Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 dummy devices arrive

BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2010 01:39 pm EDT

With the official announcement from Research In Motion of the BlackBerry Bold 9780's existence comes the existence of the dummy devices that have been sent out to retailers. While Rogers has already indeed stepped up to the plate and confirmed they will be releasing the device, they forgot to include an actual date or pricing. In any event, we know from history that once dummy devices arrive launch typically follows shortly after. Pricing is of course still unknown but, we don't expect it to be any more then $150 on a new 3 yr contract.

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 dummy devices arrive


Android is our biggest competitor," Jobs said. "They outshipped us in the June quarter when we were transitioning to the iPhone 4."
"Eventually it will turn into a zero-sum game or a lot closer to that," Jobs said of the smartphone market. "Right now, iPhone and Android are winning that battle."

and we're winners both side. consumers can get hold of any platform they like. iPhone is teen-ish, android is good & i love BB though.

well I think the 9780 will be a pretty good staple of the messaging industry solid and fast, it may not be the full fledge multimedia device other phones are but it was never meant to be

double the speed 512
new OS
new camera it should meet
the standard ..

I think this will be a good upgrade and will be worth getting
it will be solid in every way and last a long time .. possibly
the length of the contract depending how you use it.

Yes, atleast it seems so for today.
But tomorrow, 8900 refresh with same specs, then what.
I work in a lab and I have to keep my BB in locker outside lab.
I am planning to buy 8820.

RIM should think about security and release phones with non camera as well.

It doesn't double the speed, it doubles the amount of internal memory! This phone annoys me simply because its basically the same damn phone I purchased a few months ago!! This upgrade is NOT gonna last a long time simply because the OS, while new, is STILL lagging behind the competitors!!

Just wondering if Verizon will be receiving this Bold,because I have chance to exchange my Curve and trying to decide between the new Curve 3G, the Bold 9650 or wait and see what happens. Any advise?

Based upon rumors and maybe false claims, we've been patiently waiting for the upgrade on our 9700 to OS6. What are the real prospects that we'll have the upgrade to 9700?

...Because you would be a dummy to keep buying the exact same phones RIM puts out with minor tweeks and a different device number, 9700, 9750, 9780 sounds like a football formation

Much as I love the BB product, I'm starting to agree that it is a total rip to keep releasing new products and not upgrading the older ones. Better for Rim's $$$$ bottom line... not so good for customer loyalty when it is as obvious as this one. This is the EXACT SAME product as the 9700, which happens to be just peachy. We all know this OS could be released as an upgrade and yet... and yet... here we sit with our thumbs up our butts whining. Pleeeeeaaassee RIM? Cut us some slack here so we don't have to keep spending our hard-earned bucks on the exact same machine that we bought 8 months ago!

I can see where RIM would do that with a brand new product like the Torch, but this? C'mon. It is utter marketing crap and it makes me want to switch to an iPhone. Seriously.

Yes sure apple does,
But RIM has a different repo.

I know people who don't want to upgrade their 8820 and 9000, because of smallish keypads.
They will loose pleasure of overall bb experience.

RIM knows all this, still small keypads and crappy out dated hardware with fancy GUI.

I am waiting for something worth for money and pleasurefull BB experience.

What is battery life as compared to 9700.
I am talking about real life usage statistics not what RIM said on papers.

Maybe a bit off subject, yet connected since BB will be offering the 9780 which appears to be a 9700 with OS6, rather than updating our 9700 OS5 to OS6.

I've been a customer of TMobile for 6 years.I loved the service! However in the past 8 months the service sucks. I can't reach them by telephone most of the time, and sometimes when I do, I get someone in India or Philippines who cant answer my questions. On two occasions, I did a run-around by calling their sales department, and they answered on the first ring! Then the salesmen put me in touch with tech support.

I've read that TMobile may be having financial problems, and maybe they are cutting back on their support staffing. Or perhaps they just have a new honcho who doesn't get it that support after the sale makes for loyal customers who give referrals, thus building their client base.

I actually can't wait to get this device!! I switched to an iPhone 4 and hate it!! I need a keyboard and OS 6 looks good to me.

I will sell you my iphone 4 for $500. PM me.

Why does RIM still sticks to MB when it comes to internal memory? why not GB? You don't let me install apps on memory card nor do You let me store messages on memory card. So please dear RIM make a phone with 64GB on board memory. Then i will b the happiest person on earth (may b other BB users will also be the same) :)