Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Pricing - $149.99/3yrs

Rogers 8220 Pricing - $149.99
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Aug 2008 11:40 pm EDT

Our buddy Treatz has come through yet again with some Rogers goodies. This time the goodies aren't so GOOD though. Looks like the pricing on the Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 flip phone is slated to ring in at $149.99 on a 3 year term. OUCH. What about a nice Back to School deal? Say $50?? Wishful thinking???

I've been rocking an 8220 for a month now (month long review coming up next week!), and I gotta say, I like it and all, but that kind of pricing is what the Curves are being offered for these days on promotion, and I can't help but think most people would rather step into the Curve at this price. Maybe if it hits at $149 it will drop to $79 in a few months. Fingers are crossed. At sub-$100 my viewpoint is different... I guess we'll see. Another pic after the jump! 

Rogers 8220 Pricing - $149.99

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Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Pricing - $149.99/3yrs


Well, one more reason to hope that the whole "Rogers is getting the Storm" thing is just a bad dream...

$149.99 is still reasonable IMO, no where near the sky rocketed priced for a frickin Bold!!

My guess is though Rogers probably thinks they are doing use a favour with even the $149.99...

That's a fair call Bla1ze. It's not totally unreasonable. Depends what you compare too. Cheap next to a Bold, that's for sure. A bit pricey to a promo Curve.

But for an introduction price you're maybe right... give it 6 months and the price on it might drop a lot. Maybe I'll nicen up the tone of this post a bit.. I'm a foul mood from the Bold stuff. :)

Understandable...I'm just fed up with Rogers period, not even RIM or The's Rogers..if it wasn't for Rogers, maybe I'd be more ticked about the Bold in general but as it stands now I can't get a Bold to be ticked off about due to Rogers price gouging...Maybe that's a good thing...I'd rather be ticked at Rogers more so then RIM anyways lmao!!

To me, the big question is what will its price be without a contact. Depending on what it actually is, it might not be worth to take the contract and get it at 150...

Time will tell, but I wonder WHEN will Rogers have this phone as well. I can't wait!

Wow...3 yr contracts?! Is that normal in Canada? Do they prorate term fees if you cancel? (Are there even term fees?) I wouldn't do a 3 yr for any device. Just me.

Yes there are early cancellation fees in Canada. $20 or higher per month for every month incomplete on the contract, to a max of $200 or higher depending on the provider & product. Rogers tends to be the "higher" in every case.

No competition & greed is killing the excitement and use of technology in Canada.

Just so you know, I'm about as big a Crackberry addict as the next guy here. But one thing I've always hated is how terrible they are as phones. I have not had one Blackberry that was a decent "phone". I always have found flip phones to be best because they cancel background noise better than anything.

So, now that there's a Blackberry flip phone, I'm very optimistic about the sound quality of it.

Of course, I wouldn't touch Rogers with a 10 foot pole, so I guess I have to wait for it's superior cousin in CDMA land to show its face :)

Are 3 year contracts the norm in Canada? I always thought 2 year in US seemed bad enough.

Sure hoping when TMobile gets this the price will be lower. My girlfriend wants one, and we are thinking of getting her mom one for Christmas... shes had the same phone (some flip Moto) for 6 YEARS!!! Can you imagine? It doesn't get MMS either.

Not like we have the Bold or 8220 here in the US yet, but Rogers is no joke. It seems like they have price gouging down to an art.

Everything I read seems to list them as monopolistic jerks. If I lost my BB and the only choice left was to get a new phone from Rogers or did my RAZR from the landfill, I would start my man hunt. Since when did Rogers and Haliburton become one and the same?????

i can tell you from trying to use my 8830 with a case on it that surrounded the trackball, that inset trackball is going to get REALLY cumbersome to use, REALLY fast. a 4-way D-pad would be nicer on this phone. however, the power of a BB in the practical form of a flip phone, well, if you're a SureType fan, enjoy this phone. if you don't like SureType...the word "pearl" should scare you, as it scares me.

I'll still probably get one at that price point on ATT&T when it comes eventually, although I don't think it'll be that expensive because they will have to fight with people renewing contracts or jumping ship to T mo (which I hear is better service in most areas other than mine anyway)

I'm with Alkaline Tree. I'm on AT&T (the only carrier that really works well in Northern MN and WI) and I've been waiting patiently for RIM to come out with a's perfect for my personal use (I use a 8800 for work). As long as they keep it at 150 or lower I'm going to get one when it comes out for AT&T, whenever that is.........

So this 8220 would be release in the U.S soon around September right ?

Anyone know the exactly date of this phone will come out in U.S.A T-mobile.

Hopefully it will release next week

Can't wait ...!!!

To understand what I'm talking about you must read a blog on here titled "update; bold at&t release date" and look for a blogger name fmrattemployee and my response to his blog then read this..... Hey everyone, it's me again.... I have an announcement to make: yes I typed a response to fmrattemployee's blog earlier and he responded. You're probably wondering why I am so upset @ here it is.... I am gay. I really am 40 and I never have had a woman....I'm mad at frmratt because he rejected me sexually... If u ever met him in person you'd see he's very intelligent, very charming and VERY yummy looking.....God I love buff men... I know in my blog I said tmobile has worst coverage than att but that's a blatant lie because my gay lover Chauncey has tmobile and he always has at least 4 bars even here in San Francisco(my home cuz I'm so homosexual)I wish my blackberry was 4 feet longer so I could use it as an anal toy... Anyway if fmrattemployee would have let me blow him like I wanted to, I never would have come on here and tried so miserably to look intelligent... so I admit it- he's right, and I love pork sword in my pooper.

Erm, yes. Yes they do like ripping us off. An outsider might even see it as their business model. :D However, I don't know how many people know this, but things are set to get a lot better in Canada in regards to this. I don't know the details exactly, but I do know various parts of the cell spectrum were recently auctioned, and this means that by around next year or so, we're going to be getting much more competition in the cell provider arena. I'm not sure whether this means simply the dawn of regional providers, or new national carriers, I don't know. The only thing I still worry about is the fact that Rogers still gets all the big phones, either exclusively, or on a timed exclusive. They've got the Bold and the iPhone in a span of about a month! So even if there were new carriers, and Rogers still got all the good phones, they STILL could rape us each time! I certainly hope the competition that is suppoesd to be springing up will bring not only competitive service, but also good phones to the table.
(If I got any of the facts wrong, I apologize, and feel free to correct me. Like I said, I don't know all the details)

I am quite stressed that there is no information about a release date, i know it will be befor christman but come on ppl!!! some of us cant wait!

For those that don't know the Pearl flip (8220) is on or T-Mobile stores granted I think the price they are charging exciting customers is insane ($299.99) still I'd rather pay $99 or so for it since i'm not a new customer.

Just got the Blackberry Pearl 8220 for my daughter tonight at The Source. Phone was 0$ on 3 year plan with Rogers (on condition that I purchase 50$ worth of accessories, which I did).