Rogers BlackBerry Bold Preloaded Media Samples

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Aug 2008 02:55 pm EDT

Following up on our Video Unboxing of the Rogers BlackBerry Bold, the clip above walks through the pre-loaded media samples included on the device. With the 9000 RIM is stepping up the message that BlackBerry smartphones are not just corporate workhorses. So to show off the Bold's brilliant display and give you something to listen to with the included headphones (which are actually pretty decent), RIM tossed some pics, vids and soundtracks onto the Bold outside their standard offering. I love the BMW ad :-)

Disclaimer: it's a slightly "boring" video, but I had a few requests from members wanting me to put this clip together and it does do an ok job of showing off the Bold's display and sound. So if you're a CrackBerry Addict jonesing for a Bold, you'll definitely want to check it out.

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold Preloaded Media Samples


That's kinda cool that they show you examples of what you can do.
Also kinda annoying if you dont like those'd have to go through and delete all the advertizing.
Either way, you'd think with all the advertizing...the price would be lower :P
I have a year before im elegible for an upgrade, so by next year ill see how the bolds doing and if i still want one :)

Yeah for sure, next video I'll do some browsing/speed tests over 3G and WiFi.

Any suggestions on what exactly you want to see in there?

Loading speed and if it displays websites correctly. Maybe some streaming. Been reading some having trouble maintaining wifi and how it's been for you so far.

Great job as usual Kevin! Is flash animation coming anytime soon to the OS? Any music EQ settings in the audio portion? Overall, love this device, eagerly awaiting its release!


IS it me? or is this thing LOUD??

haha...awesome job RIM..


you can compare iphone 3g vs Bold Youtube videos...(load times, etc.)

Yeah, RIM did a realllly good job with the speakers on the bold. I wrote an article a few weeks back that explains it... read it here: The Improved Sound on the BlackBerry Bold The way the air ports are cut, the Bold sort of gives off the impression of surround sound. It's pretty impressive. And even when you crank it all the way up, the distortion is minimal - still sounds good.

Kevin, can you compare web browsing using Miniopera, and the built in browser with/without Java enabled? I disabled mine on the 8100c and it's flying now...
As far as I know, I've seen another movie about web browsing on the Bold and it lost to the iPhone big time because of that Java requesting, then Java loading and so on.
One question? does the phone feel hot? how good is the battery compared to your Curve?

P.S.: I'm buying a 1900 mah battery for my Pearl and I'm going to try some fancy stuff on it for my silicon skin, if it works...I'll send in the pictures. The reason I'm doing that is, there are no skins for Pearls with the extended battery.

Please tell me that you are able to push the "P" or "N" buttons to scroll through the pictures? That would be a real bummer if you couldn't.

Good video there my friend. I know everyone is 'fiending' to check out the wifi/3g browser test with the iphone.

On another note, I am having a helluva time finding a bold out here in alberta. So if anyone has any information on stock, i would love some info.

The first car you show is actually a 1 series BMW ;). Cool stuff with the phone though, I can't wait until I can get one.

I used to have a Curve and I liked it albeit a few things such as sluggishness, OS wasn't that attractive, could have put in a bigger screen, and a couple tiny things. So I decided to get the Apple iPhone 3G and I just say I am an Apple fan and think they make great products, currently have a MacBook and would like to get an iMac soon as well. But I was pretty disappointed in the iPhone to tell you the truth. No MMS, no copy and paste, no shortcuts, no custom ringtones (unless I heard you modify something, which is stupid that you would have to do it), sluggish again although not bad after they did a few bug fixes and although it is really cool I think I'd really refer getting the Bold or wait for the Javelin. Also maps doesn't display ur speed and direction and I think the GPS on the Curve was better. And biggest thing was that the sound was horrible on the iPhone! if you had it blaring and then lightly covered the bottom hole with ur finger it was like hitting mute. The curve was 10x better and it seems the Bold is even better. I love it!! I just got the iPhone tho so I think I'll wait a bit but I'm definitely considering a RIM device for my next phone. They never seem to fail, always moving forward. Go Canada!

....That was kinda

This might not be the best place to post this but w/e. I having been reading a few post around the net on different websites about the Bold being released in Nov for At&t, now I dont like to play into peoples post becuse I havnt seen any formal blogg about the subject yet. I was wondering if there is any "Official News" from a point of view on the matter. And if this Nov rumor is true, then why, how is the Bold being released all around the world but yet it still has to be delayed 2 more months for At&t. Thanks.


I don't care what anyone says....thats absolutely SEXI!!!!
Oh I can't wait til AT&T gets their 'branding' released!
Patiently waiting!

This phone looks outstanding.... Im really not sure to trade in my curve for this or just wait till the Thunder (or whatever the official name will be) comes out.. What you guys think?

this newer software or the software that should be on thunder, will it let you see old emails in folders that are from before your activation? like windows mobile and iphone???