Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9790 pricing

Rogers Bold 9790 pricing
By Adam Zeis on 28 Nov 2011 12:34 pm EST

The BlackBerry Bold 9790 should be hitting Rogers in the next week or two (if all goes as planned). Rogers has made no official mention of the release or the pricing, but this launch flyer has all the details. The Bold 9790 will run you $399 on a 1-year term, $349.99 2-year, $299.99 3-year and $449.99 outright. There is also a 3-year promo price of $99.99 which could make for some great sales. Expect more on the Bold 9790 from Rogers in the next few days.

Source: MobileSyrup

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9790 pricing


that be irrie but i don't think so. rim's too proud to give anything away fo free. i wish the were giving away the 9380...or at lease not sell it at the ridicules price of 370 cause that phone is worth like 280 at best. but it is an awesome little phone even played with it already. :)

The "promo price" is what they charge to those with a 3 year contract valued $40/month or higher. Given it's impossible to get voice + data for less than that the $99 price is really for everyone, unless you're buying it just as a texting phone.

So no autofocus cameras for Verizon.... dang.

I'd rather pay $200 for this phone, than the $99 for the 9930 currently available from Verizon.
(and I say this self consciously as one of the many cell phone whiners!)