Manager still shows latest as