Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900 already on sale at some locations

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Adam Zeis on 9 Aug 2011 03:13 pm EDT

* Update from Kevin: I'm IN LOVE WITH THIS PHONE!!!!!!!! THANKS ROGERS!!!! *

Well it looks like the chaos has officially begun. Some forums members are reporting that they have tracked down the BlackBerry Bold 9900 at various Rogers locations. Not all stores have the device available, as the ones we contacted ranged from "We have them but can't sell until Thursday" to "Sorry but we don't have them in stock yet". It seems the wires may be a bit crossed as to just when the device is supposed to go on sale. Kevin actually tracked down a store with some stock and subsequently bought out all of the remaining devices.

So what's your story? Have you been able to locate a Bold 9900 to call your own? Drop a comment letting us know if you tried your luck, then hit the forums for more.

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900 already on sale at some locations


Futureshop and best Buy seem to be aiming for the 12th as their release date. Most say they won't sell off-contract for a month, but I'm sure you could convince an employee to do so perhaps.

I work at BestBuy Calgary and I am a computer science+geology uofc student. The till system is linked to a ticket database in Ontario. The tickets will not be issued without a contract for the first few weeks no matter what we do on the till.

Also, for some reason we cannot process pre-orders for 9900 because the tickets for pre-orders are not being issued from Ontario database for some reason.

I posted this info on fourms somewhere. So... No one will be able to get a no contract one as long as the system won't allow it.

Futureshop also has it on their website with today as the release date for the Bell versions of the 9900 and 9810. Too bad I'm Telus or I would be running out to one right now.

Funny - I decided to call Rogers and they said it wouldn't be available until mid-September or early-October! The rep did not sound too convincing but I said "thanks anyway, I guess I'll wait".

I did overhear a Rogers store rep saying that they were being shipped and could be in tomorrow or by the latest early next week.

I'm jazzed about this since I'm starting a new job and they company has asked me to pick which phone I want - I obviously asked to hold off until the new Bold or Torch's come in!

haha yeah most rogers employees I found out don't know shit...they usually will give you the run around on most things but some are nice its really hit or miss...hopefully I can pick one up sometime this week tho!

congrats on the new job btw!

Too bad Apple doesn't release iPhones early in California. I'm about two hours removed from their HQ and I'd definitely make that drive to get one a few days before it's out.

Nope, I'm on Crackberry. This site is about BlackBerry primarily, I'm well aware, but perhaps what's worse than someone mentioning a different phone manufacturer - God forbid - is the amount of bitter BlackBerry users who jump at the very mention of Apple or Android.
Get over it, I used the premise of this story as the basis of my comment, big deal.

Used the premise of this story for your comment? iPhone won't be out for another couple months. Please point out how that is the premise of this story. If you don't want users jumping on you mentioning Apple then don't do it. Post somewhere else. You know you're on Crackberry so why are you so surprised by the response?

The premise of the story is that this particular Rogers location seems to have received their Bold 9900 phones early. MY comment used that premise to say basically "it would be cool if Apple did this because I live close to the Apple HQ."
Are you aware that the CrackBerry forums have an iPhone dedicated section and that there are even numerous threads in various BlackBerry-related sections of these forums that mention, or are primarily about Apple and/or iPhones?

Too bad you're comparing days to months genius. Duuuuuhhhhh I wish the store down the road would release QNX phones early so I could go get one. Drift.

Sure I'm aware of it, and the same thing happens every time. You seem to have all this knowledge about how Crackberry operates but you're beside yourself when the exact thing happens to you. Again if you don't like it, don't post about it or post elsewhere. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the Crackberry community. Then again you are commenting about iPhones so I can infer you're part of the bottom 15% of the world population intellectually. And really just wasted my time pointing out your stupidity.

Leave it to an obviously bitter BlackBerry user to resort to personal attacks. I have nothing bad to say about people who prefer BlackBerry, Android or iOS, I have enough understanding of this world to realize that everybody is different and each person has the right to their own opinion. Nowhere in my comment did I mention that I currently use an iPhone either, which makes you look a little silly with your attempted blow to my intelligence (not to mention your comment in the first place clearly has no backing to it which makes you sound even more naive).

By the way, the distance at which the phones are released early has absolutely no relevance to the point of my original comment. I'm sorry you're still failing to see that my original comment was simply my input on the story - regardless of how much it related to it or not is up to whoever reads it. If you want to get offended by the mere mention of iPhone then be my guest.

The only thing I'm bitter about is you wrecking the discussion with this garbage. Not only were you completely off topic from post 1, now you're trying to pull the "Ohh no I was personally attacked!!!". Seriously, leave the internet and never come back. You just can't seem to get a grasp of it. 1. You're on a BlackBerry fan site, if you don't wanna get blasted, don't talk about competing products. 2. You're on the internet, if you don't wanna get blasted, don't say stupid things and then whine after.

P.S. I didn't say you had an iPhone but whatever, you obviously lack reading comprehension skills. Which considering you're American is understandable.

Hah! First you attack me because you assume I'm an iPhone user (and yes, you did actually assume I had an iPhone, don't try to cover yourself on that one, you made it clear with your whole 'bottom 15% intellect' comment - which was good for a laugh seeing as how you equate someone's intellectual prowess on what phone they use), then you make an attack on me being American to show that you're more naive than I, and other users, previously thought. Nowhere in any of these comments am I whining either; sure I point out that you make personal attacks, but... you did.
I couldn't care less if every user on here jumped on me for mentioning iPhones, I'd defend myself because I can say what I want, this site even allows AND promotes it because, unlike you, CrackBerry understands that this world actually has a company called Apple.

Again I said you're posting about iPhones. Whether you have an iPhone or not has nothing to do with you posting about them on a BB fan site. You really need to take my advice, because this internet thing is way to complicated for you it seems.

I see you're throwing in the towel by dodging everything and reverting to yet another irrelevant "point." In any case, I offer my parting word of advice: when debating, you should refrain from making personal attacks, you should also make sure you're not making anything up to 'sound good' in an argument.

One last thing. If I was you, I'd review the difference between "too," and "to."

Although I don't necessarily agree with Slants methods, I do agree that comments from Apple fans don't belong on a BlackBerry handset article on a site the is obviously pro-RIM. Your comments would be better served on a site like iBGR, where daily tasks consist of RIM bashing and pleasuring yourself to pictures of Steve Jobs and the Apple logo.

Slant are you an idiot? He ISN'T saying he wishes Apple would release their iPhone early today he is saying that in California around their HQ he wishes it would be released earlier from when the release date is, sort of like what is happening with the 9900's in Canada. DAMN you are pretty dense aren't you? While I am here I don't understand why someone can't mention an iPhone, it is that type of attitude that brings us all down to Apple fanboys.

I'd like to make 2 points:
1) Apple makes their phones in China so if you want your phone sooner, move to China, not California.
2) CrackBerry Kevin lives nowhere near the RIM HQ so your point is invalid.

RIM's products aren't manufactured in Canada either, yet they're still released there 'early' in comparison to other countries. I can assume that's because RIM is based in Canada, therefore every carrier in Canada gets a head-start of sorts. In such a case, your first point is invalid. In the case of your second point, I'm not quite seeing where you're going with it?

Actually RIM assembles many BlackBerry smartphones in Canada in addition to other countries. If you recall, when Kevin visited RIM's HQ last month, he saw the assembly lines where the 9900s were being manufactured/assembled. Also, my 9700 says Made in Canada. My second point is that Kevin lives very far away from RIM's offices, thousands of miles away. Canada is a large country.

Just alittle correction! It is not true that all blackberries have been released in Canada early! Easy exemple the first Torch 9800! I had to go to the US to buy it because it wasnt availbale in Canada not 2 months after its release! I belive it was the same for the bold 9700 when it came out! So not all BB's are released early in Canada because RIM is a Canadian company! It has absolutely no relation unfortunately! Which I wont lie, I really wish it was the case!

Aww Kevin... FOUR?! I could understand two, maybe three (you do perform a lot of tests), but save at least one for someone else!

Ha! I was thinking the exact same thing, literally; I thought "I can understand maybe two or perhaps even three, but four?!"

lucky for Kevin! I wonder if any rogers store in BC has it cuz I went to rogers yesterday in Metrotown mall BC and they said they didnt know when it will be out.

yeah I was in Scottsdale Mall and I got the same reply although one rep did say maybe the 19th. The Bell reps said 16th August for sure.

Just called Best Buy near Metrotown, the rep told me they had it, but couldn't sell it until the 12th. Also, he told me he couldn't sell without a contract

this literally is pissing me off! I guess rogers doesn't want my money in a lump some just wants it on a contract those fuckers!

LOL - I thought that too - but it's the perspective. They are sitting on the counter but it looks like they're on the floor.

Called 3 Rogers Plus stores in Montreal, they all have them available and in stock, but none will sell them off-contract as per "store policy and that of Rogers Communications" for at least 1 month following release. What BS.

I'm sorry did I hear you correctly they wont sell the phone off contract are you kidding me....hmmm can rogers please screw over their customers somemore thanks!

Yup, in fact just got back from visiting one store. Spoke with the store manager - no dice. Flat-out refused to sell the phone outright. I got the district manager's # and will be calling him later to express my "displeasure", think I'll write a nice e-mail to "Rogers Communications" as well. Quite frustrating!

yeah mang good on you because that is total bs...wait all this fucking time for this god damn phone to come out and then can't even buy it out right. My 9780 needs to get thrown in the garbage or better yet put on craigslist lol. I live in BC called a rogers here in Van they didnt have it nor dont know when it will be out typical I would have to say. But yeah keep me/us posted on your findings!

I've had the Bold 9900 for a few days now. I love it. Its a huge improvement from the Bold 9780. Everything just works; hardware is amazing light and thin yet has a classy look and feel. BB OS7 is fast and fluid.

Check out my early review of the Bold 9900 on Youtube:

I have to say I think I beat Kevin on getting the 9900 unless he already has on and on NDA.

They're available today as is reporting.. At futureshop & Bestbuy at 169.99$ with a 3yrs contract both

LOL who's handling RIM's distribution on these new devices? I picture iphones being delivered in some super-sleek jet, and the blackberries being delivered to the stores via horse and buggy!


The iPhone5 will be delivered in a very sleek and colorful Playskool Weebles Whirl-e-Copter Weehicle and packaged in a Playskool lunchbox. That'll fit their kidstown customer base :o)

@estarno - be carefull when you use the words iPhone or Apple, you might get attacked around here and that's just how it is. Examples are shown above :D

@estarno - be carefull when you use the words iPhone or Apple, you might get attacked around here and that's just how it is. Examples are shown above :D

Does anyone know a location new Ajax, & Pickering (Ontario) thats selling it? I called like 6 Roger stores and they say not available till the 12th, others say the 15 -_-

I spoke w Verizon reps yesterday and I had more info than they did. This wasn't hard becuase they were borderline retarded.btw - I hate you Verizon. Release the blackberry or I'm going to start picketing like the 45000 workers you have posted outside vzw stores all across new England. Crossing the picket lines isn't easy especially when full of teamsters.

"Kevin actually tracked down a store with some stock and subsequently bought out all of the remaining devices. "

This is why Kevin's Klout is over 60 points. And also "bought out all remaining devices" just sounds better than buying 4 units. #RIMpireStrikesBack

That also indicates that you may not want to sign a contract therefore be on month-to-month so the activation fee may apply.

For those in the GTA, I have confirmed

Rogers Plus
10088 McLaughlin Rd
Brampton, ON L7A 2X6
(905) 495-8169

has the phone, and should be up in the system and for sale by Tonight or tomorrow morning.

Your welcome guys :)

Considering these devices don't have an "official" Rogers release date, I'm guessing someone's getting fired for this, no?

"Kevin actually tracked down a store with some stock and subsequently bought out all of the remaining devices". Wow. Kevin must be hurting for cash. Who would have thought he needed to scalp phones for extra cash. Poor guy.

Another locationc onfirmed with huge delivery (thier words not mine)

Rogers Plus
499 Main St. S, Shoppers World Brampton Unit # 58
Brampton, ON L6Y 1N7

All I got to say is we better see an unboxing video from Kevin posted soon.. Those boxes look hugeee!! whats in there!?!

so when bestbuy says they will not sell outright, what does that mean in terms of their Product Exchange Plan?

Went to a Verizon store today to fish....the guy was polite and tried to steer me to Droid or iPhone....said new BB's were a while away. But after speaking to him he figured out that I was a die hard BB user he backed off and said they should be out this month....whatever that means

Rogers in the Eaton Centre Toronto has about 40 Bold 9900. The Torch will be in on Friday and Bell has confirmed Torch and BB9900 by Friday also. Rogers $549 outright.

Great job getting the phones Kevin! Can't wait for the unboxing and the comparison videos. Want to see how it runs against the 9800 and possibly the 9780.

Just picked one up at Rogers Plus in the PATH below the RBC building at Bay and Front. They were happy to sell it either on HUP or outright.

on a serious note if everyone here knows where they are selling the BB 9900 and the stores have them in stock why is that they cant sell it to people out right and well Kevin bought 4 is this even possible?

can we stick to the issue at hand!
one comment about something is ok but to waste pages of this site for bickering is absurd!
yes --- freedom of speech IS IN FACT a BB site! Be real & knowledgeable of that!

and can we watch our language! THAT IS what shows the lack of intelligence that you have to use those words to talk about a phone! come on!
adults are not the only ones on here...i know that!

love this site but please don't make it unenjoyable for some!
the best response to someone "goofy" is to let it they are clearly looking for the attention, and some just gave it!!

thanks for all the helpful info to all that give it!!!

Just purchased the phone in Toronto for $549 and the location has 15 more in stock:
2246 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Great phone and amazing speed...

Enjoy it!

I was thinking of doing that too but that damn early HUP at Rogers is such a rip off... Ahh well.. I guess I want the 9900 that bad. Lol

For Vancouver folks: The Best Buy at Cambie has 13 9900's in stock and the store opens at 10am PST. The person responsible for the key is a die-hard Apple fan-boy btw so expect some pushback. There were no 9810's in the lockup that we could find which surprised him.
PS: They also don't answer their phone in the mobile phone department (not at all) so you'll have to travel down to pick one up.

In North Vancouver at 1301 Marine Drive there is a Rogers store which claims to be taking delivery of "a bunch of" 9900's and 9810's at 4pm PST. They'll notify you when the devices come in, if you give them your contact details.

They didn't seem fazed by outright purchase - Best Buy is trying hard to only sell to HUP customers.