Rogers To Begin BlackBerry Bold Training

BlackBerry Bold Coming Soon!
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2008 11:13 am EDT

When it comes to Rogers BlackBerry Bold release dates, the blogosphere has been jinxed, with delay after delay making accurate-when-published rumored release dates wrong (say that 3x fast!). But we are getting close now. Dive into the forums and complete the tour de blogs, and you'll find all signs are pointing to an August 19th (maybe 20th) availability date.

Helping solidify that date, BBNews is reporting that Rogers employees will begin their BlackBerry Bold training next week! Topics to be covered include:

  • The new Setup Wizard
  • The benefits of 3G connectivity (high-speeds plus simultaneous voice and data connection)
  • The ability to download files with the web browser
  • Enhanced browser support for Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • The use of the devices 802.11 a/b/g WiFi and GPS
  • The ability to tether the device with a computer for a broadband-like connection on the go
  • The vast multimedia improvements of OS 4.6 (improved web browser; support for streaming video such as YouTube; iTunes sync; download files via web browser; send and receive various audio, video, and document file formats via email; etc.)

I'd think training would have already been completed a while back - seeing how pictures of Rogers-branded Bolds have been floating around for a while and our original rumored release dates have come and gone. All I know is August 19th can't come soon enough!! Any Canadians want to wait in line with me?? As for our AT&T friends, click here to read the latest status update.

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Rogers To Begin BlackBerry Bold Training


RIM's product is all set to go. at this point all the delays are issues with the individual carriers and their service and how the software is functioning. Rogers and At&t's delays were mainly for reasons of coverage or software and are completely independent of eachother. AT&T will begin training for the bold when they get their own coverage and software issues figured out. HOpefully that will be within the next week or two :).

and I'm about to kick the football when Lucy pulls it away and I just kick air and fall on my behind.

This is what these announcements feel like to me. I will only believe it when my cousin tells me that there are Bolds at her store.

I think someone is sitting behind the stand and the lady is talking to him/her. LOL didn't notice until you mention it.

yeah i think someone is sitting behind the desk LOL i didnt noticed it but thats kinda scary LOL but i think your right

If the Bold finally releases on August 20th I'm taking that as a sign since that's my birthday!!!!! If it drops on the 19th than my birthday arrived one day early. ;)

Do you know, for the display on the Bold as large as the the World, but it has no camera;-(

Wow, they got this fast. Dunno why that's surprising though...Anyways, this is in fact true, training begins next week for most...

of hearing rumors about the relase, I just want to know when it will be here in the states for att. I have said mulitple times that I'm adding a line to get my hands on this bad boy.

I'm not going to get my hopes up anymore regarding the release dates for the BOLD, I've had enough of all the dates we were given and no BOLD to show for it.
So that being said, I'll be happy when I actually have it in my hands.

As for the Bold training, i was talking to somebody from Rogers last week. I just happen to ask them when they are getting the bold. I was told that they have no idea but they have started training, for the bold.
just thought i would add that comment..

Talked to a rep in calgary said he is getting inventory on the 14th for bold and that the device will be released that weekend either 16th or 17th

Is the display on the World larger than the Bold...need one size of World???? Help! Should I wait for Bold or just settle for the World...w/no pictures

I love everything about the World...from a "hand held" standpoint, but short talk time, no pictures, no TV...that is for Sprint Anyone know the diaplay size of Bold vs. the World????

What is the world?

You might want to go to, they have specs on almost every phone

I also can't wait for the bold to be released, my current curve is not handling my needs anymore and having the download video function will be a great advantage for me. I also agree that I thought rogers would have started there training for this phone already. Oh well but yes another week and it will be here I can't wait.

I talked to a rogers rep who said the 19th is the release date they have. He said they already did their training. The rep also said although the release date is on the 19th, not all stores will get the bold on that date. His store wouldn't get it till the 24th of August. Who cares though as long as its officially released on the 19th. Im starting to go crazy!!!