Rogers and Vodafone strike up 4G roaming agreement

By Simon Sage on 3 Jun 2014 11:32 am EDT

Canadian service provider Rogers has struck up an exclusive agreement with multinational giant Vodafone for 4G roaming. Whether or not that means LTE or HSPA+ is anybody's guess. The deal will also connect Rogers to equipment providers that regularly work with Vodafone to help build out the Canadian network.

Vodafone regularly makes these kinds of arrangements through their Partner Market program. Hopefully this agreement means that in due course, Rogers handsets shouldn't have any trouble getting on LTE in the UK and other international markets serviced by Vodafone. Similarly, anybody visiting Canada should be able get access to Rogers' high speed network. Though that might not always be technically possible, Rogers sure could stand to lower their roaming rates. Currently you pay $10/day for 20 MB in the UK, or $60 for the month with 40 minutes of talk, 150 outgoing texts, and 40 MB of data. With any luck, this Vodafone agreement could lower those prices, but I won't hold my breath.

Canadians, how often do you visit Europe? Do you get a roaming package from home, or grab a local SIM? Europeans, do you come to Canada often?

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Rogers and Vodafone strike up 4G roaming agreement


I always just grab a sim card from a place like GoSim and leave it at that. $120CAD for 100 minutes and 1GB of data is better than any roaming deal I've found.

I travel to Europe a ton so Telus Roaming packages are ridiculous and all my contacts have my +44 number if the get my out of country voicemail message.

I visit the UK often and have never used any carriers' roaming package, I have a local and active T-Mobile SIM, works out to be far cheaper than anything Rogers et al have/could cook up. The only carrier to offer anything worthwhile is WIND who offers US unlimited voice and data roaming for $15 per month with a current local plan or it's included in their $39 "special" plan than keeps bumping its expiry date. Shame I don't travel in the US much, but I'm in the UK 7 or 8 times a year and a local SIM is the only way to go.

I travel back home to Europe almost every year - local SIM all the way! It's handy that if there's not too much of an interval between trips, my local number is still good if I top up the sim in time.

My dad travels to Europe from Australia pretty much every year, he even keeps his prepaid number and credit alive, so everyone already knows how to get him on the phone when he's over there.

Now that roaming is actually usable inside Europe, you can use e.g. a German SIM to use in Greece, Italy or Austria without paying a fortune!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

That's right. I go to Gibraltar a lot to see family. That will be very handy when I cross the border into Spain!

ZZwiped up on my Z10!

When I was in Portugal during the summer of 2012, I just got a Vodafone sim for my Bold 9900 and it worked like a charm. I think it ended up being $30 CAD for 500mb of data and more than enough minutes for me to not need to add more, I think it was 150 mins maybe :s

Every time I go Italy I just pick up a sim down there.
Always nice summer deal with 30€ I'm good for 5 weeks

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Yeah local sin is the way to go for sure. These "special roaming deals" are horrible and a robbery at best.

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Honestly with Rogers and so called great roaming rates, I would opt to unlock my phone, and just purchase a local SIM.

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That's pricey for Rogers customers. I'll get in another European country 120 MB for 3.99 or 4.99 Euros.


If you look up 'Scum sucking bottom feeding thing' in a Thesaurus it will point to Rogers.

Happy for Robbers customers, but in all likelihood this means Rogers roaming rates will increase. Scum sucking bottom feeders largely protected from real competition do that...

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My hubby and I travel to Turkey, so we grab a SIM from there. Can't beat $10TL ($5 CDN) for 1G data, text and 20mins talk. Would NEVER use Telus roaming.

I use a 7-11 sim in Canada, works fine, lasts a year if you keep it topped up. Canada sucks for cheap PAYG, and 7-11 seems to be the best bet. I have to say, having to pay the monthly 911 charge even on PAYG sucks the big one. Europe is so much better at this.

Like everyone else, I'd never use my carrier's roaming, unless of course I am in a 3 Feel at Home country. Used it in Austria last summer and whilst transiting through the US earlier this year.

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I just grab a local sim. Makes everything simple and gives me a local number too. Roaming plans are never in your favor at all

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I travel mainly to the US and the UK.

I have a US t-mobile, unlimited everything (including calls to Canada) SIM-only account that I've had for nearly two years (I keep it alive with $10 every now and again, then pay the full monthly charge when I travel...WAY cheaper than any ROBELUS roaming plan. When I go to the UK, I switch off my phone and grab a PAYG t-mobile SIM as soon as I can :-)

The problem with Canada is Simple;


Rogers and Bell pretty much own or are affiliated with all other carriers. With no completion comes price fixing.

Canada is the worst at that and certainly has the world's highest wireless rates.

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Unlock your phone, buy a sim card with minutes in Europe and there ya go! Way cheaper and better too! Canadians... we have to do something about these ridiculous prices... GET OFF YOUR BUMS!

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Just back from a UK vacation - get a 10GB/90day data plan from EE (O2). Came with some sms/voice (needed topup). We had 2 phones so one used EE as a hotspot. Worked great.


EE Everything Everywhere is T-mobile & Orange...if you top up £15 on a new sim you get 10GB 4G data valid for 90 days and you still get to use the £15 top up for calls and texts, it's a decent deal, sims available from EE via eBay come pre activated and allowance starts as soon as you put it in your handset.

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So far no one uses a Canadian phone to travel. I just turn off the radio and use WiFi. Skype back to Canadian numbers from across UK and Europe. I think they have a small group of people that actually use Rogers roaming and many by accident, based on the stories of bills in the hundreds or thousands (and, apparently some in the tens of thousands). I don't think that this is great for foreign trade, just makes Canada more insular.

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Never been to anywhere in Europe. But if I do go, i'll be using a prepaid sim (if the 3G/LTE frequencies don't match) or roaming with care. I'm on wind, so rates are extremely low. :)

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My wife is a big Dual-SIM fan, that's why we bought a Moto G for her to replace her old Samsung Gingerbread Dual-SIM.

NOKIA Lumia 630 will apparently have a Dual-SIM version, but hey, BlackBerry, when will YOU come on board?

(Imagine Balance + Dual-SIM, so you even get to keep your private number!)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I travel to Scotland for 2 months every year. First time I asked Rogers for a plan in the United Kingdom, i laughed at the the guy on the phone. He joined me in laughter at what Rogers thinks are deals.

I have a pay as you go sim with Lebara. Works great in my unlocked z10. It'll be great to see the higher data speeds next time I visit

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Local sim or nothing. Was just in Croatia : $10 for 1000 minutes 1000 SMS and 1GB. So much cheaper than Rogers at home!

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I'm use my unlocked z10 with European sim card. Even the 5euro sim card usually includes enough credit for the week... rogers my home carrier wouldn't come close to offer what Europe does for paygo... 13 euro for 12 GB data plan and I can super and phonego at 4G on Orange.

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My 4G Extra plan in the UK allows me to use my phone for unlimited calls and texts when roaming in USA and Europe, but not Canada...don't think the Canadian operators allowed a deal to go ahead which would probably have given their customers similar deals when visiting here.

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