Rogers BlackBerry Bold Launch Party Dates & Locations

BlackBerry Bold Launch Parties!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jun 2008 06:08 pm EDT

Looks like the Rogers BlackBerry Bold will soon be making its debut across Canada with a series of launch parties beginning early July. The fun begins in Toronto on July 8th, heads to Montreal for the 9th, and then skips over the best Canadian city (Winnipeg! lol) to hit the western Canadian cities of Calgary and Vancouver on July 15th and 17th, respectively. 

As for the exact consumer release date of the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers we're still not sure... but it would make sense that it coincide with or be the day after the final launch party, don't you think?

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold Launch Party Dates & Locations


This makes July 25th release date more like fact then rumor..wish I could go to the launch party, ya know they'll be handing out lots of em for free.

I can't take the excitement anymore!!! Can we pleeeeeeeeeeease get the Bold already?!?! I'm hoping this means AT&T will get the Bold the end of July. I just couldn't stand it if I had to wait until Sept. I'm super envious of the people in Canada and the UK :-( I can't wait to see what they have to say about the Bold.

So if I have T-Mo here in the U.S. Couldn't I call Rogers and buy a Bold and have them ship it to me then unlock it?? Would that work??

I'm guessing that they don't have them in quite yet, as the button you click on says "Place Backorder." Of course, they might have them and just be completely sold out!

Sorry, I was in a hurry.

What I wanted to say was that:
a) it looks like at least one shop will offer unlocked BB Bolds
b) the price is going to be about $630 by the looks of ít

Ok so what shop will offer the unlocked Bold? If you know could you post their location or ph#?? My other question is will this unlocked device work normally on T-MO service in the U.S. ??

ok so can somebody tell me if an unlocked Blackberry Bold will be fully functional with T-Mobile, aside from T-Mo lacking 3g of course.

No reason why it shouldn't. I have an unlocked 8707 (the other 3G blackberry) and it worked fine for me with my T-Mobile SIM card (in Japan, no less).

the events are by invite only ... i got my invite in a sealed envelope from my rogers rep. I had to RSVP at and input my email address, which loaded all my info and confirmed my invite. There are a few spots for guests, but will prob b tough to get in.

err, RIM needs to hurry up and put this on the market. I need a new phone asap, and i don't want to have to end up buying a 88xx when this phone is coming out shortly. HURRY UP RIM!!!