Rogers BlackBerry Bold Launch Kit Arrives!

Rogers BlackBerry Bold Launch Kit!
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Aug 2008 11:04 am EDT

No that's not an image of an Oompa Loompa's arm reaching out to touch a BlackBerry Bold... It's actually a ginormous BlackBerry Bold model that's making its way to Rogers' stores as part of the BlackBerry Bold launch kit! Let's take this as hopeful sign that the rumored Rogers BlackBerry Bold August 19th launch date is still holding true. MORE IMAGES after the jump!! Big thanks to Treatz for sending this in to us first!!

Bold Launch Kit

Bold Launch Kit

Bold Launch Kit

Bold Launch Kit

Bold Launch Kit

Bold Launch Kit

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold Launch Kit Arrives!


Is there anyway we could get a shot of that up to your head-as if in use?

Reminds me of those HUGEMONGEROUS sunglasses they sell at carnivals!


I got confirmation from a corprate employee yesterday, She didn't hesitate to mention August the 19th aswell. So it sounds like a firm date unless Rogers decides again to push it back. hey kevin, is the 19th a nation wide Rogers release date, Meaning that I can go to my local Rogers store and purchase the device the same day it releases???
I sure hope so, Because I can't wait any longer :D

i knew the bold would be big but i didnt expect it to be THAT big lol, if it comes with a holster in the box, it better have shoulder straps!!!

i used to only read BGR, but honestly lately, crackberry totally blows BGR out of the water. This site is much quicker on breaking BB news and breaks more BB news than BGR does.

Thats right!! Kev always has the BIZ.... and HONESTLY, when it comes to RIM... BGR cannot not compare to Kevin.. ;)

i wouldnt mind one of these for ATT. But whats with the leather back? its a dang cellphone...the rest of it is plastic with a leather back.. too odd. And its bigger then the curve :(

I'm so excited...i've been buggin my friends that work for Rogers. One definitely said Aug 19th!!

I cannot wait...I've been holding off to buy a new one until this came out!

Thanks for all the updates!

I'm a bit of a blackberry newbie when it comes to applications, so please bare with me.

When you say version 4.1.25, is that the OS version for the blackberry or software version of pocketmac?

Also, what is the best way to download this. I have a PC at work that supports my blackberry through a BES with Exchange. Will I be able to download 3rd party apps to my desktop and connect my Curve through the UBS to sync any apps I download?

Thanks for you help crackberry word!

+ giant Bold model
+ hugemongous sunglasses
+ giant foam cowboy hat
+ dialing with giant foam finger
= Hilarious!

Sorry, I thought I was in front of the AT&T store waiting for the Bold to be released. I'm betting it's going to be mid or end of September. I think maybe Kevin should have a pool to see when it will be released. Then again, with over 200k members, we'd get a lot of winners.

Spoke to a Rogers rep today and I asked him the release date and he said end of August. I mentioned that I heard the 19th and he said it was too soon. Something tells me he was BS'ing me because said "the 19th is too soon and it would be in a week from today" and I said that's only the 21st. Than he said it'll be the earliest the 21st up until the 25th. I think I stumped him with the date. I have a chip on my shoulder towards reps that think you were born yesterday and can't count.

Whatever. I'll just badger them everyday since I pass right by a Rogers Plus store on my way to get my afternoon espresso.

P.S. How come everybody "spoke to their rep". I want my own rep too!! :(

And HELD A BB Bold dummie phone!

Now I'm a Curve user but can't wait to get my hands on a Bold but was worried about the size. I'm happy to report that despite it's size, it feels really good to hold and use.

I was told that it would be released next week!!!


Does anyone know if Verizon is going to carry the Bold? If so, any tentative roll out dates? I would LOVE to hear any rumors!

I'm a Californian that travels quite a bit to run my arts-based business. I'm on AT&T and awaiting the Bold like everyone else, but I have a question.
If Rogers releases the Bold on Aug 19th or a bit later and AT&T lags for another several there any significant reason why I can't buy a Bold from Rogers and use it on the AT&T network?
I'm leaving on September 3rd for another international trip and my 8700 has seen better days....I'd really like to have a new BlackBerry before I leave on the trip.
Any advice?

I live in the GTA, And I was just listening to the FAN 590 and the news person was talking about RIM and how the newest Blackberry will released next week and it's supposed to be the iPhone killer, Hmmmmm she must have been talking about the BOLD!! ;]
I can't wait until next week!! :]

Hey - I Spoke to my Rogers rep who owns a local store. He says he will have a stock on the 19th. Also, He is going to be posting up a bunch of bolds for sale on - Can't Wait!

I was just in a local rogers store today, and saw the book containing the Q3 phones the bold and kickstart are in there but then when the manager i know there phoned head office they said that there was not a lot of info about the bold except it is in there system.

hah who knows im probably wrong!

Phone looks very nice and the spec looks good too, but i dont think i would want something like that weighing down my pocket with 50lbs worth! Pics look cool though!

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