First Look: Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Photos!

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Pearl 9100
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Apr 2010 11:17 am EDT

Our pal Treatz and another connect both hit us up just now with photos of dummy units of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and white BlackBerry Bold 9700 that are arriving at Rogers stores in Canada. Once this happens, it's typically only a short matter of time before the units will on sale.

The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is looking pretty sweet with its maroon color that sort of fades to black - let's hope it gets officially announced by RIM at WES next week. But personally, I am ALL OVER that white Bold 9700. Summer is almost here and I'm all about having a white phone for the hot months.  Maybe we should do up a contest here on the blogs for a chance to win my current black Bold 9700 so I can give it away and justify a new white one... good idea??

More photos of the white Bold 9700 and Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 9100 below. Check em out!!!

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Pearl 9100

Rogers White BlackBerry Bold 9700

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 9100

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First Look: Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Photos!


Another colored device that should have came out at the same time as the 9700. Don't care for the Pearl, though it looks like it should have come out 2 years ago. What is up with RIM? They can't afford to keep doing business like this while the competitors are bringing out new fresh stuff every so often. Adding new colors is such an old business tactic to keep products going on for longer periods of time.

Can't wait to get a 9100 for my second line. My lady will hopefully love it. But i don't think the white 9700 will replace my Black one.

The color of the pearl is amazing and should be available on other models. Though I don't get the hype over white phones? And that makes no sense to get one for the "hot" summer months lol. But whatever floats your boat.

I wonder if Rogers will also get those T9-keyboard Pearls as well.

Rogers also needs to start churning out more official OS 5.0 for their current models. They are sorely behind other carriers now despite having the phones first.

Ah, touché. I guess I'm a lucky one, our BES pretty much lets us do whatever we want to our phones. Helps that I'm also one of the BES admins though... but yea we almost don't lock ANYTHING down.

I generally update my Tour with whichever OS is the newest and best and load hybrids as well. My girlfriend has a Curve 8330 supplied by her company (a big one, with 2,000+ employees) and their BES doesn't allow such installs. I found this out the hard way by trying to install a leaked OS on her device a couple of months back - everything went south and she had to get the company's IT guys to fix it. Again, I'm not a novice at this by any means, it's just a BES thing. She hates it.

So... you surf Blackberry blog sites yet you're blissfully unaware of the fact that you can have every new OS that comes out regardless of what carrier you're on? I haven't run a Telus OS on my Telus Blackberry in 3 years.

Instead of trying to be a smartass crystal, you should know that MOST don't allow unauthorized carrier OS's for BES users.

I work for an company in which I am not allowed to use anything than an official Rogers OS and doing so could get me in a lot of trouble.

If your read my post carefully, you would see that I mentioned that Rogers is behind other companies in releasing OS which should have clued you into the fact that I know other carriers have already released newer os 5.0 versions.

All I meant in my original comment is that Rogers has blackberry exclusivity first, usually gets all the new models/colors first and yet is last to update their phones.

is it really that difficult these days to snap a clear image? i tried to take a blurry pic and it wasnt easy.

In any event, 9700 in white looks great; can i trade in my black one??


The white 9700 doesn't look Bold at all... The original Bold design is made for an "all-in-black" style. Makes no sense for me that it's now available in white...

So you HAVE TO have a white phone for the summer. And then when fall rolls around you what, buy a new phone AGAIN??? Must be nice to have that kind of money just rolling around in your pocket. Just seems like a waste when you can buy a full white housing off eBay for 30 bucks.

housings work...but i like the keyboard to be white too. if that's include, not a bad option.

BUT IN REALITY...i'm just looking for a reason to hold a Win Kevin's Bold 9700 contest siince Phil did a Win Phil's Nexus one contest over at androidcentral... and then i'm hoping by the time fall comes around there's a BB slider with OS 6.0 and WebKit for me to give a go on. :)


...any official specs on the 9100? Things have seemed really quiet aside from all the pics of the 9100. We haven't even heard of a 91xx for T-Mobile, which you know would carry this device. The White bold looks nice, but I'm really intrigued by the new Pearl, and really, really hoping for a 9130/9150 "world phone". I think I would retire my Storm2 for that.

They will have it for all GSM carriers... it'll be like the 9700 where TMO has it programmed for their radio frequencies, and everyone else has it programmed for theirs. make sense? so it would just be like the 9700 but its a 9100 lol

He never once called it homosexual or anything. I hate political correctness. In most late 20th century and 21st century connotations, the word "gay" is associated with pejorative slang meant to mean rubbish or stupid.

I fail to see how he was being homophobic which means an irrational fear of gay people.

It's like saying that's so retarded is not an attack on mental retardation but meant to signify bad or stupid. the first post again. He WAS implying that the color of a phone could possibly emasculate Kevin (the way a pink Blackberry can). I've heard that a white phone is considered to be more feminine than masculine from (younger) users so the person who's throat you jumped down wasn't being PC at all. :| That WAS what the OP was getting at. I disagree (it's flashy, but by no means in a femme way...just "softer" than black, if that makes sense).

I'm not sure if this implies an inherently gay characterization, but I feel a white phone would be most appropriate for someone the likes of Elton John, or Liberace if he were still alive.

to link how a human being is to offensive, mean, and crude words would still not make the statement made right it would in fact make it seem a lot worse. so if you fail to see how saying "gay" to mean "rubbish or stupid" is not an attack to homosexuals or showing that one suffers from homophobia would only show ignorance and stupidity on your part because why do you believe the statement was meant to mean such a thing? same goes for being mentally disabled it is an insult. sorry you are too ignorant and stupid to see it.

India's major wireless carriers like AirTel and Essar VodaFone
Have 4.7 on BB Bold
And I am sure they will never release upgraded OS.

I think it is more cost effective to just purchase the parts from True-supplier or else where to get a white 9700 lol I'm going to be doing that. :)

The 9100 color is sexy. A 9700 with a fade effect would look awesome!

I really like the white 9700 more than I thought I would. The chrome just makes it look extra sexy. Looks better than the pearl white housing I have on mine. I might have to switch up.

The pearl is also nice. Great come up from the first one I got when the 8100 came out.

but I would have to go with the Pearl myself. I have an 8520 and love it, but I really like the slimmer form factor of the Pearl.

I hope the Pearl comes to Verizon very soon! I have the 8230 now and would be willing to change to the non flip version.

I hope the Pearl comes to Verizon very soon! I have the 8230 now and would be willing to change to the non flip version.

Woohoo! I hope the white 9700 lands in the US soon, I'll give my sister a good deal on my black one if it comes out by the summer!

Maybe you could consider me for that bold 9700 my fiance wont quit talking about craigs mr. mojo rising voice chances is i lost her so i should get something in return!!...LOL damn podcasters (J/K)

I would like to see the 9700 become available for Sprint users, but I confess that I have given up on looking for new RIM products. To be clear I use a BB 8830 (World Phone) and although I couldn't use it in Italy, I love it. It does what I need my communication device to do, but as you may know it lacks a camera and the browser sucks. The 8830 has a great full size keyboard made for men with man sized hands and I can't imagine not having a tactile real keyboard to use. One after another Rim introduces new phones, but not one adequate update for the 8830, you know a full-sized phone with a full-sized keyboard. The new 9670 Clamshell device is not for me either, although it may have a place if RIM's overall plan is to acquire new users from the ever challenged non-tech crowd which continue to use clamshell (flip) phones but are starting to email and text their girlfriends. Everything else that RIM has done has convinced me that they are leaving me and users like me in the digital dust. I have rooted for BB, I have loved BB, I have continually over paid to use a BB and I would never buy an IPhone, but in the future I will be open to a device from another manufacturer. What a disappointment.

I like the new pearl. It looks good, but i would like to have it in black... or white as all of you said, a white phone for the hot summer. :) Just please not maroon.

I really Love The Pearl 9100 color
oh my god, thats My Favorite colour RED
waaahhhh, Cant Wait till arrived In Indonesia, and Grab one..

9700 white edition
look so cute,
maybe i will Swith my Black with This phone...

I cant wait For this Phone.

I just had to stop in at a Rogers store while I was in the mall last night. The sales associates sure gave me a weird look when I asked to see the 9700 and 9100 dummy phones... they weren't even sure what I was talking about at first, lol. They look just as nice in person, except that the dark strip around the 9700 is kind of a gray color... if they weren't going to make that part white, they should have at least made it black so it would have some nice contrast. The 9100 looks totally epic though.

im sorry but are you that ignorant and inadequately mature, not to mention confident with your own sexuality that you would go so low as implying that a phone may make you seem homosexual? even if you were using it in a derogatory manor, to state it looks stupid lame or dumb, it is not right either way, and also highly offensive. grow up. and act a little more mature and show that you have a high enough self-esteem that you wouldn't allow a phone to define who you are.

wow this is very nice i might have to trade up from my 8900 curve and go back to the pearl series!! and how does a loyal memember enter the contest to win your bold hint hint!! i was using the 8100 series then went to the curve i truly want the storm but my darn carrier dont support them i test drove the 9550 for a whole day ive almost been converted to the touch screen, but this 9100; oh yea!!! i like

So you HAVE TO have a white phone for the summer. And then when fall rolls around you what, buy a new phone AGAIN??? Must be nice to have that kind of money just rolling around in your pocket. Just seems like a waste when you can buy a full white housing off eBay for 30 bucks. nice phone!

Looking at the Roger's release notes about launching Pearl 3G, it says: "Gradient red finish, available in Canada only from Rogers".. But no other colours are listed. I want pink!! What is the point in RIM releasing the Pearl 3G in all these lovely colours if we don't even get the option of choosing one of them? I really hope it's not coming in just the one colour. Any ideas?