Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 Video Unboxing

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Aug 2008 04:11 pm EDT

Rogers and RIM sure never made it easy for BlackBerry loyalists and fans to track down the Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 in its first few days of availability. After a frustrating Thursday launch I was lucky to find success on Friday, though with most stores getting only a couple of units in their first device shipment I ran into and have heard from a lot of ticked off BlackBerry diehards (I hope everyone who wants one gets it soooon).

It was hard to control the excitement, but I managed to slow myself down enough to record the video unboxing above (one take, no excuses!) and do a quick hardware comparison to other BBs and even the iPhone 3G. Look for more BlackBerry Bold fun in the days ahead! In the meantime, you can check out our original BlackBerry 9000 review. I hope you enjoy the video... I've got a new BlackBerry to go play with!

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 Video Unboxing


thanks ! i have one more question though...... when i download the theme on my computer and try to open it, it says "the Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted" .. what do i do now?

**i cannot download the theme OTA**

Sweet Video. I can not wait till I get mine. According to the ups tacking number Rogers gave me it should arrive on Monday.

So excited that it came with that holster...Just waiting for some availability in my city...

So the web browsing is ok... I am using my BB Bold to send this. It's a little retarded if you have a computer on your desk, but if you're on the road in a pinch, I guess it's ok.

Can't see the video on the website with the Bold, maybe I need an app.

However, wifi needs some work. It's easy to setup, I have it working in my house, my cottage, and my office, but the thing won't stay connected to wifi. It wants to drop to 3G all the time.

Anyone have any ideas? It's a little annoying.

Okay. I don't even have a BB and I've been waiting for the Bold here in the states. I can't pay 900 bucks on ebay. I am almost ready to just buy a used curve to just get used to a blackberry till then

$650 CDN to buy a rogers one (like in this video) off contract. Can get it unlocked and use in the USA. You'll just want to reload the operating system with the ATT version when it finally gets released there.

I'm interested in buying one from Rogers and having it unlocked for t-mobile USA. will this work Kevin?

Kevin, I know its been a long time coming, and the Bold has no doubt been in the forefront of your mind for so long that its basically imprinted on your brain tissue... so its great to see you finally got your hands on the final release one :)

Many happy days of Bolding to you, Good Sir!

I was just at an AT&T Corporate store today with my daughter, today being 08/23/08. NEWS FLASH: THE BLACKBERRY BOLD WILL BE DELAYED YET ONCE AGAIN UNTIL NOVEMBER OF THIS YEAR, IF THAT. Still problems plaguing the 3G, amongst other problems. BUT GOOD NEWS. THE BLACKBERRY CURVE 8320 is arriving at AT&T's doorstep in September, 2008, less than a month away. It will have Docs to Go, Wi-Fi,Video Streaming, no 3G to plague people with, fast processing, and come in a gorgeous blue color. There are more great features associated with it too, rivaling the Bold. Also, for all Curve 8310 users, on 4.2 software, the upgrade to 4.5 will be coming out also in September, about 2 weeks away. It will upgrade all your software on the 8310, even giving video streaming, and I think docs to go, amongst many other browser and email improvements. This would be your best bet, upgrading your 8310 or getting the BRAND NEW AND DEFINITELY COMING OUT 8320 (for which I saw a $100 rebate form already printed up). :) Forget the Bold, it's a phantom. :(

Happy to see that it is officially release and great to see that an un-boxing has already been done. Look forward to get it here in the states and I am not sure does the Bold offer world capabilities like the VZW/Sprint 8830 WE? If so that would be the only phone I need!! :)

Kevin: I'm very happy you got your Bold. However, I don't live in Canada, and being I live in America I can't get one. I'm not going to buy one in another country that won't work in the United States. I will be happy upgrading my Curve 8310 to the new 4.5 OS in September, and my daughter can't wait to buy the new Curve 8320 in September. AT&T is releasing upgrades and the new Curve 8320, as the BOLD seems to be a GHOST in America Now. November Release? No Way. This country will go "Boldless."

Nice job Kevin. Also may I ask how could I check out Crackberry with my 8100? It was taking too long to load the web page. I have 4.5 rom on my 8100, Youtube, html web page and email works great. Asian langrage supported. MSN works great. Face book works good.

Checking the web with my 8100 now. still waiting for the Bold! May I ask another question? Is the Bold comes with Asain Langrage support? Or I have to change the rom, like what I did with the 8100. Thanks again

It is awsome. When is it going to be released in America?
Still waiting to see the Javelin and how it compares with the Bold..

The HTC Touch I own came with a holster that keeps the phone horizontal, and it's very confortable. The holster that comes with the Bold appears to be vertical (i.e the phone is standing up)? Wouldn't that poke you in the gut? Is it switchable? Is it common for BB users to use the horizontal kind?

Bellx in answer to your question I live in NY and the BlackBerry Bold is now due out in November of this year. It's been postponed a few times now.

When I was watching the video near the start it looks like you had a different set of programs (the 5 shortcuts) going along the bottom of your main menu then my bold. I was wondering if you new how to change shortcuts? Thanks again.

On the Applications List Screen (the grid-view list of applications and folders), the first 5 icons in the top row are what is displayed as the five icons on the home screen.

Hey Kevin, your reviews are awesome. I was wondering, I live in the states and wanted to know if i bought the bold from Rogers, have it unlocked, would it work on T-mobile? Currently i have the Blackberry 8320. would my web, blackberry email etc still work properly.


No one cares to compare the bold with the iphone. There are two very different devices for different kind of uses. Compare it with the nokia e71, which feature by feature is very close, with some advantages and disadvantages.

Hey, AT&T did say that the only thing they know is that it will be out before Nov. 2. So if it's Nov, it will be out before the 2nd.

Of course, by that time, everyone will have jumped ship to the Javelin or Thunder/Storm so it won't matter.

Seriously though, if there are problems with 3G coverage and drops, I think it will be better to wait for the patch/update, whatever so that it won't have the same problems that plague the iPhone.

The wait is killing me, but I can wait. We're all anxious to get the Bold, but they're in a no-win situation. The more they delay, the more we complain. And if they release it without the patch and we're getting dropped calls, we'll be complaining, you can count on that. It's easy to say "Man, they should have waited to release that thing when it was perfect."

I wanted to say congrats on your new Bold. I didn't mean to ramble on about release dates.

Now tell us, is the plastic rim really easily scratchable and does the battery get really hot? Oh, and screen as well.

Maybe we should have a thread to talk and ask questions about people's opinions on their Bold and if they're going to send it back.

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 looks amaxing, it looks like the best blackberry to date, I've been holding back from getting on, i was leaning more towards the iphone, but from what I've seen it cant touch the blackberry in features and usability.
Thanks for the informed video

I'm so disappointed in the Bold! Not enough innovation, not even close. I've waited for this device for a while and it's been too anti=climatic for me to handle well. I just can't put it off any longer.... so sorry guys, but I'm going with the iPhone 3G. I know, I know some will think I'm most likely mad, or crazy insane, however, I simply cannot ignore the reality of: (IMO)

1. How much better the iPhone looks and feels in one's hand.
2. The smooth transitions of the multitouch interface.
3. The bigger screen size.
4. The apparent thought behind the design. (hardware and software)
5. RIMM not kicking more ass over the last two years in new designs or traits.

Those are some of the reasons. Another thing bothering me is I feel like freakin 51 years old carrying these devices around now. Like in the glory days of Microsoft, stuck in a time vortex. I don't know how to describe it. I feel left behind. Yet now, now, I'm gonna push ahead, and that's of course a personal choice. Nothing against people that choose Blackberry, up until yesterday I was one of you. But I just cannot carry that flag any longer. It kinda reminds me of being a Detroit Lions fan. You of course hold them dear, but deep down, you know they ain't gonna make it.

Take care CrackHeads, and the best of luck to you all. :)

..for the video!
i'm wondering if the bold looks bulky when it "wears" these skins!
i'm thinking of getting a black skin but i'm not sure if the device looks too big then

Kevin - very good video. I'm looking forward to more.

I live in the U.S. and my AT&T contract isn't up until Jan 25, 2009. I think that's to my benefit. Otherwise, I would have certainly wound up with an iPhone. I'm now in a "manic-frenzy" (those are my wife's word's although she normally throws in a few explicitives!). I'm rotating between the iPhone 3g, the Bold, and a MS Mobile phone. Each has their own drawbacks:

- QWERTY keyboard
- No replaceable battery
- No multi-tasking
- No cut & paste (this is just silly)
- No video (while a 2MP camera, it takes some of the best pictures I've seen)
- No email server searches

- UI
- HTML email
- Good web browser
- Screen size

Touch Pro
- 3.5 mm jack (this omission is DUMB)
- Screen size
- UI

I have a MS Mobile device now that I'm pretty happy with. It does everything pretty well. I was sold on the iPhone (which my wife has), then it was the Bold, then the Touch Pro (or maybe the E1)...

I say that to say this - I'd really like to see how well the Bold does with HTML email and web browser. I'm on the fence for three devices...only 151 days though!

Thanks for sharing Kevin! That's a sweet looking BlackBerry. A buddy of mine from RIM told me it was closer in size to an 8703 than a Curve, but seeing is believing! I can't wait to see the unboxing for the Thunder. Anything coming? I'm REALLY curious to see the form factor compared to the Curve and iPhone.

One question, how heavy is the phone? Is there a lot of heft to it?

Scott Hardy

where did you get the white case for your blackberry curve?? or did it come like that? ive been lookin everywhere and i cant find it! please help

Kevin already stated that's a custom paint from from ColorWare. - got it painted smoke white all around.

Kevin, anybody knows if a Rogers bb bold was purchased and unlocked will it work in the states on T-mobile/at&t?

Kevin, anybody knows if a Rogers bb bold was purchased and unlocked will it work in the states on T-mobile/at&t?

vdailey, I believe it WILL work on at&t if it's unlocked. I don't think it will work on t-mobile since they operate on different 3g frequency.

Hey Kevin,

This is one sexy lookin' BlackBerry!! Since you're not going to use the holster, how about sending it my way? lol

Keep up the good work. Am looking forward to the BB Javelin/Niagara. Any details as to when RIM will be announcing it?

- CB

"BlackBerry for Life"

Hi Kevin - as I wait for my Bold to arrive hopefully today, I watched your video with great interest. Question regarding the CD - you said you'd never use it. For those of us who are not as handy as you are, what do you recommend using instead of the packaged software? Many thanks in advance.

Still waiting on your comparison of the new Bold vs iPhone web browser speed test. You know, the one where WiFi is enabled on both phones. You're going to make that video comparison like you said you were, right?

is that a white curve? or stickers. Where do i get those parts if it is indeed a white curve? ive looked everywhere and can only find white oem parts for the 8100 pearl. Can anyone help me out. I refuse to take the parts off and paint them. Im hoping theres a site where i can find white oem parts?

Woohoo! Wicked cool unboxing. Mine's arriving tomorrow -- on Orange in the UK -- and I can't wait...