Rogers BlackBerry Bolds in the Wild - Getting Close?!

Rogers BlackBerry Bolds
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jun 2008 08:08 am EDT

Hopefully this is a sign that the launch of the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers is near. Here we have three three three BlackBerry Bolds in all their glory. As for release date, now I'm thoroughly confused. Our buddy at Rogers who sent this is in is still claiming a June 25th launch, though it seems to me the more likely story is a Rogers BlackBerry 8820 launch next week followed by the release of the BlackBerry Bold in mid-July. I guess time will tell!

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Rogers BlackBerry Bolds in the Wild - Getting Close?!


According to Engadgetmobile, Rogers launched the 8820 today. So hopefully that means that the June 25th launch date will actually be the Bold.

At the same time it doesnt make much sense to release the Bold and the 8820 so close together since the bold will essentially replace the 88xx line.

The 8820 "launched" on the 18th in terms of availability to dealers.

It's actual availability to customers will be sometime next week. It's not yet up on the website and you can't go into the store and pick one up just yet.

I'm really interested in how the keypad is on these devices. That could be a potential selling point. I really dont like the keypad on the 8800 and love the one on the 8300 and 8700 models. The keys on the javelin seem to be closer to that, but if the keys on the Bold are better than the 8800 i might consider it more than the Javelin.

Does your bold still work? Or is it blacklisted. I think it is a shame if RIM did that... You and did a lot to to hype this baby!.. Cheers to you mate! We need to get t-shirts and swag so we can show off our addiction! Any chance of these being available for purchase in the store?

I hope you are right, but I think I will be sporting a unlocked one before that... I can live with edge for now...but I would like to experience 3G... AT&T has crap coverage ( in my area ) and crap service...but they have the Big Corporate Mojo behind them, and I see T-Mobile is trying to be the consumer choice with cheap phones and plans. I have a business plan with them, and I have great coverage...I wish they would flip that 3G switch and start giving the Big boys a run for their money.

Just checked a store in the Vancouver area, they already have the 8820 instock... said they got it yesterday! So here's to hoping the Bold follows on the 25th!

This picture looks awfully familiar to the picture i took at work yesterday.. WAIT, its the same picture!!! hahaha

kevin - june 25th is a sure launch date bro. right now the bolds are in for training.

Also, iam not a big fan of this keyboard, used it yesterday.. ehh but iam still gonna buy it!


- friend at rogers..

If i by the bold off of Rogers and i have t-mobile... would i be able to unlock it?? or is it only for cingular?

So I made my usual visit a Starbucks location in Mississauga and sat down beside a BlackBerry user. I didn't notice it at first until I saw the back of it (the faux leather backing) and shortly after saw the "Bottom Zen" theme.

I was about to ask him about it but he got up and left. I highly doubt that the Bold user was a RIM employee so I'm thinking where did he get it from? There must be a select few who the Bold are already offered to with all the sightings posted/seen...

I just got my hands on the new BB BOLD, this piece is of the charts, it's sooooo fast, the picture is perfect, bad bwoy phone,,,,,life in kit ontario has it's benefits, seing that RIM is in waterloo, they make em on my block,,,,,so i drop it like it's hot........every blackberry i have,,,,no one else does,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,

well, the 8820's are available for sale on right now and it's the 23rd... could it still be possible that the Bold is going to be ready for the 25th?