Rogers, Bell and TELUS BlackBerry Q10's updated to OS

By Bla1ze on 21 May 2013 11:46 pm EDT

Although the OS has been floating around in various forms for the past couple of weeks now, it looks to have finally gone official across the board in Canada for the BlackBerry Q10. Confirmed to be arriving on Rogers, Bell and TELUS devices folks who check for updates should see that software version is available. Oddly enough, if you check your device you may find that it's already on this 'software version' but that doesn't mean you should dismiss the update.

In fact, you should download it because even though the software version is the same, the OS inside is not. Unless you've installed a leak or ran a customized autoloader, most BlackBerry Q10's in Canada should be running OS but with this download, even though the software version will remain unchanged, you'll end up being on OS

We realize a good lot of you might have already had this show up but if not, now is a good time to check for updates. The update received on my Q10 came in at 127MB, sound off in the comments if you weren't seeing it before but have now had it appear. 

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Rogers, Bell and TELUS BlackBerry Q10's updated to OS


I know this is out of the content but I think that CrackBerry Nation can help me answering one question.
Why is that I can't download "Poynt" or "Flixster" from BlackBerry World? I am Currently running on that OS and Software on my Z10 STL100-1 Model carrier : Digicel From Aruba if these information helps to answer.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Thanks for the heads up on Poynt!

Running the leaked 1762 on my Z10 and was able to download and install Poynt.

they just don't care much for BlackBerry. It's the same reason why the phones are sold in the dimly lit portion in the back of the store, why no staff member will ever guide you to it, and why if you ask for it, they'll try to sell you an iPhone. The US carriers believe BB10 will fail, so they are likely putting scarce testing resources into releasing updates for other things. They'll get around to testing the BlackBerry updates when everything else is taken care of. Don't hold your breath waiting for it.

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This constant bullshit about US carriers "believing Blackberry will fail" and "hating Blackberry" is so ignorant. US carriers are fully backing Blackberry and are just pathetically slow updating any phone, not just Blackberry. Blackberry just needs to release the Q10 already (it's already proven that they're the hold-up) and everyone needs to stop bashing the "evil" US carriers that are hell-bent on destroying Blackberry.

These simultaneous updates in Canada are further suggesting that the US carriers are playing politics with BlackBerry. If the major carriers can coordinate well enough to release TWO updates, one for each BB10 phone, then why has it been over a month since AT&T released 10.1 for the Z10 and still nothing for Verizon?

Thank goodness for OS leaks, that's all I can say.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Yea I have the same with my Telus/KOODO Q10....I'm sure the update will make it's way to me in the next few hours...

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For those on Rogers who have not receive notification of the 10.1 OS update just call technical support and they will email you a link to the OS update.

I'm going to have to partition my Mac so I can update my Z10... in so tired of Verizon's bullshit...

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When I check for software updates in my settings area, it says I already have and my software is up to date. I've had this update for a while already. I have a Z10 on Telus.

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It's amazing how many people never fully pay proper attention to the articles posted.

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I see the update on Telus. Any idea what's new in this update? My Q10 is working just dandy, I don't want to risk ruining anything unless it adds something noticeably useful.

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Don't download if on Telus!!!!!!! Deletes APN and now I have no data unless on wifi

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OS was already available on Swisscom when I got my hands on my Q10 a week ago. Incredible how fast Swisscom has become releasing software on BB10 while on legacy BBOS they hardly ever pushed a software update! BB10 is such a blessing in many ways, but BlackBerry still has a lot of work to get done bugfixing and adding missing features. However I'm aware it takes a bit of time and seeing what BlackBerry has delivered so far makes me very optimistic.

Posted on Q10

If you lose APN settings just do a battery pull twice and that should fix the problem. Had the exact same issues where I lost my APN settings on my Z10 after updating to this software version and after some help in the forums, the trick was two battery pulls.

I have 10.1.0. 273 on my Z10 all is good and I'm not seeing any other updates

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I'm hoping it comes through on Roger's AND my work doesn't block the update AND it fixes the issue regarding not being able to file sent work emails into folders the way EAS allows AND auto on/off is available. I don't think I'm asking for too much.

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My Z10 is on Rogers here and got the 10.1 update last week. Go under software update in setting and check for updates. I am in Toronto.

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Sigh....still waiting here, TQ for the leak OS, I'm rocking...

Posted Via Z10/Channel C0007CC97

No updates for me yet I'm with rogers... been hitting the check for updates button on settings since last week... even if I connect on BlackBerry Link or website I can't find any 10.1 update... smfh this is ridiculous

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Why are people posting about the Z10 when the title clearly says q10.

I really wonder if some of you know how to read.

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There was an update for Z10 too, but it looks like it was a pretty minor one (2 mb). bumps up the OS to

I'm with Rogers, I get the update when I plug into Blackberry Link, I update the device and but the OS number remains the same. It's like it's not updating....

I connected to BB Link and it said it downloaded and rebooted my device but still shows .238 and version .1483. No 1720.

Same here.... :( and when I check for software updates directly from my Q10 it says I have the latest software.

I'm on Bell. Same deal - tried twice with BB Link which reported successful install except phone still reports .238 and .1483. No OTA update is available. Tried battery pull and then BB Link again - same result. Still stuck on .238 and .1483 despite Link reporting successful installation.

On Bell in Canada, have loaded the leaked 1880. Works like a charm. When I check Settings for updates the message says that I have the latest update.

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How do I update my unlocked Z10 to 10.1 it's 100-1? Has anyone got the number of the official update and the latest leaked? Thanks in advance.

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Still waiting on the update for Z10 from Bell too. Now I know why some people just can't wait and get the leaked versions ahead of the official release.

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This article is for the Q10 ... not the Z10 so you'll be waiting for quite a while.
(use BBLink to see if you're behind for an update)

I know it's nice and all to list these updates and releases. This is really starting to help me loose my value of Blackberry and the way they do business. Take care of the people who were in the line first and purchased your product. My Z10 from Verizon has had nothing. Yet they can push out these updates for a later product. This really shows how they care for the real supporters of there product, or maybe not. Maybe they just don't give a **** at all. As long as we buy they don't care. This could very well break the chain for me in my value of Blackberry. I want this, rebooting, freezing, locking up, non updating device to get what it needs, come on already.

I have yet to see an update for my Q10 with rogers. I am currently running . Should I be?

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Honestly some people can't read. It CLEARLY says for the Q10 so why are Z10 owners so surprised they do not have an update yet ....

Hate Hate HATE it, my battery use to last 2 days after the update it didnt even last one.
reloading the software, hopefully it fixes the problem.

Haven't notice any heat issues. Whatsapp is now in the Hub as its own account, as opposed to being in the notifications hub filter like Skype. Haven't noticed anything else.

9900 -> SG3 -> Q10

I called Rogers and they said there is no such update??? Tech said is the latest official version for the Q10 shown here in Fort McMurray on the Software Update in my settings. Too bad where I'm at, there ain't no WiFi..later I guess!

Keep em coming!
Awesome device-Awesome OS
Buying Shares

Cheers from where we make oil - not sense.

On my Q10 to CB10

I dunno why ppl call their carriers about "minorl" updates - tech support r always behind...but the update is live for Q10 now on Rogers

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Yep I finally now see the update OTA on my devise (Rogers, Vancouver). I will try to run it while in a meeting this morning via link. The comments on the OTA install indicate it takes a loooooooong time. Hope wired 10/100 is better.

When I got back from the meeting it was all good. Everything is as I left it except for a few bits of bloatware installed by Rogers and 4square. What does a 53 yo professional need with that? I'm deleting them in the hope that they won't return on next hard start. On the other hand, I do not see whatsapp in the Hub. I'd downloaded it and pinged a person I know with it just so I'd see if that happened when I updated to 273.

I ran this last night and it said 116MB or so to download, then 997mb to install! What kind of update is this? It took 1.5 hours over a very fast wifi connection. Nothing is different. My FB news feeds is not showing recent updates, my previous issues are still issues. Aren't we supposed to get improvements with such a large update?

On Bell. have release10.1.0.238 version When I check for updates either on phone or through Link, it says "software is upto date".

Frustrated. Ever since I updated to the new OS on my Q10, the option to share photos via text and facebook have been removed when you are in the photo itself. I wonder what else is missing? I am able to share a photo once I'm in the application but not from the photo gallery....hmmm